The HR at my organization tells me that if I'm on Paid Leave (using my annual leaves) from any friday to subsequent monday and join back on tuesday it counts as 4 days of leave and not 2 counting saturday and sunday as leaves too (though in a normal week saturday and sunday are non-working days at my organization).
Does labour law of India prohibit such exploitation under any section of law? Please let me know
4th June 2010

If you are taking paid Privileged Leave and Saturday / Sunday are considered non working days, that is, not counted in the calculation of accruing PL, then they should not be considered as part of the deduction of your PL.
8th June 2010 From United Kingdom, London
SK12 25
Perhaps your are talking about Earned Leave. Generally intervening Holidays during the prescribed Earned Leave are counted as part of Earned Leave. Prefix and Suffix are allowed with Earned Leave.

9th June 2010 From India, Delhi
Thanks SK for answering but I don't think it would be generally at least not in Software Industry since I have worked in 3 MNCs prior to this organization and none of them have this weird and employee un-friendly policies. On loose terms isn't this a violation of Shops and Establishment Act by clubbing two sections relating to one holiday per week and leaves earned as a result of continuous service?
At least sounds unethical to me.

More than that this is ridiculous for another reason that even if employers find it to their benefit this is not the case. I understand the motive that they want to discourage the suffix or prefix or both but look at the flip side what does it promote if I needed 4 days for an urgent work (or for that matter any work) and I planned to take a leave from Friday to Monday and above said leave policies makes it count as 4 days leave then I'm better off taking 4 days on work days(Mon to Thu) and then enjoy another 2 days of regular non-working days (sat and sun) so while in first case company was "actually" loosing 2 days on friday and monday in second case its loosing 4 days of work from an employee!!

So I don't find any merit in such a half-witted approach for organizations like this one. But guess some people are so myopic they don't foresee policies are meant to be guide for success and not to harass and I think may be such cases should be brought to court's notice if they haven't been already.

11th June 2010
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