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“Mind Goals – Think Unconventional. Think Out-of-Box”

Welcomes Employees, Managers and Business Leaders to Explore, Evaluate and Ultimately Create a One-upmanship of one’s unique skills in this UNIQUE FULL- DAY CREATIVITY, OUT-OF-BOX THINKING AND LEADERSHIP PROGRAM!!

On Saturday 20th January, 2007

From 9:00 Am to 6:00 Pm

Venue: Hotel Suba Galaxy, 3-Star Hotel in Andheri (East), Mumbai

Address: N.S.Phadke Road, Off Western Express Highway, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 069, India.

Maximum number of seats for this program: 20 Seats

Training Investment: Rs.2500/- Per Head (Includes 2 Tea Breaks and a Lunch Break) Special discount for Students Rs.2500/- - Rs. 1500/- = Rs. 1000/-

PLEASE confirm your Number of Seats As Soon As Possible.

Overview of the Program:

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” - William Plomer

This program invites you to find out for yourself through various Innovative Training Methods THREE KEY AREAS to understand yourself better at your personal and professional space:

1. Your Personality Profile 2. Your Creativity and Out-of-Box Thinking Skills

3. Your Motivation Scale and Leadership Style

Motivation Scales and Creativity Skills differ from individual to individual depending on the personality traits and profile each individual possesses which is very much unique to that individual itself. The motivation scale each individual possesses leads to the correct leadership style for each individual through which his/her unique creativity skills are displayed for the best benefit of any organization. This Program is a discovery of the unique self for the benefit of both - The unique self and the personal/professional space - that ultimately complements each other.

Workshop Title:

“Mind Goals – Think Unconventional. Think Out-of-Box.”

Target Groups:

CEOs, Directors and Senior Management, Middle Management, Ground-level Managers and Company Employees, Department Heads, Strategists and Tacticians, Management Consultants and leadership-level Strategists, Employees at all levels.

Methodology Used in the Workshop:

- Executive Summary:

The following workshop has been devised based on the book by SHEEL DESAI called “Mind Goals” which aims to build and enhance creative human attributes of Employees at the workplace to the next level and to simply make Employees aware of their creative abilities. In order for self-realization, theory (Outside-in approach) is not enough; it must be backed by practical applications (Inside-out approach).

- Key Methods

PowerPoint Presentations, Interactive Sessions, Creative, Motivation and Leadership Fill-outs, Team-Building Games, Creative Puzzles, Fill-outs based on the book “Mind Goals,” Charts to find out key areas of strengths and areas of improvement for each Employee of the company at any Corporate Level participating in the program.

Purpose, Goals and Benefits from the Workshop:

• Improve Individual’s Creativity, and Posture at the organizational space.

• The workshop lets Individuals be part of “creative-fun.” This is done through use of several Creativity and Employee Development fill-outs, games, conceptual data-understanding, PowerPoint shows and interaction among Individuals themselves.

• The creativity and leadership skills that lies within an individual can be used very productively in an organization provided you can actually take it out from within.

• Personality Development and Change Analysis of Individuals.

• The Workshop will allow each Individual to know themselves better in terms of their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The workshop will be a ‘self-realization process.’

• Leadership is the process of the mind. Losers look at the problems and ponder on them; winners look at the solution and ways to overcome them.

• To evaluate and better understand the Employees in terms of their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Creativity involves harnessing your strengths and taking it up to the highest levels, and diminishing your weaknesses down to the lowest levels.

• To educate the Individuals on personality, creativity, motivation and leadership through practical theories that can be used and practiced on a daily basis within the organization at all levels and at any stable, moving or contingent situations.

• The workshop aims to make Individuals realize from inside that they are a crucial part of the organization.

Program Details:

09:00 am: Registration and Introduction (3 Creativity Rules that Guides the Universe)

09:15 am: You are the product of your Dreams, Reasons to Live, Goals, Visions, Growth. What uniqueness are you recognized by?

10:15 am: What is Creativity? The Power of Ideas (Idea Management). The One Key Idea that can change your life!

11:15 am: Tea and Networking Break

11:30 pm: MBTI – Theory and Application, Six Thinking Hats, 32 Attributes of a creative person, Your own AOS (Areas of Strength) /AOI (Areas of Improvement) Chart

12:30 pm: What is Motivation? Your Motivation Scale. What did the Tibetian think of the Chinese after spending 18 years in a Chinese prison?

01:25 pm: Lunch Break

02:00 pm: What is Leadership? Who’s a Leader? The ‘Schindler’s List’ Definition of Power.

02:30 pm: Leadership Theories and Leadership Styles Explored, 15 Leadership Traits.

03:30 pm: Tea Break

03:40 pm: Team Dynamics: Which 5 will you sacrifice? The Power of Judgment. Will you let go of the Saint?

04:15 pm: Creativity and Individual Development Fill-Out

05:15 pm: Creativity Compilation – Fun with Creativity

05:45 pm: Your own AOS/AOI Chart (Personality Traits, Creativity, Motivation

Scale, Leadership Style)

06:00 pm: Summary of the Workshop and Final Comments

Learn in this Workshop among other Unique Creative Ideas:

1. How can you go wrong with a simple mathematical addition problem?

2. How 25 % divided among 5 people equally comes to 14% each!!

3. The principles of Creativity guiding the Advertising and Film Industry. The secret behind making films like “K3G, Mohabattein, Rang de Basanti, Black, Taxi No. 1 and Kabul Express” and advertisements like “Royal Challenge, Rexona,, Esteem, and Helpage.” How you can use these amazing principles in your own life and organization.

4. Game: Thinking on Paper. How you can think without speaking words using a paper and pen and how this technique can be used to solve disputes!

5. Theory of the 25th Hour, Candle Theory, and Theory of the Center Point

Training Investment:

Rs.2500/- Per head (Includes 2 Tea Breaks and a Lunch Break)

Contact Details:



Creativity Workshop and Employee Development Initiatives

16-A, Anand Nagar, S.N.Road, Andheri (E)

Opposite Sanjeevani Hospital, Mumbai 400 069

Mobile: +91 98199 19620


Few Registration Details:

Name, Designation and Organization:

Your Current Job Profile/Responsibilities (In Two-Three Lines):

Office Number:

Mobile Number:

E-mail (Office):

E-mail (Personal):


A Book on Creativity Skills Development

Recommended Reading for Everyone – from Young Adults to Executives

Inspired by the Philosophy of ‘Kaizen’


The Book ‘Mind Goals’ - Think unconventional, Think Out-of-Box - takes you to a journey of the unexpected with the outcome of my personal discovery that life is a vast ocean of unpredictable secrets that if human beings want, they can themselves, on their own resolve and willpower, as a singular individual of the world, discover, realize and apply in their own lives. An individual is a drop that when entered in the vast ocean finds itself in a spot where life’s discoveries are ahead of the individual to explore.

What is the vast ocean and where can it be found?

The vast ocean is the subconscious power of the individual mind. The more an individual explores its vastly unexplored subconscious powers, the more it will expand its mind, consequently enlarging its origin as a drop to reach the openness of the vast ocean.

In this book, Sheel Desai aims to put you in touch with the creativity of the subconscious creative mind with practical mind-bending quizzes and critical-thinking exercises aimed at building your mental prowess by leaps and bounds.




1. Understand your own human attributes. Then, develop the positive ones and zero out negative ones. Firstly, start with performing SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis of YOURSELF.

2. Don’t just think big….think dicon-ly (Divergently then Convergently).

3. Develop your own definitions after understanding the value of solid research.

4. Maintain a ‘Kaizen Diary’ and jot down your ideas whenever they come in your mind. Never let go of any new thoughts that cross your mind.

5. Back up theory with practicality. Practicality proves theory. Practice creativity in everyday life. Make it a habit.

6. Analyze your perception…see what you can do with it. Twist it…twirl it…understand it in every which way. Perception is the way your view things.

7. Don’t just think black (color of judgment), think green (color of creativity and movement) too.

8. Apply paradoxes to solve problems and more so for the creation of new ideas. Creativity is about uncommon associations of the mind.

9. For a creative answer to a problem, don’t just keep ‘moving within the boundaries,’ sometimes simply ‘move the boundaries.’

10. Back up crazy ideas with crazy persistence! Persistence is the thrust required for winning.


1. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

2. Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins

3. Business School – Robert Kiyosaki

4. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

5. New Thinking for the New Millennium – Edward De Bono

6. The Power of your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy

7. He Can Who Thinks He Can – Orison Swett Marden

8. Mega Living! – Robin S. Sharma

9. Kaizen & You - Igor Popovich

10. Lateral Thinking – Edward De Bono


1. Abstraction: The ability to abstract concepts from ideas.

2. Connection: The ability to make connections between things that don’t initially have an apparent connection.

3. Perspective: The ability to shift one’s perspective on a situation – in terms of space and time, and other people.

4. Curiosity: The desire to change or improve things that everyone else accepts as the norm.

5. Boldness: The confidence to push boundaries beyond accepted conventions. Also the ability to eliminate fear of what others think of you.

6. Paradox: The ability to simultaneously accept and work with statements that are contradictory.

7. Complexity: The ability to carry large quantities of information and be able to manipulate and manage the relationships between such information.

8. Persistence: The ability to force oneself to keep trying to derive more and stronger solutions even when good ones have already been generated.

Understand these EIGHT elements completely and apply them in your personal and professional life for guaranteed success!

To Get Maximum Out of This Workshop:

1. Take Lots of Notes

2. Listen Open-mindedly (Open Your Mind Like A Parachute) and Learn

3. Develop High Levels of Participation and Interaction

4. Enjoy!!


Explore the Creative side of yourself and discover the leader within you.........

From India, Mumbai
hello ,
my name is prince. i am in salem, tamil nadu. i need such programs but for 1 day to mumdai is quiet tediuos. can you please let meknow if there is any program of this kind happening in chennai or bangalore. kindly let me know.
thank you

Dear Prince,
I appreciate your query as for now we are catering to Mumbai as we are based out of Mumbai moving forward we would be conducting pan India workshops in mid 2007, but Prince i would say if you would want to attent this workshop you should try and make it. I assure you that all your investment to attend this workshop will be worth while.

From India, Mumbai
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