Hi, Describe to me the difference between training and development. Also, how could we use performance appraisals to determine training and development needs for staff? Deepali

25th January 2007 From India, Chandigarh

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Seema Raghunath
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see deepali, performance app. are not meant only for increment and promotions. it is used to see your weakness and strengths.. where are u weak and where are u strong... leave strong points.. see ur weak points and u realise for what u need training.. becz ur job is constant but ur positions are vary time to time... that is why u need a new training according to your new positions. still ur job is same..
25th January 2007 From India, Delhi
Manish, Sometime the training is provided without a new position also. What in that case? Deepali
25th January 2007 From India, Chandigarh
hi deepali!
see the main difference b/w training and development is that while training can be given with or without any need for a new position, development is something that will happen when there is a specific purpose behind it and its focussed. as manish truly pointed out performance appraisal is to truly find out how you are performing in an organization. sometimes performance appraisal systems are designed in a way that if you are performing well, a different type of training need arises, which is to find out how you can perform better and bring out your complete potential. as to why sometimes training is given without any need for a new position, it can mean that the person is in need for training in that present position itself. it can also mean that maybe the person needs training because there are a few weak points in that person that needs attention. anyway look out for more suggestions from me i will find out something more about this from my professors
25th January 2007
Hi Deepali
Training is given to enchance the skill espcially for given job or to acquire a new skill.
Development is which gives you a conceptual knowledge.
Hope some more posts can clear your doubts.
26th January 2007 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Deepali,
In simple terms Training is to equip you with knowledge and skills to create fitment for the existing position one is hired for .Recruitment no matter how covered to the T ,will not get you employees who are all encompassing . So training is an attempt to bring the skills as close as you can to the specs of the JOB
Development on the other hand is a prep tool. To create upwardly mobile caliber .To prepare the employee for higher tasks or position .
Therefore Training is for the Present while development is futuristic . However having said that they co-exist with very thin line lines like Sales and Marketing .One really cant do without the other .
hope this helped answer the question .
Seema Raghunath
26th January 2007 From India, Mumbai
in short you can say training is for current needs and development is for future needs or position to take up
31st January 2007 From Pakistan, Karachi
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