The whole approach towards HRM has undergone a sea change over the years and is continuing to do so. In the initial stages, HRM, guided by humanistic considerations, was seen as a philosophy that development of people in an organization is a prime responsibility of management. This approach took the view that human beings should not be seen as a resource rather employee development is the responsibility of the employer.

Over the years, emerged a modified: partly humanistic and partly business oriented approach. which regards development of people as the most important asset for improving performance of the organization. In this respect the emphasis shifted to developing roles, role relationships, appraisal systems, training, job design and the like. The idea was that HRM is important for the growth of the Organization and is a good investment for the future.

In the coming years, HR strategy would have to become more aligned with business strategy. It would have to be so designed that it identifies persons who will move to higher positions and groom them for future careers. The high performers would have to be given special consideration This approach holds the assumption that the corporate future is important and special care has to be taken to groom those who will assume leadership roles.

From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Ekta, What you told is very much true. HRs are no more considered Unproductive. The words like strategies, ROI which was unheard of in HR are now becoming buzz words. Regards, Soumya Shankar
From India, Bangalore
Dear Ekta and Soumya,
Very true. We are fortunate to be in this Era where nothing is static. We can take oppertunity to shape the tomorrow's organization .. however .. in my opinion there should be a transdisciplinary approach to do this ..
I am little bit more concerned about achieving that particular growth path to be at that leadership position .. for ex. from Generalist HR to OD HR, which is considered a very niche area and at the same time carries greatest impact on Organization. Whatever good or bad the OD Change agent does, is seen on organizations ..
Like there is now a concern on unheard issues like Replicating Excellence (not only achieving it) .. who other than HR should be given the chance to do it ?
I think we will witness lot more changes .. and perhaps .. will be the cause of great change, who knows ? :D

From India, Pune

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