My friend has got an nice offer to work in Nigeria Sterling Global. He is getting good salary + accomodation and other benefits. Just wanted to know is it safe to work in Nigeria.
Urgent Please...
6th February 2010 From India, Mumbai

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As such it is not safe in Nigeria. If the employer provides security & other requirements, then it is OK. otherwise, lot of looting of expats are reported.
6th February 2010 From India, Lucknow
Its safe provided u keep a low profile. I have worked there for three years.I have stayed there with my family. Keep a low profile and respect nigerians always, donot go for night adventures unless u spent the entire night at the club and retun only after the sun rises. Do no wear jewellery.visit only specific area or markets for shopping. Vi is the financial capital of nigeria.
8th February 2010 From India, Mumbai
Even my fiance , finding opportunity very alluring was planning to work in Nigeria, but only till he heard about his own distant family relatives, being harassed there, who returned back. the relatives had lived under treat of life, looting and shooting being very common out there, especially for foreigners. They shoot if you don't part from your belongings, sometimes clothes too. So if the company is ready to provide you physical security and insurance, please go ahead otherwise bank upon your faith in God !
8th February 2010 From India, New Delhi
I had gone in with a good offer (on paper) in Lagos, Nigeria in very well known Indian company; but when I went there the working conditions were worse than what had been offered on paper like - Salary was given every quarter (though the sal. was in dollars) which I later found out was not paid regularly; accommodation was provided, but found out that in a flat (which was in a very shady locality) there were 4 people crammed; car was offered but found out that it was actually a car pool i.e. in a car at least 4 to 5 people travelled!
The things which look good on paper are not what it is in reality, so please check out things very very cautiously before going there. Ultimately the decision is yours...
8th February 2010 From India, Mumbai
Hello all,

I am a Nigerian. I run a consulting firm and I lived in the United States from 1980 until 2006. Yes Nigeria is a little dangerous, but I can tell you that I will be scared of coming to Punjab to work as you are of coming to Lagos. Like an earlier post says, so long as you keep a low profile, you should be okay.

I have lived here for 3+ years now, and no incident for me. Guess what I am more like an expatriate than most of the people talking. So if you value your life, you take the job with both eyes wide open.

You will be surprised that if you ask Nigerians on the street of Lagos, who they are afraid of, 90% of them would tell you Indians... So the stereotype is all over the place. If you look at the company that tricked the other guy talking about living in a flat and sharing a car with several other people, it will not surprise me if the company is owned by Indians...

Please there is a large Indian community in Nigeria....

Anywhere in the world can be dangerous. A Nigerian young professional was robbed in Ghana of his passport and money. he had to beg for money on the street to get back to Nigeria... And yet I still go to Ghana...

There are 150 million Nigerians and maybe the swindlers and rogues make up 15 million and that is being generous, giving 10%... You try and extrapolate that to India and you will be shocked that of the 1 Billion Indians, at least 50 millions are tricksters...

So, for the person asking, check out the company well, liaise with the Indian community to help you out (Network)

And then, take a leap of faith... New York is dangerous, so is Moscow, Paris, Rome, you name any major city and the possibilities are there...

Good Luck.

16th February 2010 From Nigeria, Lagos
I am a South African living with my family in Calabar, Nigeria . I often travel to Lagos and I can tell you that it is as frenetic as any big city in the world. However, what Ola says is correct insofar as you can never predict what could happen anywhere in the world. I had colleagues who had their wallets stolen in Madrid!
Ensure that the offer is authentic, that you will get what is promised and if you cannot speak to expats working for the same company in Nigeria, then ask for a look /see visit to make up your mind. If they really want you on board, then they will pay for such a visit before you commence working with them.
If you have an adveturous streak to your personality, then do it!
20th February 2010 From Nigeria
Hi i live in Mumbai and have done for a year as the people say there is more poverty issues robberies in India than any where i have worked in Asia.
There is also an issue with race and cultures.
So i would say if the offer is good take a look but be careful .
17th May 2011 From India, Delhi
Hello friends, I am also moving to Nigeria (for doing job), those who are in nigeria and are well known about kindly advice me. should move there or not? !!!!!!!!!!!!!
12th July 2012 From India, Delhi
I lived in Nigeria 11 weeks last year, and the whole country is corrupt , and everyone lied. Lived with a State police officers family... All corrupt, all lied. The family all worked for high government offices, and all were part of a scamming ring. There were terrorist attacks when I was there. I was lucky I was not kidnapped. The children were precious, but I would never go back to that hell hole for anyone or anything. Nigerians shame Nigeria by their behaviours.
8th April 2013 From India, Gurgaon

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