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Dear All, IS IT POSSIBLE TO MEET ALL THE citehr MEMBERS TOGETHER?? Shall we?? Please seniors do something.....
Hi Kalyani,
Its a very good thought.
The problem is citehr members are from all over india so it will be a difficult task.
Dear Seniors please give a thought on kalyani's idea.
Keerthi Sagar
Hi Kalyani & Keerthi,
Well, thats obviously a tough task, but no doubt if we can do that probably one more innovative step will be considered in citehr history.
I appreciate Kalyani's thought and we should definitely take some initiative to make it possible. I would request to moderators or administrators to materialize this unique idea.
Thanks & Regards,
Ram Poddar
Sr. HR
Dear Kalyani ,
Its great to know that you are intrested in meet. We are in the process of arranging meets in different cities. Incase you are interested , to arrange it in your city. Do write to us.
(Cite Contribution)
Hi All, People from the same city they can meet and share knowledge. In the later part plan to meet all in some kind of seminar and all. Max
Well I live in Australia so it’s a bit difficult for me :-( Maybe some day in the future I will be able to come to India to run some training courses.
Dear All We cannt meet personally, but we can meet regularly with cite hr.We request cite hr people to ask the mail id s of all members of cite hr family. Regards Murali
hi everybody, great! its a unique idea. lets draw a concrete plan. if possible everybody should give 2 option places. the place with maximum votes will be the venue of meeting. vivek
Fantastic idea Kalyani!
It would be great to put a face to a name as well wouldn't it?....Octavious.....Sardar Peer Mohd , Balaji, CRK etc. etc
Any place in India with an International airport would be great....and in a month that is not hot or rainy!!
Perhaps some of our members ( from hotel HR's) can arrange bulk low rates for us too.
Go for it I say!

Its really a good Idea....
At least we can arrange separate get together for separate region..say Example:Someone has to take the initiative to bring together CiteHr groups of Kolkata region at some occasion, say at Durga Puja or any other occation or else would like to request Admin. of Cite-Hr to arrange some seminars region wise.
Dear Seniors and my friends please give your comments....
Santo Bhowmick
Asst. Manager- HRD

it’s really nice thaugh. I am totally agree with (Cite Contribution). As a first step we have to arrenge it state wise after we can go further. Regards, Shila
Dear Friends This is selvi from chennai. I do arrangement to meet all Cite Hr family members. But i need some people to help in this regards to plan & co ordinate..
Dear All,
We can meet Chapter wise. Like Delhi chapter n the other towns... Human Capital Magazine have it in the same way... I was a member of it in my last organization and we use to Meet once a year to discuss things on bigger platform... There the organizers use to conduct seminars also... My only concern is that some ppl will like to make it commercials for vested interest....
Kumar Sivesh
Meeting everyone for what,,, purpose... If sharing of thoughts and professional ideas it can be done through the HR Forum Online as we have been doing presently. But can anyone tell me what is that going to achieved in meeting members directly.. All members are scattered in different parts of the country /world. Most of us would not be familiar with each other in person. It will take time to get familar and share thoughts and ideas and the day will be over very soon. We are not planning to have a three day seminar right???
you have raised a nice question to assemble all Cite HR professional in a platform. But every member has their own individual & personal responsibility for their live. So it is little bit difficult to gather. As per my opinion, easiest way to meet & share ideas is Cite HR Platform & members e-mail addresses & telephone nos.
It is very good for all of us, but if we organize state or region wise meeting , its more valuable and easy for us. pls have we together regards, Shiv
Dear All
Have a Nice day.
Yes, It can be possible... But first of all city than state and than National Leval. But for this we should provide our true ID/loction on site.
And why we are not available on Mobile for solving our day by day problems?
M.M. Yadav

dear all, i agree with you my point of view there is sme tough task we would try to meet earlier or let decide the city wise members should be ON process is"t acceptable with regards abu
Dear Kalyani
It is very good thought, but same time lets start to meet city wise first. If members are looking out to meet I can offer my office space in Ghatkopar (W) Mumbai on every Saturday after 3.30 where we can meet each other and share knowledge , Ideas which will be benefit to each of us.
You can contact me on 9821014796
Dear Senior Moderators and Administrators of Citehr
This is the good idea to meet all in one time. The lectures from the seniors and super moderators will give us more knowledge. Suitable places for the meeting in the south are Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Hydrabad. This will enable the juniors and the freshers to get good experience and clear their doubts at one place. For the meeting you can fix fees for the participants.
Best Regards
G. Subiah

Well, I am also regular member, live in Bangladesh. How I am going to meet all of you, in India? Saeed
Hi all,
This is indeed a good Idea..!!!
We can give it a shape of "HR-Conference" which can be conducted annually. Every year a new venue can be decided, from various Cities of India. If anyone is interested in giving it a practical shape, do write me. My ID is -

Warm Regards,
Avinash Jha
+91 9871 373 352
Dear All,
It's a very good initiative. Hope we start one in Chennai very soon and make it a base for knowledge sharing with no barriers of any kind. My mail id is for any passing of information.
Dear All,
We thank for the interest shown in the CiteHR Meet. Hence a request to all those who wish to arrange a CiteHR Meet in their City, please write in to . We have a policy, process and a time frame to follow in order to make the events knowledgeable and successful. Once we receive your requests we would work on it thereafter . We look forward to work further on this.
(Cite Contribution)
Its a great thought and i think so we can meet as CiteHR member are all over the world we can do one thing that we can meet at our respective location as all Cite HR member of Mumbai can meet at Mumbai.
Gagan Sharma
Dear All,
I am very much happy to see all of your positive response. As so many explained that, it is not possible to meet all citehr friends together at a time. However, in the meanwhile we can make our task very easy. For that, herewith I attached a file. If we all fill up the form continuously with out any breakage, this may help us to bring together.
Please update the date to the file for continuity.

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File Type: xls CITE HR MEMBER DETAILS DT-31.05.X.xls (14.0 KB, 134 views)

Dear Prakash, If you do not like the format which i given, you can suggest a nice format. Requesting every one the same. Finally, we fix to one format and ll continue with that.
Dear All,
It's very nice initiative taken by Kalyani.
I thanks to all members who are giving their genuine feedback not to able to attend the meet. Specially from abroad.
What I think is that we can arrange Annual Meet at the end of every year. For this, Admin/Moderator has to take an initiative to arrange this meet, fix the location & try to arrange this meet at weekend so that everybody will be able to attend the meet. If we arrange the meet in the month of December, members residing outside India might be able to come this meet.
Apart from this, What Kalyani has started is quite interesting & using that activity, every member is able to connect to other members by filling all the details in the excel sheet. But be genuine while filling all the information & try to fill all the details.
Kalyani, I really appreciate.Keep it up.
All the Best.

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File Type: xls CITE HR MEMBER DETAILS DT-31.05.X.xls (14.5 KB, 50 views)

Hi! This is indeed a great thought. Kindly let me know... I am very much interested in meeting the cite hr members.

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File Type: xls CITE HR MEMBER DETAILS DT-31[1].05.X.xls (15.0 KB, 64 views)

It's a nice thought. We have formed a Saurashtra- Kutchh HR forum at Rajkot (Gujarat) where the HR professionals of the region meet and share their knowledge. The same platform can be utilized for this region. I would really love to go ahead with the idea.
Chetan Bhojani
i-Tech Infonet Pvt. Ltd.
Hi To All my Citehr FRds.
I agree with Kalyani's Posted message. I too interested to meet Every Citehr member together. But it is very difficult to meet altogether at one place. Because citehr members frm all over the world. And all together cannot meet at one place. My Best suggestion is that The persons living at their own places i Mean region wise, District wise, Area Wise can start up to conduct seminar or meeting at one place. For Example Hyderabad is a Big City which is a Capital of Andhra Pradesh here we can start seminar or meeting at one place where all the citehr members can meet together and have discussions and have exchange of Knowledge and Ideas together.
The burden is only that arrangement of atmosphere work.
The Moderator can do by sending invitation to all the members who are residing at their own places. Through sending mails to their accounts.
B.sreenivasa rao

Dear Friends, Thank you somuch for your respose. Who ever is interesting in this, i am requesting all of them to update the details with recent attachment. This will help out our way very easy.
Very appreciating Kalyani for raising this topic...Thanks
And Mr Sagar, I would like to inform you that this place is not occupied only from Indian members but there are numbers of people from out side the India. Yah!! its bit difficult to make it possible from them.
And thanks Ms (Cite Contribution) for taking this action seriously. We should meet and share knowledge, thoughts and experiences.
I also agree with Rupsha (MAX), people from the same city can meet but the important thing is "HOW" and "WHEN"
Need a VOLUNTEER....
Im from Gurgaon (NCR) and ready for this. Interested people can drop me a line, so that i can make the necessary arrangements. Advices/ Suggestion will be highly appreciated.
Seeking for the cooperation/support and advice from the SENIORS
before saying yes or no or finding out the way for it, it is very important to know FOR WHAT PURPOSE you are planning so.........................
Dear Friends,
Reason behind the request you all to fill up this form is, by filling up this form everybody can get the information of his or her own town HRs. Therefore, this will help us to meet our locality citehr friends.
Moreover, I am very happy to say that, because of this citehr, i got 2 citehr friends in my locality (Hyderabad).
I hope finally one day, we all meet together at one place.
Please continue the linked format.

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File Type: xls CITE HR MEMBER DETAILS DT-31[1][1].05.X.xls (15.0 KB, 50 views)

Dear Bidhan,

You will definitely get the answer to your question. For getting the answer to your question first, you should say answer to this question. Why you meet your Friend or Guru or Senior at any time?

Seniors Please excuse me, if I say anything wrong.

I think so can we get in to conatact with each other can we make a data of all who are in this thread their name and contact No.s. Regards, Gagan Sharma

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File Type: xls CITE HR.xls (19.5 KB, 36 views)

Yes ...To start with, capital of state level will be the best idea.. For Rajasthan..i am ready regards gaurav
hello to all........ m also ready to meet to all n m from bhubaneswar but ready for near by areas also....... so pls arrange do let me know where n what to do for it........ Warm Regards, Sree HR
Dear all,
I am little bit upset with these responses. Because, everybody wants to meet, but no body is filling the form. May be all are thinking that, this format is only for Hyderabad. Because, it is prepared by a Hyderabadi.
It is not at all like that. This is for every one. By filling this, everybody will come to know about their locality people. Therefore, it will be useful to all of us to meet the same locality people.
So, who is really interested to meet together, please fill it up.
Be +ve, think +ve.
Pass word: citehr

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File Type: xls CITE HR MEMBER DETAILS DT-31.05.X.xls (15.0 KB, 35 views)

Dear Kalyani I have entered my details in the attached excel sheet. regards Subiah.G

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File Type: xls Copy of CITE HR MEMBER DETAILS DT-31.05.X-3.xls (15.0 KB, 33 views)

Dear All,
Plese find the easy format (google Docs) for entering our details, which is suggested by Mr.Ravi Shankar
Thanx to Mr. Ravi
Hi Kalyani I have entered my details and thanks for this.. And, You have done great Job Ravi. This is very easy way to get the details of our CiteHR members..

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File Type: xls CITE HR MEMBER DETAILS DT-03JUNE2010.xls (19.0 KB, 39 views)

I have updated my detail. kinldy let me know the chennai hr meet.

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File Type: xls CITE%20HR%20MEMBER%20DETAILS%20DT-31.05.X(1).xls (15.0 KB, 31 views)

Dear Friends,
Thnx to all, for your cooperation.
You need not to download the Excel file again.
Just click upon the link below, enter your details and close it.
It will automatically save your data.
Hi Ram/Asha, If you are planning to arrange meet in coimbatore, pls let me know. Eargely wait to meet you all. am ready to support for this. Regards Sivaranjani
A very good thought to meet all the members of CiteHr we can plan All India meet and intersted members will definatley confirm their participation Regds satish
Dear All HR Specialist,
I need your guidance. I m looking for higher education on HR ( short PG courses ). I m working as a HR Executive in Gujarat in a limited company. Due to financial crises, I m unable to go for MBA, that is why I m looking for short courses in HR. Can you all suggest me some good courses in HR. Im planning to build my career in training and development department beause I m confident to do well.
I have around 2 years of experience.
Please reply all to help me.
Thanks and Regards,
Suborna Biswas
Hey, Lets start with Mumbai, people of Mumbai can very well meet on Saturday evening, please give your suggestion for day, date, time and venue. Mukesh Tank
It is always better to start with a small step, in the right direction.
To begin with, form citywise groups, especially major metros first followed by next level cities. Depending upon workload, professional commitments etc. we can attempt to meet a maximum number of persons possible, preferably on a saturday evening, say from 5 to 8 pm, which can be followed by a contributory dinner. May be, at a later stage, a regional level and subsequently national level meet can be organised. Needless to say, there are lot of platforms such as NIPM, ISTD etc. etc. are already in existence and duplication of efforts or overstepping on others toes can well be avoided !
NK Sundaram, Bangalore

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