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one of the employee has been working in our organisation since 15 years. While joining in the Company, he has submitted fake experience certificate and nobody is not pointed out till today and giving increments every year and he did not have any lapses in conduct during 15 years service. while verifying the personal file , i find the said problem.
Hence I request HR executives pl give me suggestion whethere I can proceed disciplinary proceedings against him or drop the same .

From India, Hyderabad
Ash Mathew
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sudha prathima

hi kr
At the time of appointment , every employee is required to sign on the appointment terms and conditions wherein one of the conditions would be if at any point of time, the credentials submitted by the employee found untrue, the employer would take appropriate disciplinary action including termination of services. In the instant case, the employee is liable for disciplinary action including termination after finding truth. But keeping in view his 15 years of unblemished service, the management, as a special case, may take a lenient view but be careful that it should not act as precedent to other employees. However, since it is the discretion of the management, can warn the employee.

From India, Bangalore

you should drop this case and ask him to submit a new certificate if he has if not ask him to apply for one. We should not spoil ones career and life, and if he is local resident then he might trouble you in you personal life.
From India, Madras

you should drop this case and ask him to submit a new certificate if he has if not ask him to apply for one. We should not spoil ones career and life, and if he is local resident then he might trouble you in your personal life.
From India, Madras

Stop digging dead bodies, it is not fair, are sure never had lie to anyone? just ignore it unless he is harmful to the organization / incompetent.
From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

I am sure this would demoralise the person, specially if he has given 15 years of his career to the organization.
But at the same time I personally feel that this should be dealt with... in soft but a firm manner and have one-on-one with the employee and should be communicated to him that the management is aware but not taking a severe step looking at the clean tenure that he has had
This will give him a lesson for his life.... that wrong things can be caught anytime and by anyone, which can make life difficult. One just cannot get away

From India, Bangalore
At the outset i feel that this shouldnot be taken any further,The person had been with your organisation for about 15yrs,cld have joined even before you did.All these years he had been a good resource and ur statement clearly indicates that he hasnt any negative record other than this fake slary slip.what i would auggest is have a positive approach to this ,make him aware that this is been notified and encourahge him to deilver more.motivation at this point of time will help him deiver more

From India, Madras

As per your words that employee is working in your organization for the past 15 years, the company is giving increments every year and did not have any lapses in his/her conduct till now.
In my view when an employee is a good performer, professional in his behaviour and loyal to the company from the last 15 years I donít think we have to take any action.
With Regards
Phanindra Sai A

From India, Hyderabad
Ash Mathew

15 years... and now a discovery? Sure it shows your efficiency.. but the company will not appreciate it to pull this all over again.

What is the level of the person (manager?) or a simple assistant? What is his profile? Does it demand educational qualification that he does not possess?

What made you check these facts? Did anyone drop a bombshell on his performance?

It just looks like this to me "A man who was happily married for 15 years - and all of a sudden a relative in the family discovered that he had mentioned in his marriage profile - before getting married that he was working elsewhere, but he actually never worked there!. ANyhow - his present suituation is really good, and he has a good job and a perfect family". Will the wife of 15 years bother??? ;-) naaaa

What and where does this matter???

Just make sure that in future such thinsg never occur - just keep a proper filter for all this. Moreover - were you asked to work on this? If so - then you probably need to let your management know. Else - let go.. Because - we as HR belong to both sides "Employer and Employee" long as work is fine, and intentions are right - it is better to keep this as a hushhhhhhhh!

From India, Madras

I am agree with Ravi Shanker,
employee is not a kid so we have to teach him a lesson for his lifetime or he will learn from it.After all he is loyal employee and beside this think about his whole family as well.
Pls. be human after all we are working for Humans.
I think you should leave this case and need to work out on some new cases...
and we are not God here and if we will see in inner side our ours some where some how we must have done also something wrong only the diffrence is till date nobody has trace out that.

From India, Delhi
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