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Dear Seniors Please help me.. I am an mba but not good communication in English.... thats why i did not get good opportunities... Please help me to improve it....
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For improving the speaking english you can do the following:
Practice in front of the mirror to reduce hesitation.
Read english newspaper, magazine or any thing of your interest loudly for the clarity of speach and avoidance of mumbleness.
Try to interact with outsiders in english like customer care executives, in restaurants, banks. As they don't know you so you will not have the fear of embarressment and your confidence will be boost up.
Watch talk shows, interviews on television, will help in learning the correct pronunciation and you will be able to memorize the words.
Try these
Communication is a skill which has to be developed through knowledge and practice. Present day professional education has this drawback. They teach the technique and tools of the trade but do not pay attention to developing the ability to communicate. You can improve if first YOU decide to do so. Besides the advice of members I would like to add,
Hi Suman,
This is the most common problem many of the graduates face. But honestly, this is not a big challenge. You need to be persistant to overcome teh fear of not able to be good at English and you will be succesful.
Start convesring in English with your near and dear, Start writing letters, small articles in English. If you want you can write to me smal e-mails and I can help you improve your english.
I am a manager in one of the IT MNCs and come across many people like you and keep helping many!!! I coach /train students on effective communication and to face interviews.
Btw, which city are you from? If you are from Mumbai I can certainly help you!
It is good practice to read newspapers, however don't start reading big articles and get confused with the vocabulary they use.
If you have access to "The Hindu" newspaper their standard of English is good. Moreover they do have a section called "Know your English" too. This helps as a reckoner to even those who have a good vocabulary.
Sir Pl. find the PPTs on english pronunciation, pl. go thru each lesson one perr day, you will develop regards viswanadh

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Dear All,
Greetings for the Day!!!
The PPt is really a useful one and help to improve our grammatical knowledge in simpleway.
Myself made grammatical mistakes..... Good site for improving English Knowledge is English Club . I ensure that the site will really help for the persons who is in a need of learning English language.
You can also check if there is a Toastmasters Club close to where you live. A Toastmasters Club will help you to develop better speaking and presentation skills. Click on the link to know more about Toastmasters Toastmasters International - What is Toastmasters?
Watch English TV News(Like BBC and CNN)
Watch English movies with sub titles in yourown local language.
Listening to cricket and football commentories(Played a big role in my case).
All these will help you to improve your language.
Pls find attached file,it may be helpful for you

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Dear Suman,
The advice given by all of our colleagues is very good. Mr Viswandh has sent a detailed structure which if you practice on day to day basis ,you can learn the basics of grammar, fast . Make habit of speaking in english few sentences on daily basis. Fluency in english can only come if you practice , practice and practice. Listen speeches in english , watch english movies on star movies on TV where the subtitle in english and they speak in Hindi or subtitle in Hindi and they speak in english. From that you can learn pronunciation . Spell the correct word practice on phonetics ,observe english speaking people,
I am running spoken english institute for the last so many years in Gujarat and have trained hundreds of students, executives, doctors, engineers.
I wish you all the best.

Hi Suman

You weakness is no longer a problem if u turn it to an opportunity.

let me share some secrets with u in this regard

to start from basic- u worry about a language which is just a requirement to communicate. So I suggest, when u learn, learn the way it is- I'll tell u

1. MAKE ENGLISH UR MOTHER TONGUE Try to express everything in English –ur ideas, what u see, ur inner talks, etc,etc. Act and live as if u know only English. U may feel discomfort n confused in the beginning. Quite natural. its just because u r in want of more words, more grammar etc. Realize these r ur improvement areas. -tenses, propositions, any part, DON’T DELAY run to internet /library, experts, get it, n practice.. In short U MUST FEEL ITS NECESSITY.

2 FALL IN LOVE WITH ENGLISH.Give ur heart n win. Be patient n persistent because the development is gradual.Even miles long journey starts with a single step

3. READ, READ, READ, Comic books to magazines everything.Subscribe to an English newspaper(The Hindu). Cover all the pages patiently keeping urself enthusiastic. feel how the different ideas r finely ordered into sentences. Then its ur turn. once ur reading is over, pick up one matter which u feel the most interesting/informative n brief it enthusiastically assuming some illiterates r assembled before u & are eager to hear it. if needed Practice the same in front of the mirror too.

4 USE PHRASES- to keep ur language simple & attractive.

5 TRAIN UR TONGUE.Rewind and practice whatever u hear, see, read or learn, persistently. Let your ideas flow freely from ur brain to tongue without the translation of ur mother tongue in between.

6 STYLISH UR LANGUAGE. Watch English movies n news. record News in ur San disk. Listen to these recordings in ur leisure/travel time. U can see ur pronunciation is improving obviously. Also choose a role model (s)

7 DECIDE DEADLINES and periodically review the progress. Give a pat to urself for every improvement. Be proud of ur changes.

'U can never sacrifice ur ideas/performance for a language,so u develop ur language'

warm regards


Doha, Qatar
There is a good-old saying in Tamil, ‘Drawing comes with practice of hand and the language with that of tongue’? So practice is the key. What comes in the way of practice is the fear of making mistakes. But there is no other way to learn swimming than jumping into water. If you want a safer way, try a swimming pool with shallow water before trying a river. Do you read the metaphor? There may be quite a few like you around you, who would also like to develop fluency in spoken English. Please form a support group who would mutually help each other. This is a great way to learn. Honestly, that was the way I built my repository of my vocabulary while in school. Each of us used to pick five new words daily from the dictionary and deliberately force-fit them into our conversations.

Reading certainly helps. And not necessarily newspapers, but what read what interests you in English like novels (it was Sidney Sheldon or Irwing Wallace during my times). Watching movies (the sub-titiled ones)can also help. Keep your ears open for the accent. If you have access to net, then you have also on-line dictionaries which come with phonetics.

Books to help you improve your English:

1. Spoken English by R K Bansal and J B Harrison

2. Pronounce It Perfectly In English (book and three audio cassettes) by Jean Yates, Barrons Educational Series.

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Hi Give me full details of ESI Remittence along with form Name & which form for what purpose remittening. Regards Venkatesh
you can find online courses for learning English in the following site. - Online English Course - Index Page
A Rajesh khanna
Dear all,
It makes me feel proud to see how we indians are always on the top when it comes to lift someone else's spirit. When it comes to educate anyone, no one else stands a chance.
Outstanding help and suggestions from everyone.
"Suman-Please speak as and when you get a chance even just talking to yourself, it does help a lot in building up your self belief, if you have got access to ms word/outlook, its simple right click the word you dont understand and look for synonyms-this will be another turning point in understanding English from the base."
Kepe up the good work.
Many Regards

Hi Im working as a lecturer. This semester im going to handle communication skill paper.can anybody send me the ppt, related to communication skill.
And more importantly i need to conduct some soft skill training program or activities inside the class room for MBA students.
give me an idea for that, as well send some Soft skill activities that eliminates the inhibition, the shyness from the students.
waiting for the reply
hai friends, i am completed MBA and working last 2 years in finance, now i want do some higher or additional study, what can i study please suggest me Rain
We are developing a solution for WEB Pages to be read and heard in Local Pakistani Languages. The Beta is launched at - Pakistan's First Machine Translation Portal. Anyone can visit a website through our website in URDU at present. In another 3 months this will be available in four regional languages of Pakistan namely PUSHTOO, PUNJABI, BRAHVI (for Baluchistan) and SINDHI. For those who can not read at all can listen to the webpages in one of the five languages selected above. We are considering to introduce the same Technology in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. We intend to go to Russian, Spanish and French too. Specially the Voice Part. The same facility will be available on SMS too. Sender sends the Text Message in English and enters codes for language selection and the option of Voice or Text transmission. Receiver will receive the message in translated text or voice. This project is aimed at eliminating Language as a barrier. With more languages being added, the world will be able to communicate through Machine translations with a touch of a key of a Cell Phone, PDA, Laptop or Desk-Top.

So Suman, If you have the subtitles we may help you translate the text in a Local Indian Language soon. Keep your fingers crossed and till then join toastmasters Club in your area and your English and Communication will both be much better in a matter of months with just one attendance of two hours every week. To know about a Club near you, go to Toastmasters International - Home and click FIND on the left top of the page.

Best wishes - Nazir Ahmed Vaid
Hiii seniors please also suggest me that while interview i will be very nervous.. that’s why i have lost a big opportunity... suggest me some ideas to build confidence....
First u confidently prepare tell me about yourself? After that they will ask a few question in main subject which u studied in MBA not other than that? u just attend 3 to 4 interviews after that u will come to know wht they will ask how to answer.Whn ever u will feel free read books or go to browsing(Internet) center.
All the best
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