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I Do Not have My PF Number, I worked in sutherland Global services, Chennai... From October 2005 to November 2006 with Emp ID : IN 028880 . I had to leave the Company Due to personal reasons and i was absconded. Can i Claim my PF ? Or should i go back to my employer and Ask for the PF number etc....
How should i proceed.. Please Help.
From India, Kakinada
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I know its too bad ... but i could not avoid it.... Anyways.. can Someone tel me How to proceed with this issue ? What Exactly should be done now ?
From India, Kakinada
Hi Deepu,

Here are the steps you need to follow to claim your PF amount.

1. Get your PF account number
Heh, Didnt your payslips have your PF acc. number???
Usually in some companies, payslip will have PF number of the employee. Check whether you have it.... and in some companies they maintain all pay details everything in their pay site - check whether you have anything like that.
2. You will have to fill two forms Form10c & Form19 - which you will get from your HR (this also depends on the company - some give the forms & some will ask us to collect it from the PF office) & submit it to ur HR.

3. Your HR/accounts dept. will fill the amnt. contributed by u towards PF & attest the forms.

4. Submit it to the PF office - this again depends on the company: some companies, they submit it directly to PF office and some wants the individuals to submit it to PF Office.

===> After all these, the amount will be credited in your account which you specify in the above forms.

I guess this helps you.....

All the best in getting it done.

From India, Madras
Hi Deepu, Yes you have done a wrong thing, as responsible person one should not leave the company without intimation, it shows your irresponsible.
From India, Hyderabad
Deepu Here are the Forms you can fill and submit to your HR department, Authorised person of your HR department will sign and now yourself have to submit at PF office.
From India, Hyderabad

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Dear deepu,
I m sure u must have had very strong reason for absconding and I guess nobody on this earth has the right to call u irresponsible or bad without knowing the reasons.
Neways i cant be of any technical help here,all I can say is All The best!
May u get ur dues(if u deserve them).
From United States, Atlanta
Dear Depu,
I can understand u r situation I think u can fill the form consulting a local gezitted officer/ MLA well known and submit the proof which is attested by them that u have worked in the company and can claim your PF.
I hope this provision is there.........better consult the PF Office first.
wish u good luck.
From India, Nizamabad
You Do Not have My PF Number, You worked in sutherland Global services, Chennai... From October 2005 to November 2006 with Emp ID : IN 028880 . you had to leave the Company Due to personal reasons and he/she was absconded. Can i Claim my PF Yes should go back to your past employer and Ask for the PF number as well as account slip also, for the year 2006-2006 &
Tell to your past employer that you have to refund my EPF from EPF DEPARTMENT FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT TO US at Welcome to Yaduvanshi Consultancy Services (YCS) - www.familycs.cc.cc

Yaduvanshi Consultancy Services (YCS)
Labour law Consultant,
Phone –0135-2657842, Hand Phone : 09258767244
Welcome to Yaduvanshi Consultancy Services (YCS) - www.familycs.cc.cc

Email: vithlesh_yaduvanshi@hotmail.com <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )
epf_india@yahoo.com <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )
From India, Dehra Dun
Dear Friend,
Absconding will not make the employer to stop providing the PF Number. E-Mail/RP to the employer asking your PF Number & sweetly indicate that if you can't get the number, directly get from PF office by applying for PF number. You need not meet the previous employer physically.
Definitely, they will respond, as they know that once you make a application for your PF number at PF office citing the reason of non - responding of the employer, will affect the employer. It is his statutory responsiblity to provide the PF number on demand of asking for PF number.
with friendship,
sathish kumar p.
From India, Jaipur
PF is a big fraud which all corporates invariably indulge in. The methodology is to keep the employee blind of PF details. The cessation of your service (and even appointments) will be conveniently reported to PF office as 'Private Settlement'.
A person in service cannot press for details for it would be seen as deviant behavior amounting to termination. You will not be entitled for any compensation upon termination. The Courts in India will cost exorbitantly for such cases for a delayed justice.
If you are shrewd, you will understand that corporates generate Black Money with their dubious PF records. Part of this will be used to bribe the PF inspectors!
From India, Madras
see if you have your pf slip form 23 your pf no will be there,anyways if you dont fill form 19 & 10C ,ask your company for ur pf a/c no , u will need the authorized person of the company to signature on form 19 & 10C, then send it to pf office.
From India, Hubli
Corporates in India are above statutory regulations. The Case of Sathyam is an example. The discrepancy between the number of employees and the number of PF account at Satyam became public knowledge after the scandal and still Pf office did nothing about it. The truth is that the process of making a complaint or litigation process regards to PF are not favourable to account holders.
The bulk of the teachers in Private Institutions surrender their original certificates at the time of getting an appointment. They will get their certificates back only if they sign 'no due' for settlement at the time of cessation of employment. PF is in fact not a safety net. Instead it is a dangerous pit and it will cost one his/her job if they show more awareness on it.
From India, Madras
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