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[b]Hi Everybody
Sorry to choose the above title, but I have observed at most of the time HR officers will be busy in Chatting.... Sending fablous, Funny mails etc etc... Well this have been observed by me in our Company In my 4 years exp in this co. I have seen almost three officers (Region 1 HR Officer) busy in chatting at all the times So this is the dobut I have in my mind... Is it really true that in all Organizations the same tings happen.......... To correct my title It is not All but some specific Person..........
Thankyou and bye :lol:

From India, Madras
What you wrote is absolutely right according to me. I have seen many HR personnel in my career in small, medium and big size industries (Including overseas). But most of the time HR guys are not punctual and always walking across the organization doing nothing, but it looks like they are very busy with doing some high priority work. Most of the mails, what we receive from HR department is useless, I donít know why? It is not only the opinion of me, but most of the people having the same opinion in the organization. One more thing what I want to highlight is, most of the HR personnel behave arrogant with the candidates who came for interview.
Pl. don't consider the above message in a pessimistic manner.

From India
What you think is absolutely wrong according to me. HR people are not technical to perform as other Employees. They will sending funny mails only to entertain and remove the stress level. They will roaming around in the office only to find your comfartable levels and to watch you.... So as to chatting i suppose they will discussing about emp welfare...
Sujay Dev

From India, Mumbai
hi dear,

sorry to comment on your topic which you have chhosed here for discusssion....
first...the organization in which you are working dont have proper systems.
second your org dont have hr policies ,visionor any thing means...lacking in any way.
third you know there are no of works which hr personals have to do
please visit any manufacturing unit... where u will find out proper answer of your query some of them..
salary....traings ...welfare....appraisals ....surveys...maintaing working envirment harmonius...involving in negotiations.....maintaining pr with outside bodies... courts,legal works....always looking for something creative and more and more new and reducing turnovers ,reducing accidents ....
i thinkk its more thing no one work all the time ....generally only 30 % peoeple work 100% againist their salary.
thanks please dont mind.
have a great day.

From India
Hello, I fully agree with sujay comment, HR means mingling with people. Complaining others is Very easy. Regarsd Arun Shetty kenjoor
From India
I don't agree with all this...
People think since HR people are not technical they do all bakfas..
Truly to tell you in my two jobs i really don't found this that they are busy in chatting. they are the person who need to do lots of employer branding for there company. they are soft spoken side of the company, and since they don't get that aggressive in putting forth there point to employee. people simply think that they are going time pass....
If you are not an HR person then please go HR team for a month and you will see the reality.

From India, Pune
Hi All

The objective of the above said message is not to pin point a person or a department. The message is conveyed here to the people who behave in that manner.

Few of my friends here talking on bigger organization, manufacturing units, but I worked in both manufacturing and also IT companies, where the employee strength range from 800 to 2000 and above.

Coming to the working environment, the organization where I work is recognized in India and also abroad.

I have audited more than 50 organizations in my career including HR departments in India and abroad. The majority of the organization HR departments behave the way which I explained above. In fact this topic I discussed with few of HR directors and HR managers and to certain extent they also agree.

I am not telling that all the companies or HR personnel are in that way, even I come across with some very good HR professional.

If we are considering this one as very interesting topic and not sure about the above said message, we can carry out an opinion survey to know the result



From India
I am sorry to comment on your response Satya... but from your message, I feel, you might have come across few irresponsible HR professionals who just want to pass on the time or have misbehaved with co-workers.
I agree with Sujay that for HR people roaming around the office and having conversations with other employees is a part of their job which enables them to have good communication with others and to find out if they have any problems and if they can help them in anyways. If they stick on in their seat and do not mingle with others just like software professionals, they can not find out what is going on around their own office and due to which they can not plan about any improvements that can be made.
Sirisha Reddy

From India, Bangalore
Dear Friends..
When the question if survey has brought in, i would like to mention my experience in one organization, where thr HR manager previously used to go around, talk to every1, pass some light comments & taks to enlighten & create comfortable environmnet. When the same was replaced by a HR who was very restricted & reserved in his beahviour.. employees had a disjuncted feeling from their HR...
Not that the previous manager had no work.. rather the pressure was high due to many recruitments, appraisals as the unit was ramping up.. the second manager walked in at a comfortable stage..
Now this is self explanatory i guess... HR needs to have a knack to bring in fun & joy at work... understand that work is important & no one ignores it.. we shall realise that if HR was not wrking,then how did ur company manage to have any results which needed HR action for it.. Every1 got salary, appraisals, jobs, benefits.. Friends is HR a thankless job.. Your comments please..

From India, Bangalore
I strongly object the questioned raised by shavalad. How can shavalad make such a generalized statement (Why All HR Personals are busy in chatting (Is it True ?))? It is not acceptable.
Also I strongly object to the statements made by sathya...
I request all the members not make any generalized objectionable statements in the forum.
Thank you all in advance.

From India

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