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Dear Forum members,
Incidence - Is happening or occurence of an Event, such as, Arguements, Quarrel, Altercations, War of words. (It results in conflicts and mental agony).
Accident - Is mishap or disaster.(It necessarily results in bodily harm or injury).
Hope the meaning and virtual difference between the Two is now clear.
Hema Phaley

From India, Nagpur
Yes ,accident & Incident are different
An accident is an unplanned or uncontrolled event or sequnce of events that results in injury or damage & An incident is an unplanned or uncontrolled event or sequnce of events that has the potential to cause injury,ill- helth or damage.

From India, Mumbai
Incidents means any deviation happen from normal conditions which may have the potential to cause/close to cause property damage. e.g. falling of wall, earth quake, vehicle mishap ..etc.
Accident means an incident in which the bodily injury taking place by external forces to the LIVES involved.
e,g. Road mishap of Dog, Electric shock to person..etc.

From India, Pune

Behaviour based safety again !

BBS is a nice idea.

Let us hear about at least a single industry who have tried with BBS and the results ?

On one side we see safety is not being taken seriously by employers. Does the employer ever consider safety as a value? Answer is no! Remember safety is not the core business. Under these conditions what ever we have achieved is by stringent statutes. Just because of the statutes they are forced to do certain things like providing resources, appointing safety staff, and some efforts to show safety is a priority.

Companies which are trying to introduce BBS are facing opposition. Reason is BBS is too worker centered - tries to show that unsafe actions of workers are the causes of accidents or otherwise workers are to be blamesd for accidents. Workers are also not taken into confidence, they are not trained and prepared, unions are not convinced, disciplinary actions can not be discarded totally and many more.

BBS is the oldest approach based on the theory of Heinrich which established that majority of accidents are casued by unsafe actions. Accordingly to prevent accidents we have only to remove unsafe actions. But it fails to clarify as to why unsafe actions are

resorted to.

If we go deeper we will be able to establish that only the system failure is the cause of every unsafe action or even accident.

Let us look at it seriously friends; by answering the question "Do you agree with BBS as a practical means to prevent industrial accidents? "

Give your answers at the earliest and let us see the outcome.


Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam
@Keshav Pillai...
About BBS...
Now you saying system failure!!!
First of all Who makes the system? Why it fails? If you go to a thorugh investigation of any accidents/incidents the root cause will be an unsafe act only!!!
If not, explain my this point with an example of any incident / accdinet?
Now your ? of Does the employer ever consider safety as a value? ... YES.. A lot international companies... Now they start playing thier roles in Indian and a lot of company gives safety as thier prime value...
You can look for DuPont, Lafarge, ACC, Etc...
With regards,
Dipil Kumar V

From India
Dear Mr. Pillai,

Very good to c ur concern on safety. Yes i think BBS can be very useful if really taken care of. If we can really focus on the reasons why people behave the way they do, we can make them to change there mind set.

It is a kind of ceiling they had made so we hv to break the mirror or mind set they hv.

untill & unless we wont come to know the behaviour of person why they r behaving like this we cant find the solution to it.

i believe that this is the way to read their mind to understand why do they behave like this & how can we change there mind set.

let me tell u a eg: Yesterday we had safety training of our security gaurds.I asked them a simple question that how many of u had stopped any vehicle or trailer who were at high speed (in our plant speed limit is 20 km/hr)???

Than i asked them u check the vechile everyday at main gate Even bonet of cars too.But how many of u asked the driver or co passanger to tie their seat belts??

room was silent. Than i said u dont ask this because u think that it is safety deptt.'s job.

Than i said that safety is concern of all & not only u & me.

Than one said madam we dont hv power & people dont listen to us.

So now it is clear why they behave like this.

So we come out with a solution that Two citation books will be given at main gate & even we will also some time spare some time with them on gate & will councel & if still they dont listen than we will penalise the persons & contactors for not obeying the instructions.

we r also regestering the vechiles so that where ever we will find high speed vechile we can track whose vechile is this & can call them, mail them ,councel them & even penalise them.

these were my views.

hope to look forward more.


Hansa Vyas

From India, Udaipur
Dear all,
here is a game that i show to safety supervisiors & even can be shown to higher management before starting training prog on BBS. It will really show u the reason why we need BBs.
hope u all will like it.
Hansa Vyas

From India, Udaipur

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Dear Dipil,
Thanks for watching my postings regularly and your interest in the topic.
I hope I am able to understand you just with the last posting on accident, root cause and safety as a value - all in one.
I am sure I will be able to show you some light on these but one at a time.
Kindly see the attachment. It is from one of my ppts on Modern techniques of safety management.
The worker fell down. As safety people we are to find out the unsafe acts/conditions or root causes causing the accident and recommend measures to avoid recurrence.
Once you or other friends in the forum find these it will be easy for me to send a meanigful answer to clear all your doubts please.
Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam

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@ Keshav Pillai
I have analyse the sace study. The conclusions from my view :
1. Use of defective ladder
2. Nobody check the same before taken into use. (Not the worker & the supervisor)
Now let us assume the route cause of the same accidnet:
1. Systems are not in place. No HIRA, JSA, Etc.
2. Lack of management commitment
So how we BBE can help here to protect the accident... Not at all possible... BBE will fail here... I think so... Cause management is not committed... Untill and unless management is committed the systems will not come in place... So by changing the behavoiur of a daily wage labour who is earning may be 200 bucks we can't impliment safety... Simple...
But the same time if management are committed then really BBS works here... The labour by seeing defective ladder will refuse to use the same... he will get a replacement... Things are in control and cool...
With regards,
Dipil Kumar V

From India
@ Hansa Vyas
You devaite from BBS... The tool which you are using in your site for safety management system is not BBS... I think you can compare this with 5 E's of accident prevention...
1. Engineering Control
2. Education
3. Enforcement
4. Enthusiasam
5. Evaluation
With regards,
Dipil Kumar V

From India

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