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How do you handle a rouge ex-employee who more than a year after being fired starts to take actions designed to embarrass and cause legal trouble for the manager who let him go.
He’s an ex-employee, a dual national no longer living in the U.S. but in his "other" country. I don’t think having him employed by a competitor will do any good.
OK here is the sort of thing he is doing. He uses his background with the company to do such things as have software audits filed against us. He tell s the auditors, Software Publishers Alliance, that the manager is letting people use unlicensed software he tell them which users have it. The manager knows nothing about this but the ex-employee was in a position to know which computer users might have installed stuff they shouldn't. So the auditors know just which computers and just which users to visit. we suspect he may have planted the software on the computers so that he could then tell the auditors where to look should he ever need to, we can't prove that however.

The manager had used some images from movies in some internal documents. The next thing he knows the CEO of the company gets a letter from the studio to stop using these under threat of a lawsuit. The studio has copies of the internal documents as proof. The only way they could have gotten them, we figure, is from this fellow.

He gets flowers with a very suggestive note on them delivered to his home when only his wife is there to accept delivery.

This is the kind of things that are happening every few months. The police have told us that there is nothing they can do as nothing he has done in technically illegal. He lives overseas now so the local police are not much interested anyway.

Well, as long he is trying to help others to catch something which is not appropriate in your company, you can't do anything. Law will encourage these kind of people as whistle blowers.

Two options you have is:

- Ask any of his ex-colleages/peers to talk to him and encourage him to settle out all differencies he may have against your company and resolve it with in certain timeframe. If this happens, send goodwill mail to him and keep him in good books. Select someone neutral to talk to him and pursue him not to work against your company. He also may have good support internally hence, have good updates about internal stuff. So be careful.

- Findout which city/company he is working and warn him that your company will start giving negative background verification feedback about him, which may potentially create trouble for him in getting future requirement. You can also warn him about updating his acts to his current employer and tell them that they also may get into same senario in future. This should reduce his interest in settling scores with your company. If not, then there is no option for you

We have thought about giving negative feedback on him if anyone ever asked us about him. No one ever has. We found his resume on line and noted that he doesn't even list working for us on it. It is like we never existed in his work history.
U have a pyscho on board. Get a private detective to investigate and talk some sense into him, there may be a good chance that your company must have rubbed him the wrong way and he is just doing it for revenge and will stop when he feels adequately mentally compensated.
There is very little one can suggest you in this case.
  • If you are really involved in software piracy and plagiarism then you have given good reason to trouble yourself and you should not blame someone else for the same.
  • You can get rid of this problem by doing through audit of your hardware and software and by removing all unlicensed software.
  • Get a neutral person to talk to him and resolve all pending issues with him once for all to remove his negative motivation against your co.
  • You can inform / caution his current employer about this fellow and his behavior.
Thanks & Regards

Like mashok and vkokamthankar have mentioned already, from the information you have provided it can be inferred that Law is on his side. Trying to threaten him or giving negative feedback against him deliberately with a vile intent to compromise his career will further damage your own position.
Do not approach the Law enforcement as you are digging your own ditch by doing so. and yeah, Clean up your acts.

Best solution would be to fire the manager for violating corporate policies. That will settle everything.
One thing that is troubling to us is that he seems to wait for long intervals between actions. For example we fired him well over a year ago. Nothing happens for over a year and then bang! Out of the blue a couple of events aimed at the manager. Then he goes "dark" as it were for many months then something else. On a couple of occasions it has been that the things he bring up happened after he left. For example internal licensing review become known to the local newspaper while the are still underway. This never happened in the past.

We have no idea who he is working for, we are not sure even which nation he is in currently. He holds both a U.S. and an Italian passport and citizenship. He resume is, to say the least very vague. As I said he wrote us out of it. He maintained a consultancy business the whole time he worked for us as we discovered.

We are clean on the software issue now, or so I have been told. We settled the matter with the studio. But the latest has been the flowers delivered to the managers home and the worry as to what new thing he may be cooking up from afar. Hiring a private detective might work but we don't know for sure where in Europe or the U.S. he is and that could get kind of expensive.

The poor manager is really under the gun on this. The CIO want to know why all these events center around this manager and has said that he is not going to let one manager and his troubles with an ex-employee derail the whole company. The manager is feeling the heat big time and asked that I try and give him a plan for dealing with it which the CEO has demanded.

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