Like the most companies in the industry, when they face rough year with business declining; why they start firing their employees first, although they can trim travel, Cut lavish training, but they donít do it, WHY THEY START FIRING EMPLOYEES FIRST? And logical reason ?
AdaM from Karachi

From China
Dear Adam,
If you go through the history, you will find two types of business set up national and Multi national. Multi National has always a backup from their origin whereas the national companies have different set ups Multi National has comparatively high standards, professionalism, and follows their company policies, on the other hand the national companies or factories, even has two types of employer. one is purely seth Organization and other follows the Multi national style.
you are absolutely right, they should curtail they other expenses and over heads, but some time amount of the salaries and wages are much higher than other expenses and even controlling the misc. expenses the employer have to fire their employees considering those employees who in all respect will be beneficial in future. remember, seth is always selfish they always consider their interest first.

From China

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