i am, wrkng as a lecturer in an engg collg & it has been 5 mnths since i ve been wrkng here, whn i was interviewed for the job i was askd to submt my orgnl docu here, at tht time i thot tht its a cmn prctce, but soon whn i contacted my frnds in the same profession but in diff cllgs, i came to knw tht its only our cllg whch has been doing this, so i did not submit my original docu in the cllg as at the time of my appmnt my all the docu were varified by the Prncpl & Dir, initially the admin told me tht i wont be given my appmnt lettr if i dont' submt my docu, but aftr 5 mnth of wrkng they stopped my salary & upon being askd they say tht i ve to submit my orgnal docu to get my salary, so is there any provision?? coz prev i was with a reknowned MNC & with a much higher salary than wht i am earning here & even they didn't ask for the original documents, so can any 1 advice that what should i do coz i dont want to submit my original documents.
thanks & regds.

16th December 2009 From India, Indore

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My problem is i've been working as a Lecturer in an Engg College, since 5 months, but now the college administration is demanding rather compelling us to surrender our original certificates, which, as far as my knowledge is concerned is unlawful, as per SA 8000, but the college have stopped my salary of this month saying that they have drawn the salary & will only give it to me if i surrender my academic certificate in the college, this is just in order to retain us, my record as a Lecturer is clean, & they have no right to do this, but if you can suggest that where i should complain about this discrimination to have instant impact on them because i am finding it a bit difficult as my salary has been stopped & i ve some financial commitments to take care of.
I will be very grateful if you can help me.
thanks & regds.
16th December 2009 From India, Indore
In my view you may talk to the Director/ Dean about your disinterest in submitting your original documents. Just ask them to see your past record that you have been stable throughout (if you have been), give them refrence nos. where the people can vouch for your performance and stability. See, no employer can retain an employee's salary on the basis of non submission of any documnets, unless you have given any such statement on a lagal paper in writing. Even if you have, no employer can stop an employee's earned salary.
My suggestion is, talk to them politely and make them believe that you have joined that institute to stay for some time. If they dont agree, you may seek labour dept help and tell your mgt that if they dont agree to make your payment you might have to seek labour dept's help. There you will definitely get your payment but you might end up ruining your relations with your organsiation. So think twice and take a better stand.
All the Best!
17th December 2009 From India, New Delhi
yes, one of my colleague who happens to be facing the same problem, went for a meeting with the principal regarding the issue, but i regret the fact that our principal is shallow enough to understand the fact that he is putting himself in deep waters with dire consequences, because in the heat of the moment he told my friend to take legal actions against him! ofcourse i haven't done any thing wrong & my record is clean & stable, as i havent taken any leave since i have joined the institution.
17th December 2009 From India, Indore
It is highly unethical for an employer to ask/take original documents. Consequently, rightful salary can not be denied on account of this. You are at liberty (and encouraged) to seek legal remedy.
18th December 2009 From India, Delhi
An organisation can take originals for purpose of verification and not more than that. It is unethical practice on part of the organisation to take original documents - its like when employees go to foreign countries - and some employers take into custody their passport! I would understand, that in written contract, the college would not have kept such provision - and if it has then that would basically be illegal. And by stopping salary, they have added to their illegality.
18th December 2009 From India, Jabalpur
hello, if you enjoy & like the service just submit the documents, there is no need to worry ,at the time of necessity you can get duplicate certificate from University.
18th December 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
hello, if you enjoy & like the service just submit the documents, there is no need to worry ,at the time of necessity you can get duplicate certificate from University.
18th December 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Friend,
It is practice in most of the colleges, since the most of the people tries to switch jobs or go for higher education, which hampers the Annaul education Plan of the college. This is simple and only securing the Annual study plan of the college.
18th December 2009 From India, Hyderabad

Listen, one of your collegue faced same thing and you aware that what type of experience he had.I will advise you to do not get any legal step against the mgmt.That will be harrased with you in future.

1. If you getting any legai step against them they would dropped you in any other unauthentic things.

2. If you are not submitting your original documents they stopped your salary ( as they dare to done before)

3.Right now you dont had even an appointment letter of the same institution & because of that you will never prove to the labor office that you are their employee.

Therefore I would advise you to make them sure that you are ready to submit the document. Actually submit the same, When ever you submitted your documents dont forget to got receipt of the same.Get your salary first then the appointment letter and then make them sure and comfirt that you will never left them and then try hard calmly to get revert your documents. (During this you have to search a new job.)Whenever you got new job then demand your mgmt to revert the documents and if they denai then you have to take any legal action.Till then firstly get your salary, make them comfirt,maintain the relations then they will be confident that you are their person.

Listen If you fight with them they make your life miserable. Why should you create new problems every day in your life.One thing is clear that you have to do something to fulfill you responsebilities towards your family and all that, Till getting new job you have to play with them a cat & mouse game.

Dare man, Dare will be bare any thing.


Ravi Kulkarni

18th December 2009 From India, Mumbai

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