Mr Rao
I would certainly stand with you because even my values are same as your, but still these decission are individualistic decissions and we don't have a right to interfere in anyone's personal life, neither does Law have. Just need to give these morals to our Kids and just need to handle our house.

From India, Indore
Hi All,

I completely agree with Mr. Prakash.

Being an social worker and a psychologist, I don't think that there is any harm when people go for live-in relationships. Its not a senseless outburst that live-in relationship is not legal.

Its only the fact that people who wants to live togather but unable/don't want to take responsibility of marriage at that point of time , they are staying together under one roof.

People can know each other thoroughly in this way and in this way the women, if there is any violence, they can seek justice against them under Domestic law.

It is not a senseless decision of supreme court but in my opinion it is a very good decision to support the 21st century people. In this century, there are different demands of life and to fulfill those demands this is a minor change to that.

One more thing that I want to bring into notice that it is not a prostitution, don't mix both the things together.

Regarding the dowry system, I want to ask, that at the time of your marriage have you protested against it. it was the high time when you should protested it against your parents.

Always remember, charity begins from home only. If you will not start , then why you are expecting them from others.

And what do the virginity means? Do sex means the entire marriage. if that so, then better to go to a prostitute. Marriage means having a healthy relationship with the spouse in every aspect. it doesn't means only SEX. Sex is a part of it only.

Please try to understand all the things that you people are mentioning. Then analyze.

From India, Delhi
Dear Friends,
I would like to give my comments see sex is individual interest we cant do anything on that unless until is illegal and i agree SC judgement. we have a strict law for prostitution and dont compare prostitution with pre-martial sex. mutual consent sex cannot be prohibited unless it move to business. Many lovers having sex before their marriage so what we do in this will you able to stop this issue.
Mr. Roa, Mr. Sundar i accept your statement but practical situation not acceptable. i think you people came from old tradition.
Dont compare humans with animals, again am telling you that sex is individual interest, if you are not interested in sex before your marrige kindly dont do lets live as your interest.
What is your problem if boy & girl having sex before marriage i want you to answer in this.
see am also not interested in sex before my marrige but i cant ask to do others with the same.

From India
ya i agree with nipuna, Thanks for your matured/clear statement.
Judges think en number of times before judgement. Friends Dont compare Pre-Martial sex with prostitution. Sex is a part of love thats it.

From India
hi guys this is not a indian culture. so dont follow it. be good for our parents and be gentle for our country. outherwise you will be punished on the day of judgement
From India, Coimbatore
I truly agree with the concern raised by Mr. KS Rao. As per Indian culture & ethics, premarital should not be accepted. Yes, it's true that every citizen has freedom to do anything he wants, however for the sake of our cultural values, this is our responsibility to preserve it. If you can't understand this, what would be the value of Marriage then???
From India, Pune
Ya i agree with your valuable point, no one will accept or digest if their wife/husband had pre marital sex with some one at the same time what am trying to say is we dont have any rights to stop pre-marital sex.
If you have any consequence in your individual life about pre marital sex means you can worry, no need to worry for others. They have to worry about this who doing pre marital sex why you MR.
Are you lose anything are you lose your family culture are you lose your value.

From India
Hai friends,

Yah, it is hot enough. We need not personify anybody while we discuss concepts. Without using 'You' and 'I', can we discuss? Now the point is when SC pointed out and questions the life of Radha and Krishna, we have to take it with a pinch of salt. People like me, more of traditionalists, could not keep silent.

In the Indian context, the institutions like family, marriage are built up on the roots of love trust and belief. Now, if the new verdict challenges the old ones, definitely we need to think a lot.

Like people said, I like pre-marital sex before I got married. But I don't like the same law if is applicable to my wife. I know since the last two days, hundreds of parents caught up with headache and indulge in the yes no digression in this topic. They are afraid of their daughters who are likely to go aggressive now on. It is not that I like or you like; it is what happens to the very strength of the social fabric?

As I pointed earlier, if there are no laws to protect our strengths, why don't we make some? The psychologists are pointing out that sex is bodily need and love is different. But to an old man like me sex without love is beastly. The life of a wife and husband tied first with love and affection and then sex. If this is not true, they must part the moment they don't have sex after their 60's. Love is the binding thread in life and also in family.

Just because sex is bodily need, nobody will do it with anybody even with mutual consent.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Mr.Rao,
This is only court judgement.Court bound to act within laid down procedures.Ofcourse, in this case the Judges made a mistake.
In marriage cases, court bound (morally) refer our HINDU procedures.It has to honour our old traditions.The marriage means " KANIGA DHANAM".If girl allowed to have sex before marriage, then there is no meaning in our HINDU traditions.
The younger generation can not be allowed to go on in damaging all our traditions in name of GENERATION GAP.SEX & DRESS does not mean modern.They should be good citizen.How many young people behave like this in public places.We are not care of our future generations.
If the present trend continue, then our own grand grand children will curse us.SEX will start even at age of 15.
If a pesron taste sex at 15 years, how lomg he will live.Just maximum of 10 years.Then he felt dejective and loss interest in every thing and become damager to society.

From India, Madras
Dear Mr. Rao,
I totally agree with you Sir. This not what our parents taught us. India is know for its rich culture.
Parents will never want their childrens to have such kind of relation. I want to ask Mr. Ravishank and all the guys who think the same, Have you ever thought how your parents will feel if they come to know about it. Is that what you will teach your childrens????? How will you feel if your sister or your daughter does the same?
There is a difference between human beings and animals. We are living in the society where we have some social and moral values. And we are expected to follow those. Otherwise nobody will believe marriege system.
If you can not stop the mess at least don't create it............

From India, Aurangabad

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