Hi All,
Can you please guide me about profession tax deductions. I am aware about the slabs for Maharashtra they are as follows :
if the salary is less than Rs. 2500 nil
if it is 2501- 3500 - 60/-
if it is 3501- 5000 - 120/-
if it is 5001-10000 - 175/-
if it is 10001-99,999/- - 200/- (for february its Rs. 300/-)
But can anybody guide me if the gross salary is more than 99,999/- then how much will be the monthly deduction in case of normal employee.
With Regards,
13th April 2007 From India, Chicalim

Hi Yogini,
First of all your last calculation is wrong. It is not between 10001/- -99,999/-. It is EXCEEDS Rs. 10,000/- PT : 200/- & For Feb:300/-
So that for Rs.99,999/- PT will be 200/- & For Feb:300/-
For more information you can log on http://salestax.maharashtra.gov.in, go to AT YOUR SERVICE, select Profession Tax Act. You will get enough informaiton here.
I hope it will help you out in this matter.
Warm Regards
13th April 2007 From India, Pune
Hi Deeps,
Thanks for the reply, but you are not understanding my query.
My query is if suppose my gross salary per month is 1.20 lacs & annual is 14.40 lacs, then is there any specific deduction structure under profession tax?
Because since i am handling payroll & using a software for that, in which they have a provision of greatest gross salary of Rs. 99,999/- & they have not mentioned anything about profession tax deduction if the gross salary exceeds Rs. 99,999/-.
With Regards,
13th April 2007 From India, Chicalim
Dear Yoginiie,
I very well understood your question. That's why I mentioned if it is exceeds Rs. 10,000/- and to no limit PT will be remain same as 200/- PM & only for month of Feb. 300/-.
You said youíre using software for payroll. It does not mean that whatever software says should be always right. May be software developer has not enter the value for above Rs. 99,999/-
As per my knowledge it should be Rs. 200/- (300/-),
But to make sure I would talk to one of my uncle who is working in Professional Tax Department n Iíll get back to you on Monday.
Till then Take care
14th April 2007 From India, Pune
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