Dear Mr. Rao,

I certainly understand and can feel your concern. The judgement that came from suprem court is really to pity as being a human being it hurts that today the premarital sex shall not be illegal and punishable and no boy or a girl are required to be virgin before marriage and the terms as live in relationship shall be socially recognized and agreed.

Sex before marriage or virginity are the terms that relates the human being to be different from animals they also cohabit and sex without any barrier. Human the mankind as have some barriers the restrictions we have some social belongings and cannot relate us only to the material things which confines with law or not.

I strongly back the concern of Mr. Rao and understand that even today if any girl or boy comes home and if says to her mother or father that he had a premarital sex relations. I dont think any parents will like admire or agree. Other than those who dont have any ethics or culture around them or there home.

Certainly the deef and dumb peoples of society may could not react on this judgement but no one who originates or accepts him the orignate or our indian heritage shall agree this judgement.


From India, Pune
Dear K.S.Rao
Sir, I understand how human values are coming down somebody mentioned in this post that we are in 21st century and it is modern and say it is a need , some talk about God.
Does anybody know that Krishna is treated as a lover boy, but he never had a physical relationship with any of his lovers except his wifes.
If some are towards the judgement I ask all those can u see or imagine your kids saying that tomorrow , if such activities are encouraged one day a daughter or son will come and tell their own parents that we are having sex to know how satisfied we would be if we marry him or her
Sorry to talk like this ... but one day for sure it will be like this
Do we really have to see such days then we need not be humans then all our identities will vanish and we just remain animals
I agree with K.S.Rao Sir and very much against Kushboo and the judgement.
Thanks & Regards

From India, Hyderabad
While accepting the judgement of the highest legal body, i feel that this has to be discussed at a higher forum (parliament) and legalize so that there is no misinterpretation.
From Oman, Muscat
I do agree with you pallavi, If you look at the evolution of mankind you will appreciate the fact that mankind always taken up new habits and behaviours for better living, which we are calling as civilisation. At the same time it has left a lot many traditions and customs which have become barriers or obstacles for better living .

In the end any tradition or culture must keep an individual in harmony and peace. Marriage doesnot guarantee that.It is proved n of times in many cases. Perhaps it is time for all us to reconsider our age old traditions which we are passing on to generations.

Mr.Rao also will agree with me that there are quite a few marriages are intact yet both the partners are unhappy.

If a marriage is intact without happiness for 40+ years , what is great in it.

Why they lived together afterall?

Is it because they respect tradition ?

Is it because they fear the tradition?

I am sure there would have been a negative energy at home for all these years and kids would have affected adversely by this if they had kids.

In such marriages (which we proudly say indian heritage and culture ) what is achieved ?

That's where from all these insecured , incompetent, inferior and directionless younger lot is coming up day by day which is supposed to be the biggest strength of this country.

India is the only country in the world with 42% of its population aged between 18 yrs and 35 yrs.

Look at the youth today ?

What is making them so unproductive and direction less?

What made their attitudes and personalities ?

It all starts from parents? As parents we are responsible for all this.

We need to consider a fact that, are we successful as a life partner , as a parent and more importantly as a citizen of this country. Those who cannot give anything to their country have no right to ask from the country.

We are worried about our traditions and culture , unfortunately nobody is worried about the progress of this country including me. We dont vote and we dont encourage our next generation to vote yet we want an excellent governance!!!!!

We dont go to police station to give a compliant about a rape which happens in next door, Yet we say law and order in this country is pathetic.

Reeally surprising!!!!!! we dont consider fellow human as human at all , but we are worried that our traditions are being vanished.

Who is doing this ? Frankly let us ask ourselves ? Are we responsible in our actions as a parent? this is where everything starts!

No tradition is bad for the matter. We were just sleeping as a nation when rest of the world was exploring new ways to develop.

Even today in the history books of this country ,it is written that Vascoda gama had invented India...!!!! We are supposed to be one of ancient nations of world.

We have no problems with that? We only have problem that our traditions are being vanished?

A tradition will become best when it gives happiness to mankind .

Same way a relationship should produce harmony and peace for the people involved in it.

I am sure means of relationship(How it is formed: in this case weather it is marriage or living together) has got nothing to do with that.

I am very sorry, I was little rude in expressing my thoughts. It was not intended to hurt anyone


Mohan Rao

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr.Rao, You have made your points very clear beyond any difference of opinion. Best regards, Raja
From Oman, Muscat

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