Hi friends
Does Age Play Important Role in Marriage or Not????
if the boy is elder than girl then the society doesnt say anything....
but the girl is elder than boys then some people says it is not good for relationship.
Why So....
Waiting for ur reply....

29th October 2009 From India, Amritsar
Never Be a Prisoner of your Past, Be an Architect of your Future


According to me it’s just a society norm that guy should be elder than the girl. If a couple is fine with it then the others shouldn’t have a problem.
29th October 2009 From India, Mumbai
above is right ........... why don’t you see the relation of Sachin & Anjali Tendulkar, Abhishek & Aish.. they are the best couple.......
29th October 2009 From India, Pune
Abhishek Tiwari
hi deepika,
it's a question of maturity (I know girls will jump and say guys don't mature at all). again it's a question of individual choice. I know of a couple of acquaintances of mine - the guy is younger than the girl. they understand each other and the marriages are going on well.
on a different note - Socrates, (Tendulkar) and Shakespeare's wives were older than them. so if you want to be great or successful, the short cut is marry older women (I mean wife should be older than you)
29th October 2009 From India, Madras
If the parents have a problem then the couple should try their level best to convince them about their compatibility and also assure that the age difference would not bring problems in their married life.
If still the parents don't agree then couple needs to prioritise either their own happiness by being with each other or their parents happiness by breaking off mutually.
29th October 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hey Guy must be elder than a girl to get married !! A girl must not be elder than husband reasons are as under :

A women's maturity level is higher than a Man

A Man should marry a women who is 3 to 5 years younger to him

As women is more matured , if he marry a women elder to him , she will be an demanding wife and there will be lot of relation ship issues.

A Girl should be married with in 25 of age. Other wise she can not adjust with new family as she will be highly matured she will have her way of thinking and she strongly stick to that.

If man marry a younger women , still she is 5 times matured than him. then think if he marries and elder women ?? how will they balance in ego states...... every human has ego in him /her . We can say in words that love has no ego.. but its very wrong statement

A Man must not marry to too young girl too... that will again be a problem. because every wife must consider her husband as her first child because he is childish wat ever his age is . ( Its my opinion not hurting any one ). If the girl is too young then she can not tackle the childish husband. it wil take long time to adjust.

I Hope i covered the query. Iam sorry if i hurt any one.. this is my opinion so just shared
29th October 2009 From India, Madras
Hi Depeeka, well, according to my point of view that no age bar in marriege, but acooring to the physicians its bad impact on sexual relation. Thanks Tanveer
29th October 2009 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Thanx all for valuable replies...
I think in arrange marriages the girls are always younger in our Indian families due to the patriarchal nature of our families. Parents believe the girl should get molded in boys family lifestyle and all such traditional old stuff, which is not completely crap for at the end of the day in an Indian family its girl who has lot more to sacrifice and lose in a marriage.
Though when love takes over age or any other criteria takes back seat.
29th October 2009 From India, Amritsar
Never Be a Prisoner of your Past, Be an Architect of your Future

Yes Deepika.. wat ever age a women marries , she is the one who sacrifices her likes and dislikes and undergo pain and loss. Its a women who will suffer . But she need an identity so she gets married. !!! Not every women is loved for whole life. world is materialistic.
They create a lot of wife jokes , but actually it must be vice versa. women sacrifice her sir name , leave her family and come. what do men scarifice ?? she would hav not cooked for her own parents but must cook for new family who came in her life just in middle of her life.... no sleep , no smile... no rest .... how long women can struggle ? on top of it wife jokes get posted in name of humour.. who ever post it , in next birth they will be born as women...... and then they will know the value and meaning of suffering
29th October 2009 From India, Madras
Abhiiii how long will he accept chocolates ???? don u think his demand will change ?? he he he
29th October 2009 From India, Madras


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