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Thread Started by #sasmita_deepa

Hi All,
If you were to hire a HR person in your team, what are the top 5 qualities you would be looking for??
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5th April 2010 From India, Hyderabad
1) Good domain (Infra, Banking, IT etc) knowledge for which recuitment is being done
2) Attention to details (Very IMP)
3) Very good oral and writte comunication skills
4) Problem solving skills & Time Management
5) Negotiation skills
5th April 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Sasmita_Deepa
the qualities i would look for when i m hiring a HR professional are as follows
1) Good knowledge about his Domain
2) Maturity
3)ability to learn
4) Time management
5) Good comm skills
5th April 2010 From India, Pune
The qualities are
1) Good Interactional ability
2) Ability to learn, unlearn & Relearn.
3) Attention to details
4) Highly self motivated & will be able to motivate the team on a on going basis.
5)Time Management, problem solving skills negotiation skills
5th April 2010 From India, Madras
5 Qualities which u need to look are:
1. Attitude
2. Communication Skills
3. Listening / Grasping Power
4. Negotiation Skills
5. Leadership Qualities (Only if u r looking at for a lead position.)
First 3 are very imp for a HR Person.
Ph: 9945465676
5th April 2010 From India, Bangalore
ohhhh... Dear Sasmita,
I mistook ur Q for A....
neways, in my knowledge, HR should be: -
1. A Role Model {in every respect, few of them being: Interpersonal, Communication (both Verbal & Written), Analytical & Problem Solving Skills, should be a good listener, etc}.
2. Leadership Qualities (Autocratic not preferred).
3. Sound Domain Knowledge.
4. Negotiation Skills.
5. Sound Organisation & Strategic Skills.
(Jagdish S. Nadar)
Asst. Manager HR
Nuberg Engg. Ltd.
(+91 9313490613)
5th April 2010 From India, Delhi
But then, does this empathy work all the time??? ...
I am sorry but HR person need to act tactfully and diligently... HR is known to be backbone of any organisation as almost every organisation has learnt in the current changing corporate scenario that now-a-days... it's the Manpower which is of utmost importance rather than Machinery, Technology, Material, etc. etc., which have taken the secondary seat gradually...
I hope u too agree with me, dear Mr. Mohan...
(Jagdish S. Nadar)
Asst. Manager HR
Nuberg Engg. Ltd.
(+91 9313490613)
5th April 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear members,
five great qualities to a Hr person
1. Good interpersonal skill(communication and behavior)
2. adaptability
3. analyzing the problem and decision making
4. speak-less act more(implementer)
5. motivator
5th April 2010 From India, Coimbatore
Re: my graduation in 2002, i have exp in different field , recently ihave completed MBA in HR stream . when i attend the interview if interviewer ask about myexp what i have to do.
6th April 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Deepa,
I would probably look primarily for transparency or honesty, passion for the required field, practical application of knowledge in HR dynamics and lastly, but definitely not the least, a person with good inter-personal intra-personal communication.
With all the training skills sessions that are prevalent in the industry, A nominal set of characteristics will not work anymore in looking for a HR professional. What is required is a below-the-surface approach and something I'd like to call as an 'experience-knowledge-passion ratio of quotient'.
6th April 2010 From India, Madras
I would look for these 5 qualities :
1) Empathy
2) Good at building bond with people (Yes up to appropriate level)
3) Excellent communication & convincing skills
4) strong desire to actually be a bridge between employee & mgmnt
5) Willingness to create a strong accepable culture in the organisation.
6th April 2010 From India, New Delhi
Hi Sasmita I would recommend for the the 5p’s as the quality required for a HR Recruiter 1. Patience 2. Position 3. Potentiality 4. Professionalism 5. Perfection
6th April 2010 From India, Madras
Dear Sasmita
I would suggest, apart from being incorporated with sound knowledge of HR domain, the following are the quintessential attributes an HR Professional ought to have:
1) A People's Person (An efficient motivator / mentor / coach / trainer)
2) Patient (Instilled with an appropriate level of temperament)
3) An Efficient Communicator (engrossed with stron Inter and Intra personal skills)
4) A dynamic Change Agent
5) Enterprenuar Attitude (Strategic Partner)
6th April 2010 From India, Delhi
Thinking out of Box good listening Good relation with co workers Easy to reach/ Co worker should be comfortable to approch him Basic statutory knowledge Communication
6th April 2010 From India, Madras
effective recruiter needs to,

represent employer brand with exemplary presentation skills/conduct leading to stakeholder/customer delightedness with shared vision and sensitivity

clarity on organisation processes, structure, culture/values, policies with change management skills when needed

have facilitation skills with management/managers/candidates/agencies

leading to effective collaboration

clarity on role descriptions/competencies/career paths/compensation policy/effective negotiation skills with fairness

facilitate interviewing with listening/counseling skills and sound judgment with creativity and assertiveness placing organisation interest and values first not compromising on quality and values

make honest viable commitments/offers and facilitate sound induction leading to trust and employee engagement with productivity and high retention, proactively achieving quality, time and cost deliverables without wastages/rework or low productivity/employee dissatisfaction and attrition.

hope there is something to pick up from,


6th April 2010 From India, Ahmadabad
it depends on which profile u look , he/she have the job experience on that field or not which is most important, if the position is for handling IR part of organisation and u select some one from recruitment part then it will be worthless.
2nd ly he should have people skill
good negotiation and convincing power
many more etc.....
6th April 2010 From India, Angul
Dear Sasmita

i am not a Management guy ,

but i have some points in my Kitty.

1) cheerful // give her a situation and check her humor ( further when the selected HR will take interviews or interact with people , she/he should be to make the interviewed guy make comfortable ,,,cheerful nature helps a lot ...also if a guy feel comfortable with the interviewer ,,he then try to speak truth

2) staraight forward // ask her a situational question """ bla bla bla will you recommend to fire the guy "" expect the answer to be a harsh step but need to take in the name of the company

3) learning ability // in this world if somebody is high technical IIT electrical engineer or IIM Ahmedabad , then also he know .000001% of the entire knowledge in the world ,,,so its not necessary to know everything ,,,,but a person should be eager to learn....

4) honest // i have a situatio on this but thats very long so ,,,dont wanna bore you .

5) no egos // give her a question which has two answers ,,you stuck to the opposite one of her's ,,,try to push her to go with your answer ,,,if she does ,,,she is not egoistic...

6) Communication Skills // it matters least for me , if you have a good hindi and a presentable english ,,,,that will do ,,,english can always be improved this world only those people have contributed who have ideas ,,,,,so most important thing is ideas instead of communication skills .....communication skills can always be devloped .....

On all this able points i have some situations ,,,long time ago i dumped them ,, so if in need i can dig them back ,,,


7th April 2010 From Korea
Ability to understand the current scenario (within and outside the organisation) - is the most important quality, I think for an HR professional to be proactive and reactive promptly.
Pooja Saha
Management Trainee
7th April 2010 From India, Calcutta
Dear Mr.Jagdish
I agree wat u have tried to say but Mr.Mohan has said about empathy.If a HR person having all the technical skills ,hardworking,yet do not possess a positive attitude cannot be a good HR person.H stands for Human so a person who is in human is not fit for HR .A person should b tact ful yet humble,he must apply empathy not sympathy.
I hope u agree.
7th April 2010 From India, New Delhi
Hi Sushmita
Please find following qualities, which i am looking in HR professional.
Stretagic initiator
Individual readiness for challengies
Domain expertise
Value driver
Business sence
Delivery oriented
Amit Acharya
Manager - HRM
7th April 2010 From India, Vadodara
1 Open minded person 2 Willing to meet and get along with people 3 Communicator 4 Continuous learner 5 A good samaritan
7th April 2010 From India, Madras
Hi Sushmita,
Almost everyone have shared their views. Mine are more or less the same.
1. Should be tactful/ assertive
2. Negotiation skills
2. Knowledge of dat particular domain
4. Should have answers to all the potential questions asked by the candidate
5. Eye for detail/ good listener
6. Fluent communication skills/ Clarity of thought.
7th April 2010 From India, Mumbai
I work in a 2nd Largest Pvt Bank in India. And as per what they actually do, I m suggesting that an HR person should have following qualities.

1. 90% of the case, the person should be female (50% selection criteria is taken care of)

2. Fluent in English

3. Should know some recruitment consultants who can source right candidates for you and you should also know to line them up for interview with the respective functional head

4. You should know how do type the details of the candidate in offer letter / appointment letter & take the signature of the HR Head.

5. You should also know a third party agency which can do candidate's previous employment verification.

6. You should know how to verify the Original document by asking the candidate to show the Original Docs.

7. You should know how to type and forward an email.

8. You should be familiar with the words, "Approved" "Not approved" "Let me see what i can do" " I cant help it"

9. You should also know some good trainers who can conduct the induction for new joinees.

10. You should also know how to collect the appraisal form and send it to company store room.

11. You should also know that if you do all the above, you need not worry about your own confirmation, ratings, and increments, It will be taken care by your supervisors atleast they too have the right to do some work, apart from eating peanuts & playing games on computers.

7th April 2010 From India, Mumbai
The basic qualities I would look for in an HR person would be:
1. Caring Attitude
2. People Orientation
3. Excellent Communication Skills
4. Strong Values
5. Excellent Leadership Qualites
6. Lots of Steel in the Spine
Vasant Nair
7th April 2010 From India, Mumbai
one who can read others mind
one who can handle worst situations -- termination, retrenchments etc
one who can make balance in between employers and employees expectations
one who can please employees, who can convince them that the company works for their welfare
7th April 2010 From India, Gurgaon
In my opinion and experience, I would like to see the following qualities in a HR person:
1. S/he should have excellent human relationing skills - a people's person
2. S/he should be a 'change agent' - embrace and lead change (which is permanent)
3. Should be a good listener with excellent analytical and negotiation skills
4. Should be empathetic (enabling him / her to understand problems - once problem / issue is understood, its easier to come up with alternate solutions) and last but not the least
5. S/he should have excellent communications and articulation skills.
7th April 2010 From Pakistan
yes snarad is correct , I agree . Today HR is of utmost imp. But not all companies have realised it. HR Personnel must have some empathy but sometimed strong decisions need to be taken . bye
7th April 2010 From India, Mumbai
qualities of HR person
good oral&written communication skill
good theoritical knowldge about HR.
good knowledge about law of the land(Statutory compliance) on labour side
focus on minute details(like a perfect photographer)
sound ms operating tools(MS office)
drive, passion, never-say-die spirit
....... a complete person
Vinod K.G.
HR Manager, Kulathunkal Motors, Trivandrum
7th April 2010 From India, Kollam
I am completely agree with Mr.Jagdish because empathy is one of the component possesed by HR but it is not the whole thing for HR.
7th April 2010 From India, Ranchi
`Hi friends,
All the points narrated above are essential for the successful functioning of a HR professional and most of us are aware of them. However, I would like to add a few points which are generally not discussed. The Head of HRD is a very important person in any organization & he/she can do a lot for the betterment of the staff and workers and at the same time can be a key instrument for the all round development of the organization. The points are:
1. Be a good human being.
2. Understand the problems of the workers and find ways & means to mitigate their hardships.
3. Benefit of the doubt should always be granted to the less privileged.
4. Workers are the backbone of the organization & they should be given due importance.
5. Last but most important point is, before we initiate any action, we should be 100 per cent sure that what ever we do is in the best interest of the organization/company who employ us.
7th April 2010 From India, Thanjavur
Shall we peg qualities to 5, what if they are less or more? my view is this, I have two 2 that are paramont, they are:
a) Good grip of your domain &
b) Good communication skill
If one has good knowledge of the environment and in tune with current trends, with good communication skill, he in turn, has some of the qualities already mentioned above. The abilty to manage man and material has been acquired. It is simple logic that before an uterance is made it has been processed in the brain before saying it, good negotiating skill has been taken care of.
ajayi olufemi
abuja, nigeria.
8th April 2010 From Nigeria, Abuja
Hello, fellow HR !
Here is my list of the top 5 Qualities of an HR Practitioner:
1. Effective communication skills
2. HR Functional competence (all areas)
3. Ability to Lead, Influence and Mentor
4. Sound Organization Skills
5. Sound Understanding of Business/Sector/ Industry that she/she is a part of
9th April 2010 From United States, Lexington
5 qualities of HR Integrity Strategic Thinking Service mind - serve internal customer sensitive - to people / to market / to business Business sense
9th April 2010 From Hong Kong
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