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Why do corporations having accounts at top job portals also hire recruitment agencies INSPITE of of these job portals having millions of resumes in their database?
Or is it BECAUSE of these huge databases that HR personnel are unable to find good matching profiles for their requirement?
To what extent would it help if the recruiting team also involved members of the technical team(not necessarily from the same team for which a person is being hired, but any one with similar technical skills) to shortlist candidates from these job portals?
I just landed a job and need to hire people and need to lay out the hiring procedure. Please advice. Thanks !
23rd January 2007 From India, Mumbai
As per my knowledge goes, the reason behind hiring placement agencies is that frankly speaking many people don't register in job portals. Basically, the people who are interested to leave their city, state etc are the ones who post their resumes in job portals.
But in placement agencies, when a person goes to them for registration they have a basic interview with the candidate which gives the placement agencies an idea about the individual. His preferences, area & nature of work, his expectations etc which helps them send the suitable candidate to the organizations.
23rd January 2007 From India, Pune
Thanks for the response, just to clarify, to what extent would it help if the recruiting team also involved members of the technical team while shortlisting (promising) candidates from the job portals?
would it be
a) extremely helpful
b) very helpful
c) somewhat helpful
d) not helpful
Do you think we can save a lot of time and effort this way, or would it make things worse ?
I my opinion, technical persons would be in a better position to relate a resume with the requirement ? Would you agree ?
BTW, sorry for posting this question in the wring topic area :(
23rd January 2007 From India, Mumbai
Yes, HR working in Companies can take Data Base from Job Portals , But many times HR from companies are busy in daily HR activities and sometime the manpower in HR dept itself i s less. many times hardly
2 HR executives handling all Hr Activities , so they are busy in regular HR activities and at the month end , they are busy in salary and PF , ESIC.
Going to placement is of course expensive for them.
But HR working in companies are not so much target oriented like recruiters in Consultancies.
And Consultancies have core business is of genrating Data only, so you name it and you get it ,its like that.
So companies go to consultancies. They help in getting placement faster.
23rd January 2007 From India, Pune
Thanks for the response Rohini,
If I'm reading you correct, what you are implying is that its difficult to find qualifying candidates from these job portals (takes too much time and effort) that services of consultancies are used?
Thats precisely why I asked the previous question - how much do you think it would help if members of the technical teams are involved to short list suitable profiles from these job portals ? Would you still go for head hunters ?
Has anyone conducted any sort of excersise like this ?
thanks again for the responses!
23rd January 2007 From India, Mumbai
I think it will help when HR in company should create some strategies , lot of head hunting and referancing is needed.
Thats what consultancies do. So even companies can create small consultancy withing the conmpany, say 2 recruiter are doing headhunting making 50 -70 calls a day and other are working on actual requirement.
we can create a small consultancy withing a company.
Because everytime approaching consultancies is expensive, because bosses say that: see the budget , how much they are charging" then you feel. " I m not using this money for me , I m using for company.
Nothing personal guys and nothing offensive
23rd January 2007 From India, Pune
I think better solution would come if the HR guys have Technical knowledge too for the first round of screeing.
Involving Technical team for shortlisting resumes is not very practical as they would be short of time already and they have own deadlines!
23rd January 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hi ebirbal,

This is a question that everbody should look into. There are certain systems and procedures that we follow or implement for ourselves as well as for the company. The question that you are asking for is: Why the person looks for different options once some options are available with him. In my view.

The HR needs to see things from top angle.

He needs to see how much time available with him to involve himself in different job portals

He needs to understand how much he stays good in the subject matter

He needs to see what all back ups available with him....Technical/subject support.

Based on different options one need to understand how equipped he is with the weapons, then only he can decide completely.

The goal is to get a right man for the right job.

If you have good exposure to the portals then go ahead

If not then you ask yourself as to how to reach your goal.

Now I think we understand the objective of the question.

There are good placement agencies available, who have taken this as a long term career. They understand the business and if you give your requirement in detail, they help you to fulfill your requirement, after filtering the candidates at their level and revert back with all those requirements, which you may need to check at your level and task completed.

This is something what I do and I understand. We have more ways to see the particular thing in wider range. Try to understand the concept. I tried to put here is you are the deciding force and I appreciate " SEE A PROBLEM NOT AS A PROBLEM BUT SEE A PROBLEM WITH SOLUTION. You will see every problem solved.

I hope this may help you.


24th January 2007 From India, Delhi
I am a recruiter. Many people come to us after going through the online databases. People come to us for many reasons, but most of the time they come because

1. they don't have time for detailed study of all CVs

2. they cannot dedicate senior manager for recruitment because of operational activities that he she is involved in

3. they feel internal or external pressure to hire

4. they don;t have expertise in subject area

5. regulars know that it is cheaper

As to the next question of associating technical person I believe that Recruitment professionals in agencies have the capacity to match profile in generic terms and come up with alternative options of candidates for a particular position. The skill is more on how to read a cv or how to understand a person and this goes beyond the general exposure to technical skills. However, during final assessments we do recommend our client organisations to participate in decision making because during these assessments most important task is to see relative advantage of candidates and discussing which set of skills and attitude would be best suited.
24th January 2007 From Netherlands
Of my experience in recruitment:

1) Job sites' database only give access to candidates who are actively looking for a job.

2) The best applicants come in response to advertisements

3) Staffing agencies get access to the same people that every other recruiter does.

4) Placement agencies (supposedly) tend to have a considerably huge database that gives them access to more people than what the job sites can offer.

Though placement agencies lack the knowledge of looking at what companies look for in candidates, the time invested in talking to candidates is effectively deligated out of the internal recruitment team. (This is based on my analysis) For instance, a recruiter talks (over the phone) to a candidate an average of 12 minutes. Which means that in an hour, effectively its 5 candidates. 3 do not fit the positions, and/or not interested. 2 get to the first level of interview, of which 0.5 make it through to the 2nd level. and 0.25 offer, 0.125 join. Meaning, we are close to 2.5% on speak to join ratio. Which is too little. Hence, it becomes a lot easier to have the talking part left to the consultants (selling the job, the company, and a basic assessment).

This improves the ratio of speak to hire for internal recruiters by, at least 4 times.

I guess what I am trying to say is close to what ebirbal expressed, but with numbers. Please add on your thoughts
24th January 2007 From United States, San Diego

Have read with interest the comments put in earlier. I feel that Placement consultants are better placed to help HR in companies to recruit the right person for the job because of the following reasons:

1. Relying on Job portals only will make you as good or as bad as the job portal in terms of the availability of the right candidate.

2. I have nothing against job portals, in fact they serve their purpose but they have their limitations in terms of the candidates who use them. You would hardly find good candidates at senior positions putting out their profiles on job portals due to obvious reasons.

3. Hiring at junior levels is all right from job portals but at middle and senior levels, it is quite inadequate.

4. Placement consultants, in addition to their own data base have the advantage of being able to head hunt from organizations having a synergy with the company for which recruitment is being done.

5. Consultants carry out a lot of initial work in recruitment which HR in companies would not be able to take out time for.

6. Out sourcing the recuritment function also has the advantage of speed and accuracy in the recruitment process.

7. There is good value addition to the recruitment process when outsourced to specialists. Note of warning, when trying to recruit through lower level, unprofessional consultants, you may meet your budgets but would not get a good value addition.

24th January 2007 From India, New Delhi
Hi Friends,
I think technical teams involvement in recruitment in always there as they are the one who conduct technical interviews and then make a decision for hiring or otherwise.
I suggest we shall have a structured interview panel which will curb delay in final result if any such is caused.
When companies opt for placement consultancies as their source of recruitment it is not the only source, other than that dynamic & attractive internal referral schemes & job portals also are prevailing, It is very difficult to depend on one source completely to fulfill your man power needs.
Secondly when cos choose placement agencies they expect some extent of tech screening at their end.
Recruitment is a critical function and hence it is important to try and cater to its crucial points everytime in the best possible way.
24th January 2007 From India, Bangalore
Please note: The above mentioned analysis does not include the time spent on searching, shortlisting and screening of resumes, which would actually add to a LOT of overhead.
24th January 2007 From United States, San Diego
24th January 2007 From India
Hi I am Abhay Gadiyar, Recruiter from Nitya Placements, Mumbai.
The job portal database is not entirely dependable. Not all people are willing to float their resume on public media like jobsites. There is a lurking danger of company HR discovering their colleagues on the jobsites. Good contacts and social networking helps good placement companies to fetch passive candidates who are not to be found on any jobsite. These passive jobseekers who pushing from friendly consultants to consider new job offers.
A meeting of the placement consultant with the technical team to understand the requirement goes in a long way to tap exactly matching candidate.
24th January 2007 From India, Mumbai
BULK Hiring

1. Have u ever experiance a dump from Job portals,

2. It takes close to 2 hours to shortlist 5 candidates, then it takes another 45 mins to talk to each one of them, sell the organisation, job etc, coordinate an interview,send address email, etc to those 5.

3. 1 Candidate will not be contactable, 1 will not be interested. Out of 3, 1 may not come for the interview because of time or locational constraints.

4. So after spending 3 hours of productive time - u have only 2 candidate, do u suppose that u will be able to make a good decision based on this - My experiance has found that this is not the case.

Generally most companies have 1 person who does actual recruitment - his boss overlooks but rarely does the coordination part of it. So 1 employee has spent 3 hours to no avail for just 1 position whch might not even have been filled?

This is why organisations use consultants. To some extent also for their database & payts are only if a candidate has been selected. Ofcourse corordination with placement agencies is a task too but then atleast u are coordinating with 1 entity for 4-5 candidates.

FEWER recruitment numbers - Portals are not a bad idea at all but the other administartion work should not be too heavy to overburden an employee

Personally all resumes must go through the tech personcoz otherwise they tend to throw a fit that Hr is sending unsuitable candidates for interviews,etc. But keeping them involved full time may not go down well with the tech employee or your managment - no hard & fast rule though.

24th January 2007
This query gives rise to a very fundamental question : Why do you Need Recruitment Team in the Company, if they cannot even source the profile on their own...which is a very basic job for which they have been hired for?

Recently I wrote one write-up on this "Titled: Existence of Recruitment Team in your Organization" and yon can have a look at it is at: <link outdated-removed> .


Sanjeev Sharma



What do you think is the actual role and responsibility of "Recruitment Team" in company? I my previous write-up titled "Roles for HR Professionals in New Economy, I have mentioned about various roles and responsibilities that a "Recruitment Team" can take-up. The key and main role of the Recruitment Team of any organization is "Sourcing" but even if they are not doing that and just working as a mediator between Various Departments and Recruitment Consultancy Firms/Agency ... don't you think they are not justifying their very existence in the system? Lets go in detail and find the solution.

Different resources available for sourcing

The following are the various resources available for corporates and organizations to get profiles for their requirements:

1) Advertisement

2) Employee References

3) Job Portals

4) Campus Hiring (including, hiring through different private institutes)

5) Recruitment Consultancies/Firms

6) Resumes…posted on the website of the company

7) Direct Drop-ins

The last two are ill-managed resources. If managed properly…these two resources can be very useful and effective. Among the above-mentioned sources "Recruitment Consultancies/firms" is the only source where you cannot, directly get in touch with the "prospective employees".

I am not against "Recruitment Consultancies"…I am in favour of them and I want to use them in a better manner. I want to use this resource for "Headhunting". This gives rise to two more questions? What are different resources available with Consultancy Firms…for sourcing and what is difference between Sourcing and Headhunting?

Different Resources available with "Recruitment Consultancy Firms" for sourcing

Recruitment Consultancy Firms also use all the above-mentioned resources except "Campus Hiring" and "Employee Reference". (Let me know if there is any other resource available to them). Then, why is it that you cannot tap the talent and they can? Probably, you are not aware of the market? Probably, you are not aware of the business?

Sourcing v/s Headhunting

This explanation and distinction between Sourcing and Headhunting is for one of my very dear friend (Mr. Amod Bajaj; Zonal Manager in one of Delhi Based Company). Sourcing is then when your profile is readily available in the market…either on job portals or it is available with almost all the Recruitment Consultancy Firms. In such scenario you are available in the "Supply Pool" and as and when there will be any "Demand"…your profile will be considered.

Headhunting…as the term suggests…you are not available but those who need you…they need to "hunt" for you. Your profile is not available on any of the job-portal… and only few selected (your trusted) consultants are in possession of your profile and there is very little chance that they will respond to any "job advertisement". In such scenario, the Recruitment Team or the Recruitment Consultant…should be very clear about the Job Description and Job Specifications…should have very clear picture about the industry and business and should know where to find such people…matching those Job Specifications. Then you should find his contact details and thereby his profile. This process is called as "Headhunting". So friends, if your profile is availble on Job Portals or readily available...otherwise...and you get an interview call...that is not "Headhunting" but "Sourcing". More often one needs to headhunt for following profiles: CEO, CFO, COO, Directors, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, National or Global Heads and for those typical profile which are hard to find.

As it is not adviceable or ethical for a company to "Headhunt" people from the market, they assign this job to a Third Party…to do it for them. Stanton-Chase … Recruitment Division of E & Y…are couple of such Head-hunters.

What the "Recruitment Team" is actually doing?

First question, if the recruitment team of your company is the final authority to "Select" or "Reject" a candidate? In most of the cases…your answer will be NOPE, they are not the final authority. That right has been vested on "The Departmental or The Functional Head". If those Department and Functional heads selects anyone on their own…without informing you…you cannot do anything.

Now the second question…you cannot take any decision (on selection or rejection)…you cannot even source (just getting people from recruitment consultancy firms)…then what are you doing in the company? Are you working as mediator or coordinator between "Consultancies" and "Functional Departments"? In such scenarios…how can you justify the very existence to this "department" in the organization? I am not against "Recruitment Department"…my question is if they are not doing the very basic and key function of their department-"Sourcing" , then what they are doing?

As soon as they get the requirement from any department or any division they just call their (their selected, short listed or favourite) consultants and place the requirement. I have seen…in some cases they are not even able to explain to the consultants…the Job Description…Job Specifications and roles for the profile that they are looking for. It is an irony.

Some hard facts

In big companies…national or global companies…the size of recruitment team is enormously huge…as big as 70-100 people. On an average…each member of recruitment team…gets a salary of Rs 3-4 LAKHS Per Annum. On that, how can you justify a payout of Rs. 3-5 LAKHS Per Month to an external recruitment agency?

Solution and Conclusion

It is not my verdict and it is not my decision. It is your company and it is for you to pay. But, I suggest to "Corporate Heads" and "HR-Heads"…either use your all resources minus recruitment firms…efficiently or outsource your total "Recruitment Process" to an external agency. This will save a lot of Administrative and Operational Cost. What do you say?

Looking forward to your comments, opinion and feedback.


Sanjeev Himachali

(E-mail: ; )


24th January 2007 From India, Mumbai
Finding the right kind of people is a very challenging job. Even, HR personnels are busy with other HR activities. And given the amount of personnel an organization needs tohire every week,this is a highly challenging job. This doesn't however mean that the HR personnel is unskilled
25th January 2007
What do you think are the other roles for Recruitment Team? In this particular posting we are talking abt Recruitment Team. Companies hire Placement Agencies because their Recruitment Team is not efficient. The main task for Recruitment Team is to prepare profile (JD's), source candidates and coordinate with Operations for Interview. These are the basic expectations from the Recruitment Team. Hiring Placement Consultants means the Hiring Team is not Efficient.
Sanjeev Sharma
29th January 2007 From India, Mumbai
Recruitment processes typically take more time to complete and involve more expense. Internal recruiting often takes place through emails and job board postings at the company. To recruit employees, you have to invest money in marketing and advertising for the position, as well as paying recruiters to actively seek out the most-qualified external candidates. Additionally, the screening process requires more diligence and thoroughness since you no less about external candidates than you do about internal candidates.
The most common reason, particular for lower-level jobs, is simply to save time and effort. Many organisations don’t have the staff to sift through all the applications that can be generated by an ad in a newspaper or on the Internet, so they use an agency to bring the numbers down to a manageable level or even fill the post for them.
For very senior or highly specialized appointments, employers will also often use a top placement agency that specializes in finding people for that specific profession or level of experience, one which has good contacts in that field.
A best recruitment agency is a company that is paid to find employees for other companies who need them.
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3rd April 2019 From India, Mumbai
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