The first & very important question that is asked in every interview
Q=Please give me your brief introduction.
How to tackle that question. Examples are required that what things should be included in introduction during interview.
All are invited to give introduction such like interview is conducted.
Please reply.

From Pakistan, Sialkot
Hi Tahir,
As a HR I suggest Not to Introduce starting with your name, your degrees and your colleges because its very boring & routine !!!!!!!!!!!
start with the Kind of naturality you hold with you, like (well iam from so and so place), Kindly pride your achievements, relating it to your education, if you are an experienced person talk abt your experiences and achievments in your previous company, talk abt your friends and family only if situation demands, talk more abt your self, Never give any Negative Impression abt the previous company you worked for.
Hope this short message will help you.

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Tahir,

"Introduce Yourself" is the basic question faced by every interviewee in their interviews. This is the time where you need to sell yourself. Speak about those which you could not cover in your resume.

To proceed with this question, it is suggested to follow the below steps:

1. Introduce from which place you are.

2. Educational Qualifications

3. Work Experience (Freshers can talk about Industry/Project Experience)

4. Achievements at work place. (Eg: Appreciation, Awards, Certificates)

5. Membership with management/professional networks (Eg: life membership with HRD National Network, etc) - if any

6. Personal Achievements (with respect to sports, cultural activities, etc.)

7. Last but not least, about your family as how they influenced your values.

As you requested for an Example, it goes like this:

"mm...I was basically born and bought up in hyderabad and my entire education life was carried out in the same place. To speak further about it, I completed my intermediate and graduation from the same college and with my family guidance, I planned to take up MBA. Fortunately, with good CAT & ICET scores, I entered XXX college and choose HR as major and EVent Mgmt as minor specialization. Given a thought, I moved ahead in my education and was now pursuing MSc Psychology through distance. As per the goals set, I started my professional career as HR Executive in a staffing company and then working with XXXXX as Consultant. This position demands lot of Knowledge, skills and abilities which I am worth of. I was appreciated by management in recognition of my designing abilities for a premium program "HR skills for Non-HR". I always appreciate myself for being on track with my career plans. I am also an active member of HRD Network from past 1 year. (speak about personal achievements, if any). To be fair enough, I take pride for my present status in my both professional and personal life, though my father works with XXXX, and mom with YYYYY they share their experiences which has given me full support to face the situations as and when they arise." (Probably the interviewer will stop you in the middle of the discussion, I suppose :) [just kidding])

Make sure that you answer this question without long pauses (as if you are thinking), with smile (when necessary) and naturally.

I hope this is what you are expecting. Kindly ignore the grammatical mistakes, if any.

Wish you The Best.



From India, Hyderabad
just start with schooling and then college - professional qualification - exp. if any - in last tell your present position/company and responsibilities. thats it.. manish
From India, Delhi
8) Being a management student i must say that you should be cool as well as formal and give a very brief introduction of your career objective, school and college,any previous experience, any projects or trainings done
and thats all.


1. Make sure that you are not repeating the same information you have mentioned in your CV in the same way it was presented. The interviewer must be carrying your profile in almost all the cases.

2. Start answering with an introduction of what kind of person you are. This would help you to create a positive image about you to the interviewer. Use traits like result oriented person, creative person, etc. This trait should relate with the vacancy under discussion.

3. Then move into your educational background and your experience details. Give them some interesting facts about that. For ex., the first rank you scored, an additional course you attended, etc.

4. Then give the interviewer an overview about your strengths and how you utilized them in favor of your company and for your career.

5. Then close the answer by briefly explaining about what type of organization you are looking for. For ex., an organization that should provide you ample chances of learning, an organization where growth is unlimited, etc.



From India, Madras
The Above discussion done its was very useful to me thank you. very time when a lecture ask me to speak about yourself i was introducing myself thats it i came to know what its deep information to say..
From India, Bangalore

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