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Hi friends,
I m new to this community but I like the serious disscussions and sugestions given on the topic. so I would also like to narrate my experionce. For last 7 years i m working in network marketing where i was introduced to a small team as senior being experionced in the field. with the time passed I implemented number of new thoughts and ideas to boost the business. Also I bought projector, laptop, c class car, personal office for the sake of the business. On the other hand my immediate seniors were enjoying every moment being senior, dominating the entire team and taking decisions as they like and simulteneously being jealous about my popularity in the team for being a result oriented man. Now they started harassing me now and then for very funny reasons such as I SMS people who don't know how to read the message, so I am insulting them. I carry juniors in my car etc. In the development process I hurt one person who was lethargic in his duty, In a state of vengeance he physically attack me. When I admitted to the hospital, police did their duty by lodging NC against the culprit. Here these people (as mentioned above) started blaming me for approaching Police instead of team seniors and so company stature is at stake. In spite of the fact that my wife did intimated the incident to one of the senior who later found to be the reason behind all the mess and not even bother to visit me once and mislead me in the entire matter.
The so called 'my SENIOR' asked me whether I trust him and I said yes, He advised me to keep distance from the entire team for next 3 months, I obeyed him. In the meanwhile he stopped my payments. So I registered my objection with the management, so, director release my payment. But till date He (director, who is FRIEND of my senior) is trying to convince these two/three seniors. but they insist that I should be terminated form the rank. More than 80% team juniors are with me but I have to wait for the management decision, but they are delaying the meeting by giving number of reasons.
I m still following the matter and director assures me of positive results.. For last four months I am waiting for the decision. I can't approach any authority out of the company as this may cause real problem to entire company and thousands of people optimistic for their earnings by the way of commission they get working as field workers.
Please give your suggestions... Thanx in advance.


I can understand your frustration. You have number of years of experience and consider yourself quite senior in your field. As per your narration, you are obviously in a hostile professional environment with a very uncertain future. I can understand how unnerving it could be.

Given your seniority, I am curious as to why you did have not yet taken your destiny into your own hands. Why are you "waiting" for some decision? It has been four months since the incident, and it appears to me that you have been put on some kind of professional stasis/hold. What I do not understand is, why are you putting yourself on hold? What are you really waiting for? Keep in mind, if once an employee's relations with his immediate superiors go bad, it has to be quickly resolved and turned around with some serious trust building measures. If this is not done, very soon the employee will be at a point of no return. Even if you get a decision on your favor, it would only vindicate your stand and boost your ego. It will not do any tangable good to your career in this company in the long run.

My suggestion is that you take charge of your future and career. Instead of waiting for someone to decide your fate, take your fate into your own hands. While you still have a job, look for another one and move on with your life. In the mean time, make peace with your senior management so that they don't influence your future (once you moved on).

Hope things work out for you.

All the best.

-Som G

Dear Som G, Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion and feeling my state of frustration. Real problem is that I have came far away working hard for this team making grow from 100 to 5000 and I have to leave everything behind and start a new chapter. At the age of 44 you know its not that easy to build a new structure of team from nowhere, while you have to manage your monthly financial commitments... I hope to get matter solved with in fortnight. Otherwise I have to take some extreme steps to keep my earnings intact. (By the way I am getting my monthly pay outs without any deductions, but I feel very guilty for it as I am not serving the people)
dear msmhaskar,
What you are narrating is a typical story in many organisations including Govt. People like you who are genuine and refuse to become hypocrites suffer. However, like what Som G has said you have to chart your own destiny.
You must have made lot of contacts outside being a popular person. And even among your colleagues and juniors, you may be a leader of sorts, professionally. Think about it, start something on your own. If you just take one step, people who have confidence in you will join you. All great success stories started with that one small step. Read the attachment with this messege. You will succeed.
sn prasad

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smart workers face these kind of issues.....its typical. you need to see all the pros and cons. if management is not taking any decision then they may want you to stay and are looking forward how you deal with the situation. few things you can change like not sending sms to those who cannot know life is about continuous improvement you keep on improving things around you. no body is perfect. be flexible. think may be others are right in few things. professional jealousy is everywhere. this is how we try to compete with others.
I don't see it as leaving everything behind. You will be taking with you the extremely valuable experience of building and growing a team by 50 times. Not many people are out there who could've accomplished such a thing. With right attitude, you can replicate your success any number of times in any variety of situations. I am sure that your future employers would see the value in bringing you onboard. Just polish your resume, flex your industry contacts and see what comes up. You can even have some casual conversations with your contacts (nothing formal, just send out some feelers) just to assess where you stand.
If you are confident that everything will be sorted out to your satisfaction in a couple of weeks, hang in there and continue doing what you are doing. If things don't work out, you at least have some ground work done for your next move.
-Som G

Dear msmhaskar,
I understand your agony. Improvements can happen anywhere and it should be taken positively by the management and further motivate you. If the management is suppressing your thoughts and tryingto be in the old culture of avoiding you to convince someone, you have to think of quitting your company as no justice will prevail. Infosys narayanamurthy also tells us that we should always love our work and not the company. So let your suggestions and improvements be useful top other company.

Yes Som, I am thinking over this option seriously. Good news is.. I just called company director and he told me that meeting is fixed on 1st February, If everything goes in right way, I am splitting over with my original team and to start a new story to rise once again as I did it before. Life never gives you straight ways to travel, we have to face curves occasionally. I hope my story will guide many people who are facing same kind of situation in their job. I will let you know the outcome of the meeting... Thanks for being in touch. Wishing you and all community members a very "HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY"

Dear msmhaskar;

One day Fazlu an elder son of Mulla Nasruddin return home with dirty cloths and Mulla slapped him hard and said, “Learn to earn first and then make your cloths dirty, do you know how much the cloths costs? Fazlu could not utter anything except some cry.

One day Mulla saw Fazlu returning home with broken hand, dirty cloths, and that too torn off, and he became furious and started beating Fazlu. When asked, Fazlu told Mulla that all his marbles are snatched by Raheman, who is not only elder to him but stronger and there was a fight with Rehman. On listening this Mullas slapped him again and said, “Learn to be strong and beat an enemy”

When the result of terminal exam declared, Fazlu failed in the exam and asked Mulla to sign his progress report and Mull slapped him hard and told him, “Learn to be first in the class, you are a son of Nasruddin”

Now Fazlu decided to be first and worked hard.

Today it was a result day of final exam, so Fazlu went to school in new dress. When the result of final exams declared, Fazlu scored highest in all subjects and stood first. To day he was very happy and return home almost in running condition to give surprise to Mulla Nasruddin.

But when he gave his progress report in the hands of Mulla, and immediately Mulla slapped him hard. This time Fazlu cried out, “Why do you slap me to day? Neither my cloths are dirty nor I torn it off, neither I am beaten nor am I failed. On the contrary I stood first in my class, although you slapped me? Why? Mulla Said, “Learn that there is no justice in this world”

This is the hard fact of life. I hope, this humorous story will give you an answer to your query. My master used to say,” Changing situation is not in your hand, but changing mind set is. So change your self rather then expecting the situation to be changed.”

His Blessings;

Sharad Shah

dear msmhaskar,
Your story is similar to mine about 8 years ago. 8 years ago i had to face the same challenge but i took my own decision, joined another MLM with my team and today I am leading a team of more than 1 lac. As SOM G had replied, even now you can write your destiny by yourself. may you are 45 years young (not old), actually it makes no difference. Its your ATTITUDE and PASSION for the work that will create the new history.

So i do believe that you can do better than what you did before.
Wish you all the best.
Dr. Satish

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