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First of all thanks to the team of citehr.You have been a great help since the day i have joined.I have recently joined an IT company in a HR generalist profile.I am given a budget of Rs500 for the gift to be given to the employees this diwali.Can anyone suggest me the best?
Crokary set you can take as one of the best option ...but u have to chek their price they r availble in all range..
You can easily give chocolates to the employees which are also available in special Corporate Gift Boxes!
Dear Think Different,
1) The employees has to spend money on crackers. If u contact Sivakasi or any wholesaler who sells crackers in a lower price make like a selective of some crackers and make a gift pack to them. They will feel comfortable as they are not going to spend money from their wallet/purse.
2) As being the festive season u can also give some silver coins/silver ideals which are available in various ranges to the employees (sentimental)
3) You can also gift some decorative items or clothing stuff etc.
Try out n if u need more ideas let me know
Take care God bless all
SK Giridhar
Organisational Expert
Motivational Speaker & Trainer

Hi Dear, You can also think about the gift coupns like Big Bazar & Vishal Mart, I think it would different & comfortable with all employees that they choose the gift their own.
Hi plz somebody help me out as m working in a pharma co. as exe. hr at HO n my Hod wants me to also handle a particular division of Marketing as HR. But for that i have to move from HO to another office bcz of less space in our HO.
Our new Marketing office is of Formulation and this is a new venture of us as everything is handle by me.
Give them a 10 ltrs Water Camphor from Milton or any good company which will be within your budget. Visit a wholesale distributor.
You can give dry fruit box of 250gm to 300gm & dry fruit sweets of 250gm(dry fruit sweets can be stored fresh for 10 days easily)-both together will cost you approx Rs.500/-. Thanks, Munmun.
you can give a t-shirt of good quality with a company logo on it
visit a local handicraft shop where in nowadays before diwali they have nice & colorful diyas.diyas can be distributed to everyone right from a sweeper to a manager.
Hi all ,
They would anyways be normally getting gifts from the organisation .. for small companies they would be lower in value and for big organisation they would be much higher in value . So gifting a GOOD DISOUNT COUPON is a good idea. :razz:
For my company we have tied up with . Thy would give another 20 to 25 % discount coupons for all the shoes displayed on the site. Anyways along with Dryfruits if you can handover some discount coupons to them they would be more than happy to receive it and would see it as care shown by the company .
Shoes being one of teh necessary items ,.. also a vital purchase for teh coming winterseason can work wonders .
For further qwueries you can contact Gunjan Darbari , Phone 9650434761 .\for teh tie up ..
All HR friendz can avail an extra 1% over and over teh normal disount given
Santosh Mishra
Sofitel Systems
Some computer accessories like USB Device or anything else,could be a good option,different & useful,plus within budget too.
A gift cheque for employees will be a bliss to him/her and their family. This will also boost their relationship with the company.
Get a gift which makes reallly differnce.Gifts which an employee can share with their families
I think lights or scented candles , will do with some sweets .
Which will indicate your message of diwali and happiness.
Now a days in market different types of candles are available.
And it would fit in your budget as well.
Thanks Aarti
As a Diwali Gift you can offer some savings in the name of each Employee which will be there with them for longer period (Security Bonds which generate Income again to employees)
i think in budget of Rs 500..silver coins can easily be bought..tht too of 70% purity with front design ganesh ji n laxmi ji and at back can get om printed...Or another idea is good visiting card holder or fancy candle stands..they are much in demand..FOR DETAILS OF SILVER COINS OR GOLD COINS u can also mail me at the order is half kg we will give u a gud discount.We are manufacturers of jewels n gem past 50 yrs based in gurgoan.
hi you give diwali special gift cupons of sweet houses like sri krishna sweet house and anna poorana sweet house ,the voucher valid for 6 months . regards lakshmigiri
mere khayal se 500 rs me 4GB pendrive aa jaegi so, gift pack karva ke de sakte he, saath me diwali greetings bhi bhej sakte he...
well in my opinon gift then with watches with Company Logo printed on it and a chocolate Box.
Hello There,
I think you should have an option here ( either crackers or sweets). sweets are the most common. employees should have an option to choose. may be there is little spill over but thats ok. they can choose what they want. safe bet would be sweets but they will get it anyways from their neibhours and friends!!!!!!!
Hello Every Body,

This diwali rather spending your money in just a sake of fun try to spend your money on orphans and specially with the speciall kids like in TULIPS schools. We can enjoy the time even after this ocassion but they have just few with them. Its just like a charity you would be doing. No doubt its a day of celebration so why dont we celebrate your day with some one special. IT will really hurt the first time but i have been doing this from the past 10 Years. I do play crackers but its no more a big crackers. If i have a budget of 5000/- - 8000/- then i spend only 500/- now days and the rest i decide to spend on them on their Foodings, Sweets for them, Gift them some crackers they really love them. PLEASE DONT GIFT CRACKERS TO TULIPS STUDENTS THEY REALLY GET DISTRACTED.

Just try it once then you would really feel that what you have done. It would really hurt the first time. If you are not able to make it in large amount just do it for 500/- or even less but you would really get a feeling which is worth than a MILLION.

i think the best gift for them will be cash. They can manage and buy whatever they need out of it.:)
You can give the Sweet with good Gift packing . You have to attach the company logo on that Gift Pack.
First of all everything depends upon the budget that you are going to allocate for this occasion. As the occasion is related to Diwali i would suggest the following:
Special Diwali Sweets are mandatory. Apart from this:
2.Silver coin gift
4.Gift coupons.
Happy Diwali.
Everybody gets or prepared sweets in Diwali, Instead of Giving them Sweet, Take them for tour or give them good hotels coupons So they can have good lunch or dinner with their family member.
As a hr you should know what best the benefits you can give to your employees...
dont think out siders like me can simply guess what your employees like...
any ways for ma firm..
we have decided to give
1) Assorted sweet box
2) crackers
3) shirts for junior cadre employees ( like collection executive, office asst etc)
As u told the budget of Rs. 500/- U may try these for this Diwali..
This can really add the colors n brightness..
Sweets +
1. Bronze / Ceramic god’s statues
2. Colorful lights
3. Paintings
4. Momentous (Watches, Tea Coasters, Wall clock, Silver coins with one said Laxmi & Ganesha and the other side your company logo).
greetings to all.....
newly i have joined this group for that i am very greatful to all to accecpt my self as a group member.recently i have completed MSW (HumanResource ) and i have joined as a Management Trainee HR in one of the leading poultry company. but i have not exposed to any hr activities except PF and ESI related questine is this is a poultry industry like agriculture wether it will affect my carrier into enter in manufacturin settngs. ple give me suggestions.
Everybody had suggested one gift or the another on the occassion of Shubh Deepawali. I would suggest that what ever may be the gift it should remebered by the employee and his/her family at least for a Year.
Anoop Bhatnagar

Hi, You could offer them a excellent " yera dinner set " OR Luminarc 7 pcs lemon set OR Milton 3pcs casserole set ( 800ml - 2500ml ) Regards, Sheel 9833589787 ( Handwriting analyst )
Give the employees which would be useful for the employees. Crokery set + some dry fruits or chocolates would be agood option. You can also for the usual mithias or the new ones which have come in the market known as sugar free sweets as most the of the employees are now a days health consious.
Have great vacation.
You can provide Dry fruits set to the employes which contains Cahewnut, Badam, Pista, dry Grapes which will come around Rs.450 to 500 (500gms). With regards, VIJAY
Hi, You can provide Dry fruits (Cahewnut, Badam, Pista, dry Grapes ) box to employes. The costs will be around Rs.450 to 500 (500gms). With regards, VIJAY
Though it is too late for Diwali suggestion i would still suggest something unique & equally important in value -
KVP - Kisan Vikas Patra, a bearer instrument with re-sale value with maturity amt of double the amt invested.. & long term with good security (Issued by GOI thru Dept of Posts) can be issued against Cash/DD
U can give nuts packd as a gift, since they may use that while at home for preparing desserts or sweets also.
make a decision on the quanity you need in your organisation. if the numbers are large, you will be able to obtain good item at reasonable prices. say... you have a busdget of Rs, 500/- and you should be able to get an item worth at least Rs. 800/- if the number of gifts are more than 500
hey everyone... can some1 pls suggest me some activities dat can b conducted as a part of diwali celebrations..dat d add to the fun.
hi dear, i think u should give some gift voucher to them like vishal mega mart, big bazar nd life they then buy something according to their need......
Hi !!!!!!!
This is very difficult to manage gifts, but u can easily identify the best gift option. If your
budget is Fixeed then lots of gifts item are available in this rate:
- Good lunch/tiffin branded fox and attached the Company name on the box
- Provide Traveling Bag and attached the Company name on the bag
- T-Shirts
- Donot provide crackers because we are in HR Department and crackers are very harmful for our health as well as environment, so plz take care.
- Packets of Candle and Dry fruits is the best option.
Diwali Gift Ideas for employees
there are several options:
1.) Giving your employee shopping vouchers like shoppers stop/lifestyle.
2.) One can contact Taj Group for thier Gifting sweet packs.
3.) GIft silver Laxmi, Ganesh to your employees.
4.) Gift decorative items.
5.) GIve something for their houshold.
For any of these items you need to do a research before buying.
Ankur Chadha
Importance of Human Resources
thx every1 for ur innovative ideas.
apart frm gifts there s another major concern.we v planned a diwali party.for the same am planning to keep a dress code which would be "traditional indian" & d best dressed shall get a prize.can anyone plz suggest me some more activities for the employees.some kind of games maybe.our office s v don v much area to organize games dat need a lot of space.
need urgent help, plzz reply
thanks & regards
You can even look at getting associated with some NGOs who make useful Diwali gifts - CSR and gifts at one go! If you would like to ligt someone's life too along with just the Diyas :)
I know its too late but in case you need contacts let me know.
We did the same in our orgaisation and gave employees a choice in gifts - the moment they got to know abt the NGO and the casue that it supports, they quickly agreed to go with the NGO's gift option. IN fact many of them are buying things from them for personal use aswell. Range goes from 40 - 3000 Rs, depending on your budget. Options range from Diyas etc to beuatifully hand made good quality bed sheet sets etc made by young girls/house wifes in villages, widows etc !!
Dear Mr.S K Giridhar,
As i learn from your designation, you are an organisational expert, motivational speaker and trainer.....So please do not give ideas (gifting crackers) which will pollute our environment.Your ideas of gifting crackers at work place will encourage more air pollution rather than educating the employees on the bad and ill effects to self as well as the environment.So many people have lost their eyes because of the cracker fumes.
Let us save this world by doing our little bit, but this little bit also needs 100% efforts, creating awarness and educating the educated and the uneducated citizens.
Thanks and regards
Hi! You can give some home appliances products for your employees.Like something in non-stick or hard anodised cookware.I am working in a home Appliances company.If you want I can help you .
Hey Shimona
You could conduct a bay decoration competition and rangoli competition for Diwali.In my previous organization i conducted games like Tol Mol Ke Bol and 1 minute games and they were a great hit.In Tol mol ke bol you pick up some simple items that we all use in our everyday life adjusted as per your event budget and ask the employees to find out the correct price from the given options.This can be conducted in a cafeteria or a big board room.For 1 minute games you can find lot of ideas in internet and lot of them use simple stuff like baloons,coins,glasses etc.
I can give you a lot of ideas of 1 min games too.Also one thing that i always do after conducting these kind of events is that i take a lot of pictures and send an nice mail to all employees portraying how well the event was conducted.Alternatively you could send a link for the photos if you are unable to send mailers.
Thanks & Regards,
Good to hear IT company also gives Diwali Gifts :-) as I my self working and never heard of such things in IT company. :-)
Diary and Pen would also be very good option. The reason would be every time they will use the pen and diary, it will remind them about the good things about the company. :-)
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Hi Eveyone, I am working with a small boss is demanding a creative gift for his clients, please suggest few gifts.
Giving Gifts is great but it comes along with lot of logistical issues of buying, handling, warehousing, couriering if your employees are outstation and of course damaged goods and delayed deliveries. we have tried offline and online vouchers which have been very successful. Employees can buy something of their choice and also have an experience with the family. With this it more involved buying as well as Gifting option.
Having said that products have cost advantage that you get discounts on buying bulk, but that's one side of the story what if employees do not need that product. Sweets and dry fruits are customary with very little impact. The idea is to create memorability and build a bond with them, what better occasion than Festivals.
Dear All,
Please give eco friendly gift to all employees ( Solar lantern) which cost is Rs. 699/-. Company will provide you 2 years replacement guaranty. We will provide discount if you can purchase bulk quantity.
Sachin Jagtap
It is auspicious to buy precious metal in Diwali so you can gift Silverware available in your range. You can buy silver coins containing image of Goddess Laxmi or Lord Ganesha.
Indpite of this gift card is also a good option.
I have found a link, well described about Diwali gifts for employees.

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