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Hi All
Our company has started taking CSR initiatives. We already have made donations in some orphanages, distributed food and clothing to the poor.
We are looking for some fresh ideas on the same. It will be a big help on receiving inputs from all the cite hr members.
23rd January 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear Bhavana,
Thats a good task your company has taken up.
I am just sharing an idea; You can arrange some health seminars for your emp's through some NGO or Charitable institues.
This will be like helping the institute as well caring for your employees.
I hope it falls in the category which you are looking for.
Keep up the good work.
24th January 2010 From India, Pune
Hi Bhavna,
So many things you can do in CSR. i.e: Vaccination camp, blood donation camp, seminars for students, cleaning prog., celebrate verious days like environment day, aids day etc.
Best luck!
9deep :)
24th January 2010 From India, Pune
Hi bhavna, i can give u some creative ideas but before that i need to knw where r u based out of???
24th January 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear Bhavana,
nice to know about your organization's endeavors towards CSR. but before you proceed in putting the CSR initiatives (some of which, you have described), please understand the difference between the...
1) Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)
2) philanthropic activities.
CSR means...
Social responsibility becomes an integral part of the wealth creation process - which if managed properly should enhance the competitiveness of business and maximise the value of wealth creation to society.
whereas Philanthrophy is... The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations.
When times get hard, there is the incentive to practice CSR more and better.
if it is a philanthropic exercise which is peripheral to the main business, it will always be the first thing to go when push comes to shove.
Sheela Mistry
25th January 2010 From India, Lucknow
Dear Friends,

I would outline the following framework to design the CSR:

1. Several big Companies deprive their workforce of the Basic rights...

- Keep a large number on "Kucchha Rolls

- Minimum Wage

- Increments

- ESI, PF, Bonus, Gratuity benefits

2.Provisions of Factories Act are not complied with...Canteen, Welfare Officer,

Creche, Ambulance Room etc. etc..

Likewise such organizations blatantly violate provisions of basic labour laws.

Can proper and compliance of Labour laws be the first step.

2.Adopt a nearby Village or a colony and address:

- Create means for self suporting vocations avenues

- Pomote education

- Sanitation

- Clean drinking water

- energy is a very good solution

- Communication

- Entertainment

- Medical facilities and Medical help

Etc. etc.. the list can be very long.

Take up the "Do-able" tasks and actually enjoy the satisfaction of seeing such "Do-able" projects get completed in good time. This will prove to be a great motivational tool to take up and do more.

Good work you are doing already, keep up the good work.

Vasant Nair
25th January 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear Bhavna
Corporate social responsibility includes a vast area. You can choose several themes and issues based on your own priority. For example you can choose to work for Education, Agriculture, Health, Discrimination etc. Again you can decide to work whether you will follow direct approach or right based approach. You can start some fellowships to the needy for education or social activities. If you have more resources you can fund for several projects based on your priority area to NGOs, Community based organisations etc. Everything depends on the decision on your part to utilise for the betterment of society along with your vision and mission.
25th January 2010 From India, Calcutta
Hi Bhavna

Sheela Mistry has made an important point, that you need to be clear that your CSR is as much a part of your business, as is any other expense head. Only then can it be a firm and integral part of your commitment.

In addition, there must be a clear vision for the CSR that focuses on what areas you would be keen to be involved in, the kind of budgets that can be allocated and the manner and method of getting employees involved. Unlike philanthropy, employee involvement is key to CSR.

Some broad areas for you to focus on could be :
- environmental issues
- use of RTI
- impacting the physical environment in an around the work place or the city
- education of the underprivileged
- societal needs like old age homes, orphanages, palliative care
- an outreach based CSR like adopting a village and ensuring its upliftment
- support / employment to the disadvantaged or challenged

Once you have got the broad outline of the CSR to be perused, you would need to firm up a policy and action plan so that the direction is clear, the involvement is complete and the momentum is maintained.

Best Wishes

Actspot's Blog – Daily inspirational and motivational Blog
Academy for Creative Training – Weekly inspirational and motivational Blog
25th January 2010 From India, Mumbai
One area where you can look for long term benefits is helping the Handloom weavers. They don't need your donation. They simply want you to consume the products they produce after tiling for long hours.
They can manufacture the products your company need, like home furnishing, Sarees, Shirts, etc.,
25th January 2010 From India, Coimbatore
There are lot of things that corporates can do :

1. Adopt a small village
2. Educate the people on sanitation, cleanliness, good habits
thourhg counsellors appoitned by company
3. Tree plantation in the approach roads
4. Clean the beach areas /rivers with a voluntary team
5. Take the orphanage children for a movie/outing
6. Talk to the old age homes and arrange some entertainment to them
7. Help the old age home inmates writing letters to theri near and dear ones
8. Give them used/old mobile sets with incoming call facility
9. organize free medical/blood donation camps
10.Giving used clothes, shoes , school bags, books to the deserved ones
11. Free service at Govt Hospitals, where our attention is required by group of service minded people
12. ARrange dust bins for collecting garbage in vilages
13. Opening Employment bureau , collect opportunites list for all kind of people and coordiante with unemployed youth to engage them gainfully
14. Offer Project trainee opportunities to unemployed youth fresh from colleges ( MBA, Grdautes/Post graduates, Engineers, Diploma holders, ITIs) give them training of minimum 6 months ( unpaid apprentice like)
and give them a certiificate of completion of training.
15. Organize Yoga/physical fintess camps

HOpe above will be useful to you.

B.Dakshina Murty
Manager - HR
DOZCO - Visakhapatnam
+ 91 9000970971
25th January 2010 From India, Hyderabad
everybody has mentioned number of ideas and seems very fruitfull. what we need to understand is that CSR is an ongoing activity and required regular support of the employees and mangement. I am sure the moment you start involving your people for CSR the new ideas will flow automatically. You need to educate ppl within the organisation first the objective of having this initative and belive me this will take much of your time.
All the very best!
25th January 2010 From India, Mumbai
You could support health care of the needy deserving kids as they have to take the nation forward.
If your company requires any help reg. the same i would be happy to take part.
Sr.Hospital Administrator
Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre.
25th January 2010 From India, Madras
Dear Sheela/Bhavana,
Please note that the philanthropic responsibility is at the apex of the pyramid of CSR.The CSR pyramid begins with economic responsibilities at the base followed by legal & ethical responsibilities with philantropic responsibilities at the top. So,Philantropy is a major part of CSR.
25th January 2010 From India, Bangalore
Dear Bhavna,
The first principle is "Charity begins at home". Look inward - are your employees being taken care of properly. Are their children pursuing the "right" education, is the health of the employee's family in a good state - a healthy employee results in low abseentism, higher productivity. Conduct a rapid assessment, devise a thorough strategy, allocate a budget with incremental revisions so that you don't have to cut down, devise a strategy for sustaining the activity so that it does not become a one-off initiative. Just ensure that this activity does not get politicised - internally or externally.
Then look outwards to other communities.
With best regards.
Hi All
Our company has started taking CSR initiatives. We already have made donations in some orphanages, distributed food and clothing to the poor.
We are looking for some fresh ideas on the same. It will be a big help on receiving inputs from all the cite hr members.
25th January 2010 From India, Mumbai
Hi Bhavana,
About CSR if it is the company package for huge spending folloowing things can be considered:
1. Dobating Ambulace to the villge panchayat for villagers use.
2. Donating the minibus to the school for the use of village interior children.
3. Donating not books to school students.
4. Fixing yearsly scholarships to top ranking few students in various standrads.
Santosh, Manager HR , Goa.
25th January 2010 From India, Pune
Hi Bhavna,
It's really nice to know about your interest and efforts. Everyone has contributed wonderfully in sharing various possible initiatives. I would like to add that your orgn could possible look at the angle of women empowerment at the nearest village. It could possible be through education, giving vocational training like sewing etc and basing on the success donate sewing machines. If the village has an electricity or water problem, required measures could be taken. Bore well, water harvesting etc. Try giving employment to the youth, job encentives at completing a level of education etc.
Do let us know how your orgn moves in this direction.
25th January 2010 From India, Visakhapatnam
Hi Bhawana There are many ways to help the needy,specially in rural areas.Our rural areas have many talented young mind.As I am also working on this project,I need the help to implement my ideas.
26th January 2010 From India, Faridabad
Dear Bhavna,
You can do some activity realted to Enviornment.Educating people about Global Warming. Reclying the materials. Using dustbins for Garbage, Not using Polythin bags, Planting more trees. Educating poor children, Organising health chekcup camps etc.
29th January 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Bhavna,
It is a good to start CSR activity. We Trinity Academy are provide all the consultancy in this sector. Also we conduct survey's & impact assessment study also. For more details please contact on
Jitendra Sali
Manager - Corporate Social Responsibility
Trinity Academy
3rd February 2010 From India, Mumbai
In my organization, we have organized the following activities:
1. Road Safety Corner for school childrens
2. Paint the needy/poor homes
3. Heritage project with the state government
4. Provide basic groceries things to disable
9th March 2010 From Singapore
Hello RGS,

somehow, my ideology differ here a bit. i firmly believe that any action of an organization has an impact on three aspects - People, Planet and Profit, which must be measureable and recordable as the roganization is answerable to the stakeholders.

with philantrophic initiatives, its more kind of giving away, without even being aware abou the results of yoru such an initiative. secodly, when the organization is facing financial crunch, such initiatives are the first ones to get suspended, which again leads to defaming the image of the company.

i am of the opinion that there has to be business drivers for any such initiatives, which are undertaken for the benefit of people and environmental protection / development and the endeavor should be to make it self sustainable in the longer run and therefore, the need is to think on a larger magnitude... i.e. sustaining the existance. the time has changed from "tell me" to "show me" to "prove me" and therefore too, it becomes imparative... not only to take initiatives... (be it philantrophy or CSR drive.).. but to measure, manage, analyze, record and communicate to the world.

Sheela Mistry

10th March 2010 From India, Lucknow
Hi Friends, Ours is a start up company,we are planning to do some CSR activities. Kindly suggest few ideas for CSR activities which can be implemented without involvement of cost.
27th May 2010 From India, Delhi
Hi, Can anybody tell me that how can i initiate CSR Activity "Donation of Clothes", As i have to do this activity in my Organisation. Thanks&Regards Priyanka Mishra HR Executive
14th July 2010 From India, Delhi
There are lot many activities on CSR. Some impoartant focus areas are Health, Education, Women empowerment, infrastructure etc. First you understand the needs and the category - Employees (both primary and secondary), community(villagers), business associates (suppliers,customers etc.). A socio-economic survey will help in analysing it, maping the programmes in a structured way connecting it to the stakeholders (direct or indirect) and the business needs. Some local NGO can help you in this regard, if you really want to pursue CSR activities. Some tips are recommended as below:-

Health - Heart, Eye, Dental and General check up camps, Blood donation camps; Awareness camps on TB, Malaria and other epidemic diseases that generally devastate the community health; HIV/AIDS awareness camps;etc. These can be arranged with the help of local Health Centres, NGOs, Doctors of some Voluntary organisations of the locality.

Education - Adult education programme, Vocational Training programmes for the unemployed youths, , Consumer awareness programme, awareness on farming, poultry farming, modern techniques for optimum utilisation of the land resource, water-harvesting techniques and its benefits, etc., Scholarships to the economically backward village school children, organising drawing competitions, providing computers for the school and any material that help the children etc.

Women empowerment - the very purpose leads to sustainability. By imparting training on various activities like tailoring classes, preparation of pickles, handicrafts, paper covers, knitting, etc.etc.

Infrastructure - For community, if you provide some building for the school, Community centre, toilets, sanitation facilities, drainages, TV for the village community centre, etc.

Please note that there should be people participation with respect to community involvement. Please ensure that money to the villagers for any sort of activities. They will try to take advantage. Always ask them to comeforward with a particular per centage of contribution from their side.

If you are able to do something for the family of your blue collared employees, it will have a great impact on positive side.

Hope the above tips may be helpful to you.
19th January 2011 From India, Vadodara
Dear Bhavna
Please go to nearby village and offer Furniture for school children in any Government School where only poor children are studying.
Send your staff and give them task of teaching Spoken English/French or any other additional language to the children.
Conduct Medical camp in association with Family Planning Association of India or CII in the nearby village.
If your company can afford please go to some rural area and select candidates for apprentice training in your organisation, if they are worthy you can engage them in your organisation in future and otherwise you can issue a certificate to that effect and relieve them, with that certificate they can acquire their daily bread in market.
If you think you can get a lot of innovative ideas.
With warm regards
S. Bhaskar
20th January 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
22nd January 2011
Then Please pour ideas Manju. If any one contact it will be useful only for that person but if you post a thread then it will be useful for entire CiteHR community.
Why can't you think in this angle.
With warm regards
S. Bhaskar
22nd January 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Some ideas you could explore:
-Blood donation camps [depending on your employee strength]
-Setting up water kiosks/corners at busy areas [for the coming summer]
-Each employee can be asked to bring(buy) a small gift [wrapped], which can be distributed to slum children
- Employees can take up kids to whom they can teach basic skills/counsel them on Sundays.
- Conduct poster/slogan contests for school children and give away prizes
- Employees can be 'pen friends' - writing weekly/monthly letters to citizens in old age homes
- Training or explaining health, hygiene, financial planning, and other topics to slum dwellers and women
- Distributing posters/awareness displays at schools and NGOs
14th February 2011 From India
Dear Ayeshwarya Now the government has passed instruction to all the Corporate companies to spend on CSR Activities. So do not try to cut the pocket of employees.
14th February 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Hi Dear,
I would like to introduce ourselves as a Cancer Care NGO. We work in the direction of saving life of needy underprivileged cancer patients by providing the medical facilities n medicines, with that we conduct cancer detection camps N awareness program for cancer at remote rural n urban slums.
We would appreciate if we can have CSR affiliation with your company & your contribution in movement towards the noble cause of saving life.
If you are interested kindly reply.
16th August 2012 From India, Pune
Dear Bhavna and all.
Hello. My first post here in this community. is about a rural ecotourism and development project.
We are looking for CSR activities in our village project.
All info is on the blog. There's a section called CSR there.
We can also connect your CSR with your HR trainings, team building, leadership etc. I'm an adventure sports instructor.
Pls give it a look.
+91 789 503 1411
22nd October 2012 From India, Dehra Dun
Hi All, We conducted a dental camp for all our employees at our location in Bangalore. It was from a company called MobiDent. They came up to to our office reception in their mobile unit which I must say was well equipped. They did a evidence based screening for all the employees who wanted to use the facility. Finally they sent us a report of the same. It so happened they also advised some of our employees to reduce/stop cigarettes and Guthka chewing habits.They have noticed some painless white patches in the cheeks which could have been a dangerous cancer like situation if neglected. They visit us every 6 months. Over all I must say it was a pleasant experience for our employees.
25th June 2013 From India

Attached Files
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File Type: ppt Dental care to your door step.ppt (2.36 MB, 132 views)

This is really a noble cause and will definitely help the people to improve on their dental care. Thanks for posting such a wonderful reports and literature.
27th June 2013 From India, Surat
Dear All,

I agree with the approach of Sheela Mistry- a philanthropic way of CSR carries out activities that are non-sustainable short term welfare oriented and a company can always stop them but may still continue to put pictures of the past in its frame. Most of the times there are no follow-up activities to know or ensure that the benefits taken were sustained by the people and more than often the activities are not the real needs of the beneficiaries but rather what we think sitting from cushiony chairs as good/fashionable, etc. Hence the idea itself of making list on various themes is futile. Corporate is a legal entity and continues to drive benefits from the society in a sustainable manner in the form of its profits and CSR is a way the Corporate can become a responsible entity of that society by giving it back in a sustainable manner.

Now in order to sustain - we need to see what is the bottom line of the company and what bottom lines it needs to work on. Profit is definitely a bottom line that all business die hard to achieve but do the business die hard to achieve social and environmental benefits to the society? How can they unless these aspects are also bottom-lines and support each other in growth- most importantly gives back to the economic bottomline!

So look out for supply chains! look out for support industries! look out for alternate employment options for persons reaching invalidity! look out for livelihood connected with the goods of your supply chain! look out for consumers and buyers! But in the end look out for a meaningful development of vulnerable beneficiaries which can look out for your economic bottom-line!

9th November 2013 From India, Haridwar
Hi Bhavana We are making short films on CSR which will dubbed in 16 languages can i have ur maild id so that i cam mail you the details or else once call me on my number 9160345785
2nd April 2015 From India, Hyderabad
We are professionals in CSR and publish a magazine named CSR VISION, the first of its kind in the country.
we are of the opinion that CSR is a tool more effective than advertising and instead of doing philanthrophy/charity CSR is a profit generating game. It is simple B2B proposition with brand building exercise. We tried it with a few companies and have been more than successful. We are here to help you.
3rd April 2015 From India, New Delhi
CSR activities around the area your office is situated-cleanliness campaign,putting up of garbage disposal buckets,Watering of trees,planting of trees,having stray dogs s in the area picked up and sterilised,health check up of employees,customers,.
All depends on budget and inclination.
3rd April 2015 From India, Pune
Dear Sirs and mam's.
I represent a cluster of 17 villages in a certain Pokhri block of Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. Mine is a backward district. Our district gets BRGF funds (Backwards Region Grant Fund) from central govt.
Last to last year we were hit by the Himalayan Tsunami too. The Kedarnath floods as its better known as.

We are a rural area and had approached CEPT university, Ahmedabad for intervention 3 yrs back. Since then we have been getting interns every summer in our village cluster.
CEPT is the only Rural Planning college in our country where 74% of the population lives in rural settings. We have a comprehensive rural development plan for our area. There is intervention from IIT Kanpur too in our program.

3 years back when the program was conceptualised, it was designed around CSR. The act came into effect in Apr '14.

We are a group of youth from a rural area with a NGO of our own and who believe we can do something for our area and country.

Just the technical know how, resources and human resource was missing. However since the CSR act came into effect, our belief has been strengthened.

Our plan encompasses :
Rural livelihood generation through community based eco tourism.
Health & hiegiene
Crafts and culture
& Environment.

Basically rural development.
I am a tourism expert we can provide world class holidays, offsites, leadership/ team-building trainings along with CSR activities.

Even though we want some corporates to come and adopt 3-4 villages clusters but we're not looking at philanthropy. We want corporate HR, funding and resources all to work with our communities in developmental work in our small cluster which can eventually become a model for the whole district.

We have a lot of details for anyone who is interested in the betterment of our nation and its people.
Do feel free to write / call / +91 783 00 111 80 if you think the CSR policies of your company allows you to work with rural communities in Uttarakhand Himalayas.

Pardon me for my inability to express myself more clearly. But if you let me present our ideas you will be able to see that with the help from rural planners we have been able to put everything in pretty good format.

Thanks for going through.

P.S. Rawat
Village - Gunyala
PO: Pokhri
Dist : Chamoli
9th April 2015 From India, Dehra Dun
Dear Bhavna

Its nice to here that you are planning to do CSR activity and am very great full to given you some innovative ideas.
CSR activity should not be some thing that you are suppose to do and you are doing.

Its not about providing fish to the person its should be how you teach him fish, so let it be a sustainable project.
let it be some thing related to your process, some thing close to what your organisation are into.

For example: if you are some IT company and if your planing of providing health check up of providing food to them, it is going to be out of the box, you company is not really highlighted with it, and your suppose to out source many thing.
instead you can build some new software which make some changes and provide them to schools and new models for smart classes. which can be made in your organisation, and you hold the invention of it and be a model to other organisation.

Any ways that was just an example, So let the CSR also start from R & D.
if you could say me what is your organization all about, what is the process, what is the vision and mission, CSR budget allocated, and what are looking for. then it would easy for me to give you some innovative ideas.

Jagadeesh P H
25th May 2015 From India, Bangalore
I am Prakash from Hyderabad. We consult in the areas of CSR. We have developed our own product - Solar Powered Computer Lab - we combine energy efficient computers and solar rooftop plants for education institutions. We have already installed these facilities in some schools in Hyderabad and wish to take it forward to many rural and semi-urban areas where electricity availability is a major challenge. A 8 computer lab with a fan and a LED tube light can be run for 12 hours with one KWH rooftop solar plant. Looking for sponsors / corporate looking at new areas of CSR.
25th June 2015 From India, Hyderabad
Thats really good to hear. You can also concentrate on the infrastructure development around your company locality ( Like building toilets & Rest rooms in government schools, starting tution centres for 10th and 12th, building a good park in locality). This will make the people thinking that the company is really doing sometimes for the society
7th September 2015 From India, Bangalore
Hi Bhavana, I am Prakash from Hyderabad, CEO of Nhance CSR. We are consultants and CSR managers and our roles include impact assessment. You can write to me on If we know your CSR budgets and location, we could come out with plans to some interesting idea. Remember, don't look at CSR as an act of charity. There has to be some good coming back to the company.
Nhance CSR ( Division of Nhance India Solutions)
8th September 2015 From India, Hyderabad
I have been following CSR activities in India since last few years especially in education. Recently I found an interesting website that is not much known but their concept is great for children’s learning in schools especially for Government schools. It's name is STEM learning Pvt Ltd. Basically they provide their product 'Mini Science Centres' to Companies for their CSR initiatives in education. And get them installed in schools. They are doing great work for Government schools which are often neglected. It's new and innovative. Check this link & Next time will be sharing another new CSR update!
23rd November 2015 From India, Mumbai
Hi ! I have got lands in Mirzapur (Uttar Pradesh) and looking for companies who can help in establishing school and hospital for the weaker section of the society.
Atul Mohan
8th April 2016 From India, Jaipur
Hi Dear Sir/Madam,
Its nice that your Company is thinking towards some Fresh & novel ideas towards CSR.
In addition to above measures already taken, now the Company can think of arranging Marriages of Youth in Orphanages. Also your Company can think of planting shady Trees in Rajasthan, where the Temperature in summers rises to around 48 degrees centigrade. This will not only provide much needed Relief to the Society but will also help in Clean & Green Environment. Some good Quality Benches can also be fixed under those Trees for Older Generation & other people.
We can provide lot more novel & Unique ideas in case so desired, since we have taken up & implemented some such ideas related to CSR previously as well.
Optimus Consultants
8th April 2016 From India
For those of you who are interested in Water Management & Sustainability please note that Pure Water Foundation Welcome Pure Water Foundation is running programs that will be beneficial to rural healthcare centers by providing clean drinking water that is generated using Atmosphere Moisture Extractors(AMEs). This conserves the ground water for agricultural purposes because for every 1 liter of water produced through the RO process requires 2.5 liters water wasted. The only perennial source of water is the atmosphere. to know more contact
20th June 2016 From India, Chennai
Please spend quality time educating the degree pass out students who are not at all aware how to face interviews. The ones in B schools will get lot of exposure, but others will struggle to get in.
21st June 2016 From India, Bengaluru
Dear Madam Its good to do CSR. You can go for giving Motivational Lectures with real life colleges, schools etcc
21st June 2016 From India, Vadodara
Companies can do CSR activities by adopting strays and get them sterilised.Cities like Bangalore have dog issues. Similarly they can launch free initiatives,distribute free saplings etc.
21st June 2016 From India, Pune
Dear sir / Madam we are professional CSR consultant for effective and useful programme customization and guidance. Kindly go through with our brochure.
21st August 2016 From India, Jhalawar

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