Dear All, Can any one provide me draft of Health and Safety policy as per factory act and also list of posters to be displayed about Health and Safety in the factory. Thanks and regards Arun Singhal
From India, New Delhi
Dear All,
Can any one provide me draft of Health and Safety policy as per factory act and also list of posters to be displayed about Health and Safety in the factory.
Thanks and regards
more at
Gurpreet singh

From India, Delhi
Dear Mr.Arun Singhal and Gurpreet singh

So many views and no response. I am ashamed. I regret that I could not write early because of busy schedules.

“Managing the safety function” starts with a written safety policy – a definition, if you will, of management’s desires concerning safety. Most executives agree that a policy is a fine thing to have, but a few agree on what a policy is. Policy is often confused with “rules,” established practices,” “procedures,” – not only in speech but also in action. But policy has certain unique implications. It implies scope for discretion, initiative, and judgment in deciding what ought to be done in specific situations. The most important thing is to communicate management’s interest.

From company to company what is included in the safety policy may differ. Most organizations will not write a “pure” policy. They will either intentionally or inadvertently include some procedures, some philosophy, and perhaps even some rules with their expression of management will. This is perfectly all right- whatever serves the company best is what should be included.

No one policy is right or wrong – we might best assume that each is right for the organization it serves. We can, however outline some of the things that should be included in most management policies on safety. As a minimum the following area ought to be touched on in a safety policy.

1. Management’s intent. What does management want?
2. The scope of activities covered. Does the policy pertain only to on-the job safety? Does it cover off-the job safety also? Fleet safety? Public safety? Property damage? Fire? Product safety?
3. Responsibilities. Who is to be responsible for what?
4. Accountability. Where and how is it fixed?
5. Staff safety assistance. If there is a staff safety, how does it fit into the organization? What should it do?
6. Safety committees. Will there be committees? What will they do? Why do they exist?
7. Authority. Who has it, and how much?
8. Standards. What rules the company abide by?

These questions will provide some insight to the one who is contemplating writing a safety policy. There is one more procedure to be followed. To be effective it may be conceived by the safety professional but must be published under the name of the executive who is responsible for all activities.

A well conceived written safety policy should do three things:

1. It should affirm long range purpose.
2. It should commit management at all levels to reaffirm and reinforce this purpose in
daily decisions.
3. It should indicate the scope left for discretion and decision by lower level

I prefer you try to prepare a policy of your own if you can. If not mention it such that I can post a few sample policies from which you can have your pick.

Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam

@ Kesava Pillai
Dear Sir
Very good reply... However we can't tell any comments by seeing the number of viewers... Firstly don't know how many Safety Pro's are there...Second thing most of the viewers also must be from HR... However I also very mush sorry for not responding to this post earlier, due to the availability of time...
@Mr.Arun Singhal and Gurpreet singh
Both of you got a very good guidence... Hope that this will help you... If need some sample one's please let me also know... I can also help you.
With regards,
Dipil Kumar V

From India
dear all,

policy as follows

Environment, Health and Safety Policy

We at ----------------- (COMPANY NAME) are involved in Manufacturing of -------------------. We endeavor to pursue excellence in all spheres of our business activity. To achieve this we will

 Strive to conserve our fragile environment and improve our occupational health and safety requirements by

o Conservation of natural resources.

o Complying with relevant legal and other requirements.

o Minimizing adverse impact by reducing the waste.

o Providing healthy and safe work environment.

 Commit to a high standard of motivation & competency that, we believe, are essential for the pursuit of excellence.

 Imbibe a culture of continual improvement

 Obsession for technology, Objective review & monitoring, optimization of available resources.

This policy will be communicated to all parties interested in the performance of our management system.

Date – xxxxxxxx

Place – Authorized top management



From India, Pune

Dear Mr. Abhi
Please go through the below threads to download the sample safety policies...
Dear Ranjit
Thanks for sharing the sample safety policy with us.,.. Keep on sharing your expertise with us...

From India
Hello friends... Its a very nice topic. I share to about this topic for Health and safety policy....The health and safety policy should be a straightforward statement of senior management's commitment to workplace safety and health. It should be broad enough to cover all aspects of the company's activities. There are no hard and fast rules about what to include in a policy. Create one that suits your company and your views on health and safety.
Thanks for...

From India, Ahmadabad
Thanks for this suggestion i never know these health and safety tips, it's really good for having a balanced healthy life. I always support healthy lifestyle i used to eat healthy food like vegetables fruits and other protein food, do exercise and morning walk all these things helps me to stay healthy but your tips are really good for health care.
From Pakistan, Islamabad

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