Dear all,
Im working in a manufacturing company..now my problem is that, if we delay in dispatch of material..n if we discuss this problem in a open forum our production department says that purcahse department have nt given the raw material on time...purchase ppl says..QC department is not giving us green signal to buy the product or accounts ppls is not giving advance to the party to purchase raw material..lik wise they blame each other. this is going on from last so many years. Now i have to build a system where i can reduce such type of problem or alteast they understand the urgency of that work...my company is in a some town so ppl are not aware of computer...they do check mails but not so frequent to use mail system on daily basis...
Pls HR scholars help me to sort this problem..i hv to implement a new system in 10 days of time to reduce the system or may be i will loose my job... ..
21st November 2009 From India, Mumbai

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i request all HOD's to show keen interest on each other i.e., if any future order comes or any PO from other companies comes first they shuld inform each other dept. HOD's. If u r having regular business for a regular product, then first of all PO raised by the customer should be sent by Marketing Dept. vis-a-visa to Production Dept. then to Purchase dept., QC Dept, and last Accounts Dept.

The HR manager as to implement SOP's - like for every dept. their responsibilities and duties for example : Purchase Dept. - SOP's - For purchase of materials for upcoming product mfg and regular mfg.

1) indent from Stores dept. given by production dept. for manufacturing of certain product.

2) Approval by Dept. of HOD's

like so on SOP's should be created and it should be strictly followed by each and every dept.

U have been saying that access of computer, checking of mails is not performing by depts.

It can be done through phones or mobiles etc.,

make streamline through implementation of SOP's by following strictly. And if any body

fails to follow the SOP's punishment will be given and also retrenchment.

this is my suggestion and my gud suggestion is there should be co-ordination to be shown by each and every dept. including employees and HOD's.

Weekly meetings should be conducted by HR managers and trg. programmes should be given to each and every employee.


sreenivasa rao

21st November 2009 From India, Hyderabad
I agree with Mr. Sreenivasa, however you may also ask details by fax to avoid any mis-communication or problems related to specs or quantity. Rgds, Neeta
21st November 2009 From India, Mumbai
Further on improvement on the processes and checks, you can make variable pay as a component dependent on the out put based on tasks. This will have a maximum participation and accountability on responsibilities
21st November 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Vandana,
The solution to all these are simple as you have process heads for all these.
Please set guidelines to all these people so that if there is a delay you can always track it.
First of all the requisition that is raised needs to be documented and from there the TAT starts (Turn around time).
Tell them these needs to be done in stipulated time mentioned.
Hope this solves your problem as it is more or less book driven.
22nd November 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Vandana,
The problem/situations shows there is a lacunae exists in the corporate Management.B'coz for a good organization everything should be in place for effective implementation.
Therefore considering the problem a road map to be build.like SOP etc.Then taking all the possible deviations , problems a presentations is to be made in which the outcome should be focussed for better implementation of the procedures.Then involving top management & HOD's from all sections a brain storming session can be held.All the feed backs can be taken.Finally before implementation again a meeting can be held with all for their concurrence in this regard.
If u have any queries/confusion then external faculty's can be invited to your organization as the same can give good impact.
So don't worry.Have patience.U have to overcome from the problem.
22nd November 2009 From India, Bhubaneswar
Dear Vandana,
No need to worry..from that day ownwards try to write mail and do all CC to all HOD's.
and try to make reminders afer every 1 day..
and last..u have your work
if not,,,,, try to communuicate the HOD's for the same
Mail have power to get work done and try to make your words power and in urgency
22nd November 2009 From India, New Delhi
Dear Vandana,

I too had similar problem of late inspite of being so advanced even in technology leave aside mails. including video conferance facility for interacting business mettings across plants/cities.

Please understand that HR Managers Can't do any thing with out the support of all HOD and other employees. Try to identify the root cause of the problem and nail them first. Every thing starts from Finance and ends at Finance. If your company's finance is good even during recession, you have to think that there are really few hard nuts in your company to crack who are not supporting. few heads must roll before your head rolls. Identify those who are not cooperating with the organisational goal and align them to the needs.

As a HR manager, you have to put SOPs and frame foolproof Policies and procedures in place. Involve all HODs to give their comments on the SOPs and then make them implement.

Go as per the process, start with purchase dept (Supply chain), fix problems, ensure raw materials are in place. then production and further. I do not know your product or Process. this may be a guide line, Hope this works.

Very important, make the management know who is not performing or where is the bottleneck and how to address that.

Make the HOD's more accountable.

Hope you can see the some light at end of tunnel???

Best of Luck.

23rd November 2009
Dear All,
could i get a sample of the format of Statement of Purpose(SOP)... What exactly should be written in that? for any department..will do ..it will give me some idea to prepare...although i have joined this company just a week before...We have Production department...QC..Purchase..Accounts..as main department..
23rd November 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mona
This is nothing but a blame game. The motivation of the employees seems to be low to accept the ownership for any decision, action and result. You need to bring all concerned on a common platform to ensure that they develop trust in each other, accept the ownership & responsibility for their decisions and support other team members in the chain. If you succeed in initiating this step, it will certainly help you bring about change in their attitude, behavior. Please take the help of a behavioral consultant or an outside consultant to bring in the desired result.
Regards & wish you ALWAYS the best!!

23rd November 2009 From India, Mumbai

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