Dear friends,We are an organisation with a strength of around 150 employees. We have installled a time machine in our office, yet the employees keep on coming late. The office time is from 9 to 6, but most employees turn up by 9:30 -9:45. Frequent warnings have not brought about any impact on the employees. The mgt. feels we should introduce a system of penalties, pay cuts etc. for late comings.

The organsiations does not have any IR problems as such. Most of the employees leave the organisation only around 7:00 -7:30 and stay up late to complete their work without having to be told so. Yet the mgt. feels this should not be considered an excuse for late coming. I understand the mgt's problem but at the same time the employees feel that when they r putting up late hrs as per the urgency of work then mgt's decision is harsh. How do i balance both employees and employer views.Regards Tittli

From India, Bharuch
Dear ,
same problem i am facing in my company,all staff is habitual to come on their own decided timings,.
If you find any solution on it please mail me on
thanks & Regards

From India, Pune
Dear Tittli AND Aarti,
If the employees put up extra hours, nothing great about it. Tell them that performance is all comprehensive word. It includes self-discipline also. They have to perform abiding the rules of the organisation. "coming late" is no substitute for "working late hours".
Right from the beginning your company should have inculcated culture of discipline. Now bringing this culture is a challenge to you.
However, discipline is a foundation of everything. Take the employees into confidence and tell them the importance of discipline. However, in the beginning, link the late coming to the performance appraisal. Who came late, how many times, keep record of it. Deduct some marks for late coming.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Frainds,
pls refer the daily in and out time, and one of database maninten. i now selected emploees daily late coming in company so pls. thts most importants are the one register maintain to security of main gate. folowing database maintain.
Sr no/name/date/dept/shift/actual in time/in time/late time/loss of time/remark
then firstupen infom to all dept hods and then deduct to employees salary
becuse im refer to in all work.

From India, Pune
Hi Titli and Aarti,

I agree with Dinesh should have been inculcated from the beginning. Once the employees get habitual of coming late, it is very difficult to take them out of it.

And, if the management decides to deduct their salaries etc, employees would feel that the management is being harsh.

Since, you have not mentioned what type of organization is yours; I am giving you an idea which might help you.

1. If your organization does not have shift system or if they are not dealing with some foreign clients etc.(in which case the timings might clash)you can discuss with your management to introduce Flexi working hours policy.

For instance: Allow employees to come anytime between 9:30 - 10:30 am , work for 8 hours 15 min(or whatever hours you guys have in your company) and leave accordingly. Depending upon when they reach office, they can leave between 5:45 pm to 6:45 pm (acc. to 8 hours 15 min).

2. Do not forget to mention that they might need to work late hours/stay back in case any project has come up o in case of crucial deadlines of the project.

3. This ways they would need to work for a specific number of hours in a day and in case of any leaves (short leaves like half day etc... they need to make sure that they complete the expected number of working hours in a week/month.

Once the employees get habitual of can further change the flexi hours to 9 - 9:30 am or similar.

Hope this helps....Please let me know if it was useful!

From India, Delhi
Hi Tittli & Aarti
I fully agree with Jyoti. If flexi time can resolve the issue, just do it.
However, if you and your Mgnt think that it may not work, may I suggest something else.
Its a Kaizen concept. No penalty or fine for late coming. You guys will have to put up a big board at the entrance. At the top of the Board write this line "Today I have come late" or 'Aaj main late aaya hoon' in Hindi. Ask the people to write their names if the come late. No excuses, they must write their names. Thats all. See the result after some time.
Let me tell you, it really works. I know at least one organization in Gurgaon where it worked. The list of latecomers got reduced drastically and now there is no late arrivals.
Talk to your Mgnt. Who knows it may also work in your organization.

From India
Timings should be fixed based on the nature of work your employees do. I am sure not all the 150 employees have to be by 9 AM to 6 PM. Make a rule that its compulsory to log 9 hours of work in a day. If some one comes at 8 AM its okay to leave by 5 PM as long as the work is not hampered.

From Australia
Employees can be given a privilege of 2 hrs for a month to come on late. That is, they can come late for 15 minutes 8 times, or 30 minutes 4 times, or 1 hr 2 times or 2 hr 1 time in a month.
If the employee is coming late by 1 minute, it must be taken as 15 minutes. If the employee come by 16 minutes late, it must be taken as 30 minutes and 31 minutes late it must be taken as 45 minutes vice versa.
When the employee crosses the allowed 2 hrs, he can be penalised. Where this penalised amount can be returned if he shows zero late in the next month.
Every 1st day of the month, zero late employees name of the previous month to be displayed in notice board with appreciations from management. Like wise top ten late comers name of the previous month to be displayed in the notice board.
This will help to balance both the management and employees.

From India, Madras
The company has to frame out a rule for timing of office hours. 15 minutes grace period may be given to all employees. Those who are coming after 9.15 AM may not be allowed inside the main gate. If you follow this system strictly, all employees will adhere to it.
From India, Bangalore
Hi Tittli,

I agree with your concern, to avoid and address the same I suggest to organize an open house with all your employee along with your senior management team, the agenda could be the late coming.,

As you mentioned in your post that people are very responsible and need not to tell about their work, they are staying back completing the work and leavingu. You also mentioned that people are coming at 9.30 to 9.45. Find out from them whether the office working hours can be changed to 10am to 7pm so that they can come in time attend the work and live comfortably.

You need that employees need to work 9 hrs, why you want to hurt the feelings of the people better to change the system to their convenience. They may be coming from different & far places. Let the team debate, if the most of the employees are for the same then change or the majority are for the existing timings then ask them how to arrest the late coming and what are the actions need to be implemented, come to a consensus and implement. Otherwise , people will loose the confidance, resulting in to bringing a casual nature.

Thanks and regards - kameswarao

From India, Hyderabad

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