Facts about "Jana Gana Mana" - Just a thought for the National Anthem! How well do you know about it?

To begin with, India's national anthem, Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka, was written by Rabindranath Tagore in honour of King George V and the Queen of England when they visited India in 1919.

To honour their visit Pandit Motilal Nehru had the five stanzas included, which are in praise of the King and Queen. (And most of us think it is in the praise of our great motherland!!!)

The Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka implies that King George V is the lord of the masses and Bharata Bhagya Vidhata is "the bestower of good fortune".

Following is a translation of the five stanzas that glorify the King:

First stanza: (Indian) People wake up remembering your good name and ask for your blessings and they sing your glories. (Tava shubha naame jaage;tava shubha aashish maage, gaaye tava jaya gaatha)

Second stanza: Around your throne people of all religions come and give their love and anxiously wait to hear your kind words.

Third stanza: Praise to the King for being the charioteer, for leading the ancient travellers beyond misery.

Fourth stanza: Drowned in the deep ignorance and suffering, poverty-stricken, unconscious country? Waiting for the wink of your eye and your mother's (the Queen's) true protection.

Fifth stanza: In your compassionate plans, the sleeping Bharat (India) will wake up. We bow down to your feet O' Queen, and glory to Rajeshwara (the King).

This whole poem does not indicate any love for the Motherland but depicts a bleak picture. When you sing Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka, whom are you glorifying? Certainly not the Motherland. Is it God? The poem does not indicate that.

It is time now to understand the original purpose and the implication of this, rather than blindly sing as has been done the past fifty years.

Nehru chose the present national anthem as opposed to Vande Mataram because he thought that it would be easier for the band to play!!! It was an absurd reason but Today for that matter bands have advanced and they can very well play any music. So they can as well play Vande Mataram, which is a far better composition in praise of our dear Motherland India.

19th November 2009 From India, Madras

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Vande mataram is also a great song to be our national anthem, but, jana gana mana has already induced the spirit of national integrity and patriotism among Indians and that is what important.
Respecting the national anthem is the fundamental duty of every citizen of India.
Long Live India
19th November 2009 From India, Madras
I agree Mali, Vande Mataram... should be our National Anthem instead of National Song. & National Song would be Jana Gana Mana..... But We respect both of them.....
19th November 2009 From Singapore
I am deeply disappointed to read the post and little angry to understand the way my colleague has put in wrong facts (their own perceptions) and presented these illusions as true facts. The immature comments about serious topics such as National Anthem are being discussed and commented so lightly. We need to understand that there are few antisocial elements in our society who are spreading such rumors and trying to belittle our sacred heritage.

I am sure that such thinking (mis-interpretation of National Anthem) of today’s generation would not please souls of millions of our ancestors who laid down their lives happily for the glory of our nation.

My comment is not at all intended towards accusing Malini at all but the objective is to understand that as member we have certain responsibilities towards maintaining balance between presentation of facts(proved one) and our assumptions.

Before making comments on such serious topics we really need to understand that do we really qualify to comment our views on the same.

Jay Hind !!
19th November 2009 From India, New Delhi
Dear Dipesh
Before coutering Malini's comments, should not you cross check the facts about our National Anthem? To a certain extent , I agree that after all it is our National Anthem and we should respect it, but telling the facts can not be called as insulting or taking it lightly. It is fact, that Jan gan Man was written in honour of King George V and solely for the purpose only it was never dedicated to the motherland. The so called Secular leader found Vande Mataram communal , because of the fact there are certain communities who can not worship motherland ( vande Mataram ), due to this reason they adopted jan gan Man as National Anthem.
We are not here to discuss or do politics, but fact remains the same vande Mataram only qualifies for becoming National anthem.
Thanks a lot Malini for this meaningful information and discussion.
19th November 2009 From India, Mumbai
Malini, when I first read your post, I was a little uneasy and hoped it was one of those 'fake' mails circulating.
I then searched on google for 'meaning of jana gana mana' and got the same info throughout, which is very dissapointing :(
Anyway, heres a little 'something good' about our motherland
YouTube - UNESCO announces INDIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM as the BEST National Anthem in the World
19th November 2009 From India, Mumbai
It does not matter for whom the song was written originally. It matters for whom we use at the moment.
20th November 2009 From India, Madras
I am happy to learn that few more of my friends have understood the seriousness of the concerns raised by me in my previous comment.
I would like to say only one thing that how many of us who made the comments after reading the post know Sanskrit and could translate the meaning of anthem out of their own? How can you say that the translation written in English is correct and actual meaning of the song?
My wisdom and knowledge does not allow me to believe the written interpretation. Instead I would like to believe millions of those patriotic nationals to whom this song gave inspiration to fight mighty British forces and drag them out of our nation.
I love my country, my heritage and am proud of it.
21st November 2009 From India, New Delhi
Hi friends,
pls go thru the link below which may help clear confusions about our National Anthem. I was surprised to know the facts after reading Malini's post but this article helped me clear my doubts....
Understanding Jana Gana Mana By Shumon Sengupta
21st November 2009 From India, Pune
I am glad that the research work done by Maithili has paid off and now we have facts in front of us. It is true that such search for the facts takes efforts but it gives pleasure of presenting true picture in front of others.
Keep up the good work Maitlil….
23rd November 2009 From India, New Delhi

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