Dear HR Professional,
As we all are well aware with the daily [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]continues working, all the employees feel that life has stopped and stucked up. Please share some motivational activities or any other suggestion to boost there morale and make them feel fresh and performing there responsibilities with more zeal and enthusiasm. According to me we can plan some In house group games, discussions etc. Please share more.
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From India, Ludhiana
gaurav Misra

Certified Soft Skills Trainer & Recruiter
Dear Shikha,Why not showing them some meaningful and inspiring stuff (Videos n Movies are great Idea....CHAK DE, LAGAAN n Others....) having some time off from the daily schedule......Arrange some Inhouse Warm Up Games/Activities (Group Based)............Do some Outdoor Visits and have some trips to the 'Great Nature'.......Meaningful Involvement Means Meaningful Motivation..........THANKS !!! (In fact, I as an HR myself tried and trying all this and getting MAGICAL RESULTS ........Believe Me.........!!!)Jai Ho !!!
From India, Delhi
Good Evening,
With reference to your query,
If in office the team(s) get liesure time, make their groups of 5 or as comfortable,
provide them with 6-8 newspapers, to each team and ask them to strucure out a Giraffe out of it, in 20 min.
The employees will enjoy this game.
After it is accomplished, tell them the importance of Team Work.
Though it sounds Crazy, but it works.
Regards & Respects

From India, Ludhiana
we cant increase output by only increase their salary,
salary is also a fact. But moreover we should give more importance to make a good organization climate. Make them feel the changes happening in their works.
make them happy in their works

From India, Kottayam
salary is sure a good motivator but there are other options too..go for recognizing there work.make a big board and on the basis of what and how ur employees r working identify them on monthly or weekly basis and give them name.for eg-best employee of the month.paste there name,pic,and a complement.present a gift infront of all employees,and that can be tickets of movies for whole family or dinner for the couple in a good restaurant.u can give money to them if u want as a gift.at the end of the year who so ever will get the awards most will be given a much bigger award
From India, Delhi

Dear shika,
you can arrange a family get together of all employees ,so that they get emotionally connected with each other . In that party discuss all the achievements of your company and your future aims.
Do organise family games in that part.
i definetly can say that this really works.
2. if your company permits a daily pooja of any lord ,where every employee will be a part of that pooja.

From India, Nanded

I am not from the HR team but I am just sharing my view on the said topic.

As some of my friends said that following are the motivational activities which can be done to increase staff’s morals.

1) sports activities

2) increasing salary ( works )

3) giving performance incentives

But I feel doing sports & other type of activities for the staff will give them comfortable & joyful working environment which will boost up staffs’ energy & moral but if we show & share sympathy to staff who is facing any type of issues ( may be personal ) and offer good suggestion to over come out of that then staff will be loyal to company because of which he or she will work for the company goals rather than working for their own goals, try this it works for sure....

Such staff will be comfortable with any type of changes which will be faced in the betterment of the company without damaging their morals.

Now few of us will say what about salary ???

It is true & it will be…. As we all came from the some or the company to the current level because of high salary & related tools only …

Do correct me if I am wrong ???

Salary always works in the advance manner but it is not possible for any company to manage all staff with that tool only that is the main reason we are discussing on the topic.

Thanks & Regards,


From India, Mumbai

sales & marketing
i heard this practice from one of my hr friend which may be very economical as well will be a reat motivator too.wht this hr did was, he did a throuh analysis of each employees positive achievements and qualities and then wrote a letter to their families describing how good their son or husband are doin in their jobs and what qualities they have.this indirectly lead to improved relations between families,employees and the company and finally motivated the employees to a higher level.
From India, Gurgaon
Lack of adequate motivation could be due to insufficient energy – both physical and mental or imbalance in their energy levels – an imbalance between their physical and mental levels. A 20 minute daily breathing and relaxation practice, once a week yoga etc., even at the sacrifice of office working hours temporarily, can bring in lasting efforts. Generally, almost everyone has some issues in life and they are unsettled or disturbed. There is some conflict going on inside and mostly this conflict is unexpressed or suppressed and it is necessary to handle this conflict before we can really see them motivated at work. Periodical psycho-spiritual programs, say once in a week, where issues like the limiting beliefs, ego, and certain fundamental childhood conditionings are examined will prove to be very useful. Above all, regular prayer sessions, satsangs and group prayers will greatly impact our negative conditionings and give hope in life. But, in today’s mad chase for profits, growth, and stay at top, does anyone really have time and motivation or does anyone really care to find lasting solutions to problems? We are all crazily chasing fast-food solutions to our problems and fail to recognize the core issues of staying with One Self.
From India, Tiruppur
Dear Shikha,
Where are you based. If nearby I can help personally. I am a motivation facilitator and outbound trainer. I am at Nashik and can travel. Commercials can always be negotiated. regards
Utpal Banerjee
Lt Col (Retd)

From India, Nasik

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