for a while just think, if some one know that his/her mother/sister had sexual relationship with others before marriage then ???????????? now still you guys puzzel about morality its all about civilization this is the only thin line betn animal and us who talk about morality.
"Virginity is not dignity ,its just lack of opportunity"
bull shit its "Virginity is dignity ,its just not a lack of opportunity"
pls comment.

From India, Chandigarh
Taking Dowry was also in our Indian Culture. So shall we protect it just for the sake of maintaining our culture????????
From India, Mumbai
You are correct. All these acts are harm to society. They accepted Gay sex, Lesbian sex and now this controversial ruling. Tomorrow they will go further and states that public sex is not a crime. these so called intellectuals are trying to minimize the difference between humans and animals.
From India, Hyderabad
that is true. such judgements or examples may be ok for big cities, where no one notices or bother about the next door. But such exampls will creat unrest in the society specailly in small cities, towns or villages. Where people are murdered for small small instances. Social restrictions are needed for socail control. Things like living togather without marriage or sex before marriage, at least, should not be promoted.
ravindra dikshit

From India
This may sound a bit uncultured but yes sex is a matter of personal preference... once it is commercially done that's where it is called prostitution...

The irony here is that we are neither fully modern nor fully Orthodox. We talk about culture but we should not forget the practicality of today's world.... we may like or not but world is changing n same is applicable to every single situation. for an eg.. 10 yrs back did you had the freedom to talk or discuss about sex so openly? or Sex education/ condom commercials but now you have the freedom of talking about every taboo, for some this also may be violation of culture. Culture has a very vast definition... and every one of us have different set of rules for our culture For eg. some may think wearing a saree was our culture but now a days very few young women wear it in office because practically its tough.... Yesteryears women dint used to manage house n office at one go nor did they used to run to travel to their offices for 35 km in local trains or in packed buses so are we offending our culture ? no we are being practical with it...

now lets talk about sex... our culture says premarital sex is bad, earlier no couple lived together before marriage its a sin but if you think the other way, circumstances have changed.... earlier people used to get married early so their physical need were fulfilled as soon as they get adult where in now a days late marriages are common also earlier teens did not had the privilege to easily know everything about sex on internet or books etc but now a days a young kid knows how & why a baby is born so Sex is no more a taboo for youths now. Earlier girls n boys (specially girls) were not allowed to leave their family n live in another cities for job so they always lived with families but now every other youth is living out of their home city so their is no restriction at all n they form a kind of small temporary family for them self. I have known few couple who lived in together before marriage n have seen that its not just sex which bring them together its also loneliness, lack of family's emotional support and in some cases financial support also. Now you may say then why don't they get married if they need these things so badly? the answer is because they are extreemly ambitious now... they want money, status, position, love, family, lifestyle... everything n decide accordingly in which order these things comes in their preference list.

As far as virginity is concerned even if we make a rule against pre marital sex we really cant stop it because sex is a matter of high privacy n one cant prove himself innocent of guilty (until medical checkup). Saying all this doesn't mean that I support pre marital sex or one night stand or live in relations but what I want to say here is we really cant do anything until unless we strongly believe that the only thing which could prevent it is actually our inner self & up to an extent our society.....Not our legal system. Mr Rao is correct that how many of us will be ready for personal oath but don't you think for those who are not ready for personal oath will do it anyways even if we make a rule against it... though giving God's example is not good according tme because we are in no way comparable to GOD

From India, Bombay
At certain has freedom to do certain things, whether it is before or after marriage. Cultures are merging...people are having more choice..whether to make or ruin their lives. Sex becomes normal at certain age...doing every week or month with new person..isn't good at all...well everyone is resposible for his own karma. Make sure u live a ethical life.
From India, Delhi
Dear Mr. Rao
I fully agree to your veiws.
For others who don't please imagine a situation when the boy and girl are in love & have no problem in living together. wat will happen after that is the girls family will break all relations from her as most of the indian parents will not approve of their daughter living with a boy without marrying.
now comes the tragic part that if the boy or girl start to have fights and differences who will guide them..the boy's family may help in some cases. but if no one comes forward a mentor they will break up and the girl will have nowhere to go then. so it is very important from the girl's perspective to take such a strong decision as it will affect her whole one should not try to copy wat youths of other countries do..b'coz we r indians and we shd remain an indian at heart.

From India, Jharsuguda
I fully agree with Mr.K.S.Rao's feeling. I am surprised & worried to see the views of psychology student's. But, they should know the fact, there is a survey results, " No one is affected in AIDS & any other sexual diseases in Narikuravar Community in Tamilnadu. They live as Nomad. But in civilized people..??? ".
"I just want to ask Mr. Ravishank.. What will be the diffrence between the humans and other animals if we start acting like them only... " - Samchchay..

From India, Madras
Dear Sir,
In your former case , Why can't indian parents think of girl's situation rather than separating her. Y only girl is brought in the issue. This mentality has to be changed.
In your Latter Case, fight can happen in marriages (Love/arranged) also. And Please in this hr of time, girls have many options to go for rather than sit and cry.
P.S : I m not wise enough to say a decision 'right or wrong'. These are my opinions.

From India, Mumbai
Hmmm. This is a big debatable topic. If I understand better any law accross the world cannot stop a human being from eating food when he/she is hungry.

Thats the birth right of human. Ok we are saying we have rich culture and heritage.

In fact the surveys conducted 20 years back revealed shocking facts .

India was topping in extra marital affairs and premarital sex scandals when westren culture was not having so much of influence as compared to these days.

And we have been hearing since so many years that XYZ swamy involved in sex scandals.

My point is as supreme court rightly said all these affairs are integral part of our culture and heritage.

If you look at our epics, you find lot of affairs like that e.g. Dushyantha and sakunthala.

Its all depends on our thought process. Sex is natural and it has to be fulfilled at a right age.

We have made laws for lot of crimes, are these laws really stopping these cromes . NO.

Then what should be done ????

It's all starts from home of person . Parents have to play very important role . Children learn from parents first and the society comes next. For every child parents are role models .

If parents can build a srtong value system and attitudes in chidren no law is required to stop these kind of affairs.

If my value system and attitude is strong no society can change me. If I am influenced by

these so called ill cultures means my value system is flexible and brought up is not perfect.

It's all how we percieve and how we understand and how we respond .

Thats my opinion.



Behavioral Trainer

From India, Bangalore

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