Hi everyone !! request you to please send me some formats of letters post appraisal... eg. if the rating is Outstanding/ meets exepectations/Exceeds expectations Regards, Vareena.
From India, Mumbai
Ok - here’s a format we used last yr - irrespective of how they performed... (because when we finish the appraisal, we fight over the figure and settle it then and there)... Regards, M
From India

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Hi Vareena,
You can use this one also..
Mr/ Ms. ____________
Dear Mr./ Ms. _____________,
Consequent to the review of your performance during the period 2001 - 2002, we have pleasure in informing you that, w.e.f 1st August, 2001, your services are being confirmed and your salary is being increased as follows :
Break up of Salary in an Excel sheet or in table.

The other terms and conditions of your appointment remain unchanged.
We look forward to your valuable contributions and wish you all the very best for a rewarding career with the organisation.
Please sign the duplicate copy of this letter as a token of acceptance of the same.
For Company Name
Name: Employee name
Amit Seth.

From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Vareena,
You may use this also,
Name of the employee
Company name.
Sub: Increment Letter
Dear MR. / Ms.
We congratulate you for your hard work, enthusiasm, dedication and continuous effort in meeting the organization objective.
On reviewing your performance for the year ......., we are glad to announce an increment of Rs.......... (Rs. in words) on your existing salary(Rs...........) with effect from dd mm yyyy.
We expect you to keep up your performance in the years to come and grow with the organization.
please sign and return the duplicate copy in token of your acceptance, for your records.
Wish you all the best.
Managing Director.
Arumugam. N

From India, Tiruchchirappalli
Wow.. thanks everyone.. the formats will really help...
please find below the format we used last year...
Dear ____,
This year has been eventful and challenging for all of us in _______ . We have met the huge challenge of scaling up our business and growing our bottom line.
Your performance during this period has been rated as Exceeds Expectations. We hope that you continue to meet all challenges that we will offer you in the coming year.
We are delighted to inform you that your performance linked incentive for the year 2005-2006 is Rs._____. Congratulations on meriting this reward.
Further your annual compensation for the year 2006–2007 (w.e.f. April 01, 2006) has been enhanced to Rs.___ the break up of which will be communicated to you by Human Resources. All other terms and conditions of your letter of appointment remain unchanged.
With all good wishes to you and your family,
Executive Director

From India, Mumbai
Hi everyone PLz let me know if the review period means the year for which u are accessing ie if appraisal is done on march 1..then the period wouldbe 2007-08 or the year 2006-2007
From India, Calcutta
Dear All,
All the formats are really good. Thanks to all.
Pls see the format below, hope this will be helpful
.................................................. .................................................. .
We would like to express our appreciation and commendation for all the passion and commitment you have been exhibiting in your existing role.
In recognition of your contribution, it is our pleasure to award you a gross increase of Rs.7125 per month in your salary with effect from 1st May 2006.
It is also very important that each one of us take more responsibilities, gear up to take leadership roles and work as a team to meet the challenges ahead thereby exceeding customer expectations.
Congratulations and best wishes!
With Best Regards,
.................................................. .................................................. ...

From India, Thrissur
hey guys.. please keep posting letter formats coz it helps to see different companies giving different letters... we had this format last year... hope to receive more formats in the days to come





Dear ____,

Becoming a Best Employer takes significant time, energy and investment in our people practices and processes and highly engaged employees like you.

F.Y. 2006—2007 has truly been challenging for all of us given the uncertainties of the market and a highly competitive environment.

Your performance during this year has been rated as Outstanding. We hope that in the coming year, you continue to play a vital role in supporting the organization’s strategies and priorities and we look forward to having you in our select team of high achievers in the year ahead.

We are delighted to inform you that your performance linked incentive for the year 2006-2007 is Rs.___. Congratulations on meriting this reward.

Further, your annual compensation for the year 2007-2008 (w.e.f. April 01, 2007) has been enhanced to Rs.___, the break up of which will be communicated to you by Human Resources. All other terms & conditions of your letter of appointment remain unchanged.

With all good wishes to you & your family.

Executive Director

From India, Mumbai
Dear All,

Please use this format for Performance Increment


Draft Letter

Dear …………,

After closely watching and evaluating your performance during the F/Y 2007-08, the management of the Company has decided to reward you for the commendable performance put in by you in the organization. Accordingly the management is pleased to give you an incentive increment of Rs......... .

Congratulations on your performance and for being the recipient of this incentive.

We believe that you will continue to remain a valuable addition to our team and our employment relationship will continue in a mutually beneficial, productive and pleasant manner.

Please Note: Tax wherever applicable, shall be deducted as per income tax rule.

Thanks and Congratulations,

S. P. Pandey (HR Team)

Technical Associates Ltd.,

8th Km., Faizabad Road, Ismailganj,

Lucknow-226016 INDIA,

Cell: +91 93058 39058

Phone: +91 (522) 4053600

Fax: +91 (522) 2721381


Web: Welcome To Technical Associates

From India, New Delhi
Can any one suggest an institution name where i can learn HR activities? I've done my MBA with HR while working and has around 6+ years of corporate experience in other area but not in HR and now would like to step-in into HR. How it impacts on my career? Can some one suggest please. Replies can be sent to
From India, Hyderabad

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