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Thread Started by

Dear CiteHR Friends,

We have newly generated ID Cards for all employees of all branches across India. The design of the ID card is:
Front Side: Company Logo, Company Name, Photo of the Employee, Name of the Employee, Employee Code Number.
Back Side: Office Address, Office Phone Number, Office Website, Office Fax Number.

I have not mentioned any Employee Designation because I thought it may make a barrier to take part in any activity. Eg: In many cases corporate clients do not welcome executives to interact with them rather they ask for Manager or top level person to interact with them.
Sometimes peons are sent for collectins as collection executive and hence we cannot mention "Peon" in ICard.

Some top management officers are now asking to mention the designation as they are claiming that an ID card without designation is of no use. which is really not possible beacause if I change mention the designation for 1 person, immediately the other person will be asking for such change and thereby all the employees will demand so and it would be a big massacre. I am the only person handling all the HR activities for 100+ employees all over india branches and changing all the cards is not possible. Please suggest me what to do? What can I say the reasons behind not mentioning designation in ID Card? If I say the above reason no one will hear me.

Please help.

24th November 2009 From India, Calcutta
i think id cards should be of 1side only. logo of company then address of company with ph.nos then employee photo emp code below photo and designation i think that info is more then enough thank you
24th November 2009 From India, Panipat
Thank you Sarita for your immediate reply. But our Departmental Heads are not hearing these reasons. They are just saying that if we do not mention designation it means that the Icard doesnt hold any power and is useless.
24th November 2009 From India, Calcutta
hai, You have include employee id or code number which itself tells about the designation and designation should not be included in the ID card which will demorale an employee
24th November 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Bhandhavi, thank u 4 ur suggestion. I will keep this reason as base on why i did not include designation. please tell me how it will demorale an employee if he / she is in top management. how can i explain this to my seniors.
24th November 2009 From India, Calcutta
I have heard few companies like Financial Technologies, TCS, Wipro doesnt use designation in the ID card but wht is the reason behind it? I am literally in the soup.
24th November 2009 From India, Calcutta
You shouldn't include designation in ID card. Generally companys dont use designation in ID card. In our company i dont mention desgination in ID card beacuse we promote staffs each 6-12 months , that time you cant issue one more ID card with new designation. U can tell this reason to your higher authority. You have mentioned Employee ID in the card, thats more than enough.
24th November 2009 From India, Hyderabad
I understood your problem which i faced early of my carrier, mentioning designation causes demoracle of employee's attittude. It is phychologically depressing of an emplyee while working place
1)If it is in same cadre ex. 2 emplyees fully talanted working together in same project how would u give designation, if designation has lesser priority of other person, that person wouldn't contribute his performance.
2) Appying superiority,
3) Inferiority complex and etc.
it is better to avoid designation
You should avoid id cards for Top level MGT,
24th November 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear friends
It is better not to issue the ID card with designation. Because the designation will change frequently for the lower level people, some times for staff level also. If the Manager will become Sr.Manager later on. Then you have to change the ID card according to the promotions. It is not possible.
Another thing. We have received a letter from the Factory inspectorate to issue ID card for all the employees. The format is as follows
01. Name of the worker :
02. Father's/Husband's name:
03. Date of Birth :
04. Address Permanent :
Present :
05. Nature of employment :Permanent/Temporary/Contract
06. Blood group :
07. Date of issue :
08. date of Expiry :
Signature of Holder Issuing Authority
I think this information is enough for you
Tamil nadu
24th November 2009 From India, Madras
i think it will explain category of employee and it is easily understandable to any body
everybody out side the organizational does not understand the codes we use for employees it is differ company to company
thats why

24th November 2009 From India, Panipat
Hi Priya,
It need not necessary you have to mention designation on the ID card. Many cos practice while many other dont. In my organization ID doesn't have designation. It has got co logo, address, Name of employee, employee code, and Blood group. And on the reverse side Residential address.
Reason for not mentioning designation:
Designation gets changed due to promotion and changes in the organisation structure. When such change take place you have to alter ID too. For this reason, its convenient to have the ID without designation.
Choose what is best for your organisation.
24th November 2009 From India, Kochi
Hai priya.......
Top management people should understand the issue if not then they are not able managers........Wipro like companies dont encourage putting Designation on ID cards for the same reason... and if the employees get promotion then you need to change the ID card again which is an unecessary expense
24th November 2009 From India, Hyderabad
ID card is issued only once in employees career in his company and constants only are furnished in the ID. So, there is no question of issuing
ID with designation. However, you may issue visiting cards / business cards to your employees by mentioning their designation which could
solve the problem
24th November 2009 From India, Madras
Hi Your reply was excellent. Thank you so much for this useful suggestion. This issue was raised mainly by our Compliance Officer who is in a position just below director so his designation will not be changed any further. Our Vice President's are also just below director. In such case what shall i have to answer them.
24th November 2009 From India, Calcutta
Thank you so much all CiteHR friends for helping out ..... this site is very useful and all our HR friends are very very helpful .... Within an hour I am getting so many responses to solve this issue ....
So mentioning designation in ID card will
1. Hamper the morale of the employees since discrimination might take place.
2. Every year after promotion there will be change in designation and hence we have to generate cards every year which is considered as useless expenditure.
What about employees who are just below directors??
24th November 2009 From India, Calcutta
Hello Priya,
Management concern is quite reasonable. Designation is an important factor. I think, designation should be mention on the ID card. If you want to avoid designation on card then the best alternate is that you should prepare a grade list. for example:- for Officer rank grade can be given A, for peon grade may be D & so on. it will solve management concern as well as your problem.
I hope you will find it best.
Kuldeep Vats
24th November 2009 From India, Delhi
Hi Priya, Logically mentioning the designation on the Id card is not really important.You can rather mention Grades like A,B, on.Designations keep changing which as be even as soon as 6 months.
24th November 2009 From India, Mumbai
No Kuldeep this is not possible coz the cards have already been generated. we do have grade 1,2,3,4 but clients outside will not understand grades thats why our grade 1 employees require the designation "power" whereby they will find themselves in a superior position unlike others.
24th November 2009 From India, Calcutta
Dear Priya,
ID Card is related with Photo Identity and might be for marking attendance also. If you are using only front side with details like logo, Emp ID, Name, Blood Group, address with emegency contact no, it will be more cost effective. Both side printing will be a costly affair. Convince you boss by saying that Business/Visiting Card and ID Cards are two different things, only because of its usages and details reflected on. For Designation/Position's reflection, we use Business Card not ID Card.
Pankaj Shukla
24th November 2009 From India, Gurgaon
for me you may use a new technology like an id scanning device were when you swipe it you can see the employees information but this might take you expensive costs i think
24th November 2009 From Philippines, Las Piñas
The same rule will be applicable for your top management team i.e (VP & Directors).Tell them that there shouldnt be different kinds of ID cards in one organisation. I am sure they have the Visting cards with their designations. So no need of designation in ID card.
24th November 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Priya,
Enough details you have for a perfect ID card for your employees and you don’t need to do any further change in this format. But I also agree with Sarita that Company and Employee details with Employee’s Emergency Number on single side of the CARD would be better.
24th November 2009 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Friend,
This discussion thread really provoked my mind in different ways.
First instance, I thought -
Why not we put the designation in the ID Cards
Secondly, Why should we put the designations in the ID Cards
And Finally we should not put the designation in the ID Cards,
And now I understand the generous nature of my MD who wears an ID card in office with out fail, even if not necessary as she is the owner of a 400 seater company. Needless to say that there is no designation imprinted in her ID Card.
Tell your superiors that only their Excellence in work should speak about their name and not the tag after all, a piece of plastic hanging at the end of the rope.
No way accept this as this is not morale, even if you can change the ID Cards as and then.
24th November 2009 From India, Madras
hi priya, i feel there is no need to mention designation. employee ID no. is sufficient. i have seen many id cards on which only id no. is mentioned. Aman
24th November 2009 From India, Delhi
Not necessary to provide the designation in ID card, if suppose an employee promote to next level it has to be changed.
You can provide visiting card with designation wherever necessary employees.
24th November 2009 From India, Coimbatore
Hi Priya,
I too agree that no need of mentioning designation on ID card as in our company i also dont mention designation on ID card this is because of for all the employees irrespective of band ID cards can be issued to all of them, avoiding unnecessary expenditure.
I mention below mentioned details on ID card in the front side.
1. Company Logo
2. Photo of the employee
3. Employee Number
4. Blood Group ( Incase any Emergency keep this as mandatory )
5. Emergency Contact Number other than his mobile number
And back side of the ID card.
1. Company Logo
2. Printing some necessary precautions about ID card
3. Office Address
You can minimise if you want only office address at the back side of the ID card.
24th November 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi priya
the iD card should have the
Company Logo
Full Name of employee and employee Number
Full Address and phone no of the company (web sites)
You may involve the blood group of the employee instead of designations If you are not comfortable
24th November 2009 From India, Bangalore
Gone are those days when people were known by designation... We are now recognized as a strategic partner and our journey from P&A to HRD/People officers doesnot need explanation.
Putting designation is the barrier and not an identity... do not encourage and stick to your can justify by saying all the big conglomerate follow this...and further i card is identity of an employee.. it might sound good for top management, but for the employees down the line its not encouraging.. further when employee deal with outsiders or clients, or travelling out side, the outsiders or society becomes judgmental.. Plz avoid.. let me know if you success in this.. and also tell us the story i will follow it up..
24th November 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear priya,
What you are talking about is photo id card, Not designation id card. For the purpose of designation, they should use their business cards.
You can justify the cost and difficulty in changinfg Id card every time once an employee is promoted and that too at country level, It is going to be a hell of a difficulty.
But do not hesitate to quote the practice of the GPW organisations.
However its tricky issue. most professional orgnisation would accept this theory. But all are not professional organisation. Hence you must really think whether you are able to convince the top management or this act of not obliging them is going to burn your fingers. All are not nandan nilekani, Azim Premji and Ratan tata.
And if you feel that there will not be any designation change for the top management guys , you can have that for their satisfaction.
Hence better sense prevails.
24th November 2009
Hi Pramod Singh,
I agree that designation is a barrier in id card in a professional organisation. that's not same in some business houses which still runs with a old school of thought.
This may be one.
It all depends on how you canvince your management and how they get convinced?
24th November 2009
You must mention designation . It shows identity of a person working in an organisation .you can decide not to mention designation below certain cadre
i.e designation up to officer level only.
Regards nkkundrai
25th November 2009 From India, Indore
Dear Priya,
I feel designation should not be the part of ID card and reasons for it as below;
1) If promotion happens witinn a year then keeping a track and issuing new one as and when it requires is very difficult job to do for admin or HR person.
2) Having id card around the neck is to promote the feeling of loyalty and commitment towards company
3) It gives the sense of belonging ness and working in team feeling and not categarized people by there designation or hierarchy.
4) And last but not the least ID card holder is for access control entry and record your presentee which gives a direct input for payroll calculation its not for the descrimination of any emopoyee by notifying him or her by his designation.
Hope this will help you
25th November 2009 From India, Mumbai
I believe your top management must have visiting cards with their designation. If they do not have it currently, think about it... they will be more happy to carry them in their vallets and to proudly hand it over to their clients than hanging an ID around their neck. It will satisfy their ego better..
25th November 2009
The best way to handle this typical situation is to tell that its against company policy and specifically that employee id card is different from employees' business cards where designation is must. Generally ID card is to be used with in the location and the office and with in the location more or less all employees know other people designation, so designation is not the requirement. If they want to give or tell other people their designation they should use office business cards. Hope it helps.
25th November 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Yesterday evening I had spoken to our director regarding this matter that all VP's and senior level officers are not accepting this Icard because it does not have their designation mentioned. I had summed up all the views and suggestions in this thread and told him that mentioning desiganation will lower the morale of employees who are in the lower cadre, it would mentally cause some effects directly or indirectly and hamper team work and it would also if costly to change ICards every year after promotion. He understood this situation and told me to go ahead with what I have done. I communicated this to our Senior Officers. They have clearly told me that they are not satisfied with this card and would keep it on their desk.

This is just not one war I have suffered, I have suffered many such wars in this company because I dont have a team, I am the single member and just because my team size is 0 , people speak and does whatever they feel like. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose. I heartily do it for the organisation benefit, employee benefit but atlast my work is either criticized or is totally stopped.

Eg. I had arranged for free eye testing camp from a reputed brand at our office premises. All employees , be it a senior or junior were claiming that I had got some kind of benefit from these optical house and so I had arranged for all this. Seniors had told me in my face. I do so much for them, atlast I score only criticism.

This is a small company located at West Bengal but has many branches across India. I am the 1st person to set up this HR Department and also this is my first stage of carrier. I get lots of support from our director. But the employees in the senior positions do not abide by the rules. These seniors are 50-60 yrs old and are not atall flexible. I dont understand why they are not inclined to change management. Why dont they understand that we are doing it for our organisational benefit which is equally connected to their own benefit. Same resistance have been in case of Employee ID card also.

Thank you citehr friends, you all have supported me a lot to face this issue.

Once again thanks a ton.
25th November 2009 From India, Calcutta
Just a thought
Have blood group on the ID card, It save life in time of Emergency.
Change the color of Tag ( rope/ what every used for hanging the card) for Seniors/ Salary Band, like if 5yrs- Blue, 10 Yrs- Green,
Band A Blue, Band B Green..
25th November 2009 From United States, Bloomfield
Its always favourable to put Designation in ID card but most of the IT companies don not follow this practice, since they are suppose to work in team.
you can simply do is club the desination along with employee number which the parent organization can understand but may be not possible for the other company do distinguish.
may be this is the only way a win- win situation can be there.
25th November 2009 From India, Mumbai
No IT companies use designation in ID cards. Company Logo, name , Employee name , code , company address ( optional) and blood group is important. Some companies also write emergency contact number. Blood group an emergency contact number helps if the employee meets any accidents . This is a standard practice.
What you can do is collect sample of at least 10 big reputed companies like Tata, Infosys TCS, Cognizant, Reliance and show them to your management. Also, you cannot change ID cards with promotions or expansion of roles.
We have visiting cards for that purpose.
ID cards are used primarily to identify and have access to business premises. Designation should in visiting cards only , which is used for business interactions.
25th November 2009 From India, Pune
what you done is right,. it is not so elegant to put designation on their ID cards.
if they insist - you may 1. add a tag just before their emp ID number. ex. HR-0042, IP-0038, SA-0021,SA-0022,..
2. or another best alternate is to put a thin vertical/horizontal band over the card. ex. Saffron band for top mgnt, Blue band for executives, Green, ...
Pavi Praveen
pavi_ldj at yahoo dot co dot in
25th November 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi Priya,
Designations in ID Cards will create a problem going forward during time of promotions.
During time of promotions their designations will get changes and it will increase unnecessary expense for the company.
25th November 2009 From India, Delhi
I also feel designation should not be the part of ID card
If promotion happens witinn a year then keeping a track and issuing new one as and when it requires is very difficult job to do for admin or HR person.
you can only mention the name, employee no & the blood group & the address of the company/factory/corporate office.
thats it.
25th November 2009 From India, Pune
Ms. Priya,
The design of the ID Card is Perfect, bcuz these are the sufficient and the Neccessary things to be displayed... Further if u can also Include the ICE No (In Case of Emergency number) of the employee as it is very much useful every where.
regarding the Designation... It is really not necessary and the reason wich u have decided to tell is genuine and acceptable... thereof jus make ur superoirs understand that there must not be any discrimination within the employees and add saying that the more u keep ur designation confidential the more ur benefited.. most of the companies follow this............
with regards
Mohib Patel
25th November 2009 From India, Madras
Here are my reasons :
If there are deisgnation changes for an employee, the ID card where designation is mentioned demands change of ID card. This is again a cost to the company.
There may be cases where a new joinee is promoted to the next level within 5-6 months of joining due to his performance. Again when the ID card changes with new designation, it demorales the other employees who are in the Organisation for long and not being promoted.
For exhibiting their designation, business cards would suffice
25th November 2009 From India, Mumbai
ID Card is only for the individual to know, suppose if any accdient happens the public wont view the designation they will only view the emergency contact number and the blood group which will be of use at the time of emergency.
Designation cannot be entered in ID forms.
25th November 2009 From India, New Delhi
Hi Priya,
Your decision to not specify the designation on the ID card is right.
The purpose of ID card is to identify the employee as a part of the organisaion.
The rationale which can be given to your senior members can be that in case they need to identify their role or designation at a meeting, they can use their business / visiting cards.
Just as an official email id does not specify the designation of an employee to the outside worl but clarifies that she/ he is associated with the organisation, similarly an ID Card is also for the purpose of ensuring that the enrty into your office premises is safe and restricted.
Hope this will help you.
25th November 2009 From India, Delhi
Hi Priya,
I agree that using designations can demoralize the employees but you can follow this if it suits you. Just mention the department after the persons name. Example Priya Sharma
Also you could categorize the employees into 3 levels. Level 1-top level, 2 middle level and 3- executive level.
So the card can mention Priya Sharma
Admin -2
Just my way of thinking
25th November 2009 From India, Delhi
Instead of changing the id cards for all employees, you can arrange visiting / business cards only for those employees who need to clarify their designation at visits / meetings.
You can convince them by saying that designation may change from time to time depending upon promotion / assessment and it is practically not possible to issue new id cards each time. Today, when most of the organisations are finding out ways & means of cost-cutting, use of existing id cards will help in reducing the financial burden on the company.
25th November 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Priya,
I dont see any harm in mentioning the designation as the person knows at what level is he working so I dont think that putting his designation will pull down his morale. But I guess it varries from industry to industry.
25th November 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hi Priya,
Designation must be on i card, otherwise there is no mean of it.
but some time we have to take some practical decision, in case of your i advice that you have to convince your managament and than take any decision.
25th November 2009 From India, Mumbai
hi ,
Identity card is only for proof of employee wroking in organisation.
ID card should include only employee code,name blood group and emergency contact no. for employee safety as per my knowledge.
25th November 2009 From India, Pune

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