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I am into Software industry, and i prepared Recruitment process.In that i have somedoubts.
After Taking the offer letters people are not joining so how can we reduce this.
Can you suggest me on this..
If you have any PPT presentations about the recruitment process fwd it to me please.
YSRK Prasad

From India, Hyderabad
Rajnish Borah
Hr Leader - Syntel Inc
Rajesh Balasubramanian
Head - Operations & Delivery
Hr Consultant
Hr Executive
Shweta P.


Are you saying that once you make an offer that your candidates are rejecting the offer - how are you making the offer verbally first - via phone and then follow-up with the offer package?
Perhaps you are not highlighting the TOTAL Compensation package to them clearly... it's hard to say what is wrong with the process without too much information.

From United States, Saint Louis

Hi prasad
I believe you have minimum set of technical and HR round of interviews. once a candidate passes tech round he should be negotiating salary part in his HR round. when you make sure that the candidate agrees orally you give him the written offer letter. if this procees goes on smoothly, i think there should be no problem of candidate escaping after getting offer letter.
if my point is not clear please do suggest.
Thanks & Regards

From India, Madras

Hi prasad as said by Rekha, i think your are not making clear about the total compensation package, that would solve the problem Regards
From India, Madras
Rajnish Borah


Well the economics of demand and supply is coming in your way, as companies are in a major hiring mode, candidates are ensuring they make hay when the sun is shining, one of the fallout i personally have seen is the increasing number of "no shows", most active job seekers are essentially looking to either renegotiate their terms at their current organisation or fishing for a bigger catch, unless the candidate is "really" interested in your offer and organisation, they will most likely go back to their current firm and check for hike by showing or hinting of your offer OR keep looking out till they find a fatter pay packet.

Well, if you do all the things correctly, such as selling the "worK', highlighting the "pay" ( matching expectation ) , show their "path" in the organisation, extend a " genuine warm" welcome and do a good follow up, the chances are that you may have person on board. Make sure you are consistent in your mails with the individual thru the notice period and extend all courtesies to check if they would need any support joining your organisation. Do not count on candidates as "filled" post offer, the actual job of recruting in today's competitive market is a good follow thru. Remember there are tons of companies out there looking for these same folks.

Good luck...

Rajesh Balasubramanian

Hi Prasad

The process is unknown to us.

Yet, this kind of scenario is existing in all the small and medium enterprises across all geographies. Most often, we came across the situation wherein the candidate accpets the offer letter used to scale up his value in another relatively bigger organization to negotiate a bigger chunk of salary. This offer letter is the tool is in their hands

people loose their employees - current and potential to BIG player more often faces similar situation. Cabdidates tend to look for the following parameters often before joining



Nature of work




Despite all this, people take interviews and accept offers - one reason is to find the market worth and other is to negotiate

Negotiation can be with existing employer or potential employer

Its not the process that ends up faultering - the kind of person or companies from where you are picking up may be faltering

Rethink of the process again - how much brand or market visibility you have and how to increase the same? May be a kind of assessment centre will be of help or a psychometric tool


Rajesh B



98458 41000

From India, Bangalore
Rajesh Balasubramanian

Hi Prasad

This will not happen immediately. This is the cocnern shared by numerous organizations.

The approach shoule inculde

Brand building - attracting good talents by projecting you as a best employer to work with

What you can offer - don't oversell and over promise - keep that very clear

If you can carry out an analysis of the people who not joined, quoting reasons - understand the gaps and wherever you can fill them

A salary survey can help you in terms of understanding your market positioning in terms of compensation

Employee referrals - this can be the best tool - your employess act as brand ambassodors and gain financially - what you pay off to consulatnts. Here the retention rate is relatively very high

Do a survey in your organization to find out the satisfaction level and fill gap. This satisfies the existing crew for them to refer others

How do you differentiate yourself - If you belong to product company, use that as the USP

Career planning and development - what are your measures and how the people are benefitting

What could be done during the selection process -to make a potential employee feel he will be taken care of - think somehting innovative like providing a greeting card before the person actually comes for the final interview / HR interview (this is just a suggestion - may be stupid!!)

A psychometric analysis of employee prior selection - knowing his values, steadiness, etc - (this is a costly affair for sure)

These are some of the ways which can help you to incerease the offer joining ratio

The beginning point would be your analysis

Why they did not join ? Cause

Where did they go ? competitor

Why did they go ? comparison

what could be done ? culmination

Process is long and done expect immediate results - then you will be furstrated


Rajesh B

098458 41000


From India, Bangalore
Shweta P.

Hi Rajesh!
I have one suggestion for you in this regard.
To share with you, currently we are also facing the same situation, where people after taking offer letters and don't join afterwards.
This is common in case of freshers or with candidates having less yrs of experience.
The main reason for this may be because in IT there are so many offers waiting for people. If gap between the day person is given offer letter and joining date is more, candidate may probably get any other good offer in between and accept other offer..(That should actually be happening)
Right now we have come up with a solution that shorten such period.. or issue offer letter/appointment letter only after that candidate joins(May be after 1-2 days later).
And ofcource not to forget, always be ready with some backup.

From India, Ahmadabad
Rajesh Balasubramanian

Hi Shweta

It appears to be good.!

The mobile unit is often act cranky when it comes to offer.

In your case, what is the confidence level we can demand amonngst the candidates ? I am unsure of that. The time frame need to be reduced for sure -

My point would be looking things from the long term point of view - hence the causes are to be identified which will help in stopping me bleeding at crucial times

The other way of looking at your approach - it depicts explicityu that your amount of trust on the candidate is minimal or negligible - the psyche of an ordinary person would wander like - if the company is not trusting me before i join, how can i trust them ? How would be the treatment after i join?

(Please done be offensive - i am not criticising the approach - this is just my view )

I am interested in keeping the guy who is keen to be with me for a long range than a stop gap arrangement. You can analyse the people who leaves after your new approach - how much impact that creates on them too which may articulate a new strategy for you

Thanks for the suggestion


Rajesh B

098458 41000


From India, Bangalore
hi floks
i am krishnakanth from hyderabad. i am woring in software company as manager-staffing and recruitment.
for any further clarifications on recruitment u can reach me on 9949088109.
for ppts,questionnaires.

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