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Dear Maithili,
I will suggest you should hire the person if you feel he/she can be assets for the company. If he/she fits for the position... if the candidate has told you that his/her spouse is working with the close competitor. It shows that the person is trust worthy... there may be many person in ur company who may be disclosing the information to ur competitor companies staff.. you might not know ... and when it comes to the professionalism everyone has some ethics and everyone wants to win. Specially into sales person have some target to reach every month which will not alow them to share the information. Yes I do agree if he/she loose his/her customer then they will refer each other .. it may be beneficial for both .. it will be mutual benefit…
Rest up to you but don’t loose chance to help the company with right candidate….

Please consult your boss/HR Head/Sr. Management, who could be the best decision maker for such hiring exception.
My stand on such case is to bring the resource on-board, if the profile adds value to the organization and increases profit margin of the company. As we know, anyone violates organizations code of conduct will be terminated from services.
Good Luck!

Dear Maithili,
What would you do, like Asha Mathew has asked, if you come to know that one of your worker's spouse, sibling, or fiancee, etc worked for the competitor? Will you sak the person?
All employment is based on trust and upholding confidentiality. The question to ask is, is the person capable of keeping company info confidential? Not easy to find out till you have given him/her the job.
Here is a test which a boss does to assess his juniors. He tells them a fictious news about say a worker that is to be sacked. He gives the same news but with changed names to the staff that he wants to assess. If the news leaks out, then he knows who has leaked it and he immediately terminates the job of the person. This will be easy to do during the probation period.
Have a nice day.
A retired academic in UK

Dear Anonymous,
Nice question!
You must know that ethics are not laid down by a company /corporation for the benefits of its competitors. Ethics in any company/ corporation or firm are prescribed to be adopted or put in to action within the organisation to achieve organisational aims, objects and fulfil its mission. Ethics of a company does not bar it to hire a person who has worked in any other company. Had forbidding been true the executives who leave one company to fulfil their higher ambitions in another company or on account of wrong policies of a company would never have aspired for better career and would have been rendered jobless for ever after leaving any company, or would have rotten with the original employer as a bonded slave till retirement.

To meet with the outside competition the organisation is free to hire and fire any employee within the framework of the law in force.

I wish, as an HR executive you should have known this basic thing.

P S Dhingra

Dear KK,

Sorry to point out, being an HR Professor, your advice is not a befitting advice of an experienced academician. What if his/her boss/or senior management are not good decision makers?

Your advice can make an HR professional simply to lose his/her self confidence, even if he already possesses. He can never become a good decision maker, if adhere to such type of advice. An HR professional need to become a self confident, self dependent and a good decision maker to prove an asset to the organisation, rather than prove a lame person to walk on crutches looking towards and depending upon his/her high up. If you like academicians are not able to instill confidence amongst the students and professional, who else would do that. At least they cannot expect from their bosses or others higher in rank, as most of them usually possess the ego of their being boss and not the educators.

It is also not such a serious or policy oriented matter to be brought before the Board, as advised by you. If all the petty matters have to be decided at Board level, where is the need of the middle and lower management, which are established to assist the Board. A man with the responsibility and delegation must make his/her own decision to select or reject a candidates based on merits or demerits.

Pleae don't mind my frank dicussion.

P S Dhingra

Vigilance & Management Consultant

Dhingra Consultancy Group

New Delhi

First of or do you have in your application form a statment or question clarify if the job candidate had previously worked in a company like yours or has any relatives working currently in any company with the same activity . if you do not have any type of similar question i guess you should add it.
on the other hand did he mentioned this information in during the interview or you came up to know it by yourself. i believe you should ask him we he did not mention this information,check his honesty in telling and there is always a privacy agreement in any software companies that you should tell him that he must sign. if he freaks out. then you avoid any embaressment

Dear Maithili,
I feel you should have NOT been in a dilemma at all.You should hire this person.Whats this talk about ethics and non-ethics? and who says a husband and a wife will be Non-ethical ? they may have many more problems to discuss at home than just ur company secrets.

hi maithali, i think you should not hire him, as we are human being and consiously, unconcounsiously we share things with each so its better to avoid him
sure,if u r in HR you shd b able to read the faces n also if u know abt them u can ask them the reason that why he/she left that company coz nowadays it's very common that an employee leave a company coz of unsatisfaction..n then if u can trust the person u can hire the same no matter where they were working last..n if it is taken positively...employee frm competitors can help us in making various strategies also they can provide u with various imp. info. abt competitors..

Dear Anchal,

I can appreciate your fear. But, in an organisation we have to keep the interest of the organisation at the forefront rather than our personal emotions. If some candidate is considered to be worth proving an asset to the organisation, we must not doubt his or her integrity, unless something contrary is really noticed on his part. Integrity of an employee can only be watched through his/her working style and not through rumour mills. Even otherwise, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can also be got signed from the candidate before he/she joins the company, if he is actually considered fit for the position. If something wrong is found on his/her, part, the employee can be sacked by the management invoking the provisions of the NDA.

An efficient HR executive should not be afraid of any such thing just on mere supposition basis. He or she should posess such tactical tools to put down the culprit easily. Once you earn such a reputation no employee can dare make mischief before you. But, besides being a tactical HR person, you must have to be an employee-friendly in nature, so that an employee can pose full faith on you that you can watch his/her interests also in the organisation.

An instance in a newly set up corporate office on conversion of a Government organisation in to a PSU in 1986 may be worth consideration for you. The corporate office started with zero staff of its own and every position was being filled up by executives on deputation from one of its local subordinate unit till regular recruitment process was completed for various positions right from the junior most executives to the level of General Managers. The unit was not cooperating with the corporate office, as the selected Managing Director of the Corporation, one time in the past, had been a junior one in rank than the Head of that Unit. Only the persons rejected from all quarters were being tried to be dumped in to the corporate office just to make him unsuccessful by hook or by crook.

Since I was the person already working much before incorporation to make successful the conversion of the organisation in to a corporate entity, I was retained and saddled with all the portfolios other than the technical operations. I had to put 12 to 16 hours of time on daily basis without enjoying even a single sunday and what to say of a holiday till the HR/Personnel branches were fully set up and manned properly up to the level of General Manager. The incidence relates to an executive when relieved by the subordinate unit, even without asking, to report for duty to the corporate office. On knowing that the personal secretary of the MD cautioned me not to accept that fellow, as he was termed as the worst of all the employees in all the offices under that local unit and had been rejected by every one of its subordinate offices. I just told him, unless I personally see his behaviour and working style I had no reason to reject that fellow. He again reminded me that he had cautioned me before hand.

You won't believe that the fellow proved the best worker for me in assisting me to complete not only the recruitment process of all levels within a period of 6 months of incorporation but also in other kinds of duties and responibilities. In fact I could understand his psychology as well as the real cause of his rejection. I could know that he was mostly being rejected by the bosses only on hearsay basis, where earlier at one occasion he was rejected just because he could not tolerate the wrong doings of one his section in-charge in some office of the unit.

Moreover, he was also aware of my adminstrative capabilities and my employee friendly attitude. He very well knew that even the trade union people could not dare to oppose my working methods, what to say some subordinate employee. Believe me I never faced any problem from any Union in any office during my service period of little less than 40 years before my retirement.

So, I must advise you to make yourself well competent and risk taking executive with appropriate tools to handle every type of situation any time. Without risk taking you can't build enough confidence in you and also can't prosper speedily.

Excuse me for being a bit extra illustrative. But, my intention is that the management executives should become more efficient and progressive rather than becoming dummy tools of their bosses.

P S Dhingra

Vigilance & Management Consultant

Dhingra Consultancy Group

New Delhi

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