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Thread Started by #neha.abhishek

Hello Seniors,
I need an imp advice...
I have graduated as a Textile Designer and have 3 yrs of work experience in the same field in mumbai, after which we shifted to abroad for 3 yrs....
Now my problem is me and my husband has decided to settle down in pune and i have no jobs of my field at all.....
I just want to know if i can get an entry into Hr field as currently m in UK and pursuing PGDHRM distance learning from symbiosis.... as we have decided to come bk to Pune by the end of this yr....
Also while pursuing the course can i get part time or full time job in HR filed as i believe some experience in Hr will help me go a long way in my new career.
Thanks for ur advice.
27th September 2009 From United Kingdom, London
Some questions first:
1. Why you don't want to continue in Textile Designing ?
2. When your course gets completed ?
3. Do you have any family responsibility like young children or aged parents/in-laws ?
It is possible to get employment in HR Recruitment firms, (there are many in Pune), as they even take Freshers, and the span of job content is quite narrow.
Alternatively, you can work in a BPO for some time, till your course gets over.
27th September 2009 From India, Delhi
Hi Raj,
I cannot continue in textiles as there is just no garment company at all in pune, so getting a job in pune in textiles is just not narrow but impossible.
My course gets completed in yr 2011.
Nope as such i dont hav much responsibility as its just me n my husband at the time.
What is ur advice in such case?
27th September 2009 From United Kingdom, London
Thanks for answering my queries.
My initial suggestions (which were well thought out) stands.

Getting into HR field from a different background is not at all un-common.

My concern was - getting a job immediately upon arrival in Pune (without an HR degree/diploma).

Since you do not have much family responsibility, you can pursue jobs in BPO - mostly evening-to-late nights job (UK,US,Austalia timings); they provide pick-up & drop, good meals (not much cooking @home involved) and good cheerful working atmosphere and decent salary. Maybe, by 2011 you can manage to join the HR stream of the very same company upon getting an HR degree.

Other option of joining a Recruitment Consultant can also be looked into. The job basically involves : collection and selection of CV's, networking with candidates and companies; scheduling interviews, keeping a track on final selections and receivables from companies.

Another option could be, to join an organization as HR trainee/Executive - requires a bit of personal networking and good references.

Explore these options to see which is preferable and feasible.

Let me know, in case you need further clarification/assistance; or you have some ideas of your own.

Warm regards.
28th September 2009 From India, Delhi
Hello Neha,
Just went thru the conversation between u and Mr. Raj....
As he said it is not that easy to get into HR Field without a basic Educational Qualification in HR... Again what would you like to work in HR (specifications)... I think you shall be able to get into Recruitment, as a starter and my advice is that to stay in that field until you know the complete flow of recruitment.
Even recruitment is a good one if you could get into some good company with good experience...
HR Generalist for you won't be possible because of your nil experience in the same...
Chal All the best then... :)
28th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi Mahesh,
Thanks for the advice...such positive replies does add up to ur confidence... :-)
Yup i too thinked of getin into Recruitment and stay on with it till i get complete knowledge...
Thanx once again....
28th September 2009 From United Kingdom, London
Hello Raj,
I think i will go with the second option suggested by u ,i.e, of joining as a HR Trainee/Executive or get into Recruitment as suggested by Mahesh as honestly m not keen on joinin a BPO aslo bcoz i do not have ny family responsibilities at the moment, but i will surely have one in 2yrs period by the time i complete my course...
Thanx fr ur valuable advice and also for breifing me upon Recruitment Consultants job profile....
28th September 2009 From United Kingdom, London
You can check with Syntel, L&T, VW, etc...There are lots of companies in Pune in which you can easily get into... Only thing is Trust yourself rather than others advice...
Play an optimistic role in interviews... "All the best" :)
28th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Neha,

Ofcourse you can join as HR and with the course you are doing will add feathers to your knoweldge.

You have been a designer, so I think you can be a perfect match for companies especially animation, Studios, Telecom like Mobile, gaming company etc, where you can use your skills to recruit candidates with designer background.

HR mean Human Resources and relations, which all human beings are gifted with god and one does not have to do course to learn this skills.

If you understand the human factor and have key to details on human behavior I am sure you will shine vis-ΰ-vis any HR pro.

All the best and I am sure you don’t have to join as trainer in HR because you never have been in HR. You had an experience in some working field and that’s more than enough for you to apply for an executive position.

Suggestion, since you are in UK, try and do course on

PHR – Professional in Human Resources
SPHR – Sr. Professional in Human Resources
GPHR – Global Professional in Human Resources
CCP – Certified Compensation Professional
GRP – Global Remuneration Professional
CPP – Certified Payroll Professional
CBP – Certified Benefits Professional
CEBS – Certified Employee Benefits Specialist
CPLP – Certified Professional in Learning and Performance
CPT – Certified Performance Technologist

All the best,

28th September 2009 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Hello Mr Raj
I just went thro ur conversation with neha which was good. I am Gagan and i also need the mature advice from u. I have the degree in hr and had the 6 months of exp as hr recruiter , but now a timw working in bpo and having no kids right now. but i dont want to go for the bpo indus. Can u tell me the benefits for making carrer in hr b cause i just done the studies in that bcause of flowing trend. we are two sisters , but to help my maternal parents , never want to leave them alone in their older age. but for that i want to earn more so that to help my family ,
Please please please help me in this case, will it be beneficial or not.(apart from that i have done the graduate and masters in management)
28th September 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear Gagan

Thanks for your appreciation.

You already have a degree in HR; so I presume you must be aware of certain benefits.

It is difficult to quantify benefits of pursuing HR, as such. In terms of remuneration, it is at par or even lower in comparison to other disciplines such as Marketing, Finance - Investments or banking, Supply chain Management, S/w etc.

One benefit is, its less taxing to the mental faculties - no complex formulas, no derivations, less number-crunching etc. More than mind, it involves "heart". It is less a theoretical discipline and more of an experiential and a practical discipline.

It is best suited for those, who are more interested in people rather than on inanimate objects, gregarious by nature, who like to deal with people and help their development, who are tactful, have patience, empathy, good communication abilities etc.

It is ideally suited for women, since they are supposed to be more sensitive, empathetic to human emotions and needs. Moreover, women are being preferred more and more for HR roles; and with more emphasis on Strategic HRM, ensuring constant focus on the HR role; career growth is better than other disciplines.

It is a much more "durable" discipline, offering greater job-security; as whether it is recession, downsizing, merger, acquisition, closure - HR person is generally the last one to go :icon2:

I wish you would be more specific on what you want to know.

Warm Regards.
29th September 2009 From India, Delhi
Hello Neha,
I understand it is difficult to start a new career when you are completely into a different field. I was working as a Knits merchandiser with Pearl Global in Gurgoan, for the last 2.8 years.My husband and I recently shifted to Hyderabad and their is no scope in my existing career, So How I am looking forward to make my career in HR. I join a recruitment firm and it is not so difficult, You can easily find a job in recruitment start reading about it, you have to decide the area in which you want to work IT, Non IT, BPo
29th September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Iam uma. I am also sailing in similar scenario. I am now working in chennai in a bank (Back office operations). I have 5 years of experience. I am engineering graduate. Now i have finished my MBA in HR in distance mode. I am looking a opening in HR field. Since i have only banking experience i have no idea how to proceed, where to proceed.
Iam married and i have a kid. Seniors kindly suggest me how to get thru in HR in chennai.
29th September 2009 From India, Mumbai
HI Neha, Gagan & UMA.
I hope for non MBA graduates getting into HR is quite difficult. Even I am non MBA graduate but by lots of struggle some how got managed to get into the field. Before entering to the industry I learnt about ayroll, ESI, PF, PT and other statutory things & Compliances. I attended some practical oriented HR training classes also. Now I am doing MBA in distance mode. More over for freshers even MBA in distance mode wont help. Only thing is you have to struggle a lot & should learn a lot. You can learn everything in this forum.
29th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi Kiran,
Thank u so much for the u mentioned u have faced a similar situation, i m sure u understood my problem...
I just need a few more advice from u to start looking for jobs in recruitment filed?Do they consider u as Fresher or as an experienced person, since we have 2.5yrs of experience in textiles........If u can just provide with an approximate salary they offer, or how much shud we ask for ?
Looking forward to ur reply?
29th September 2009 From United Kingdom, London
Hi Uma,
I guess Kiran will be the best person to help u as i am still pursuing my HR course in distance mode.....
But surely will try to help u as and wen i get some information bout it....
All the best ...
29th September 2009 From United Kingdom, London
Hello Mahesh,
Thank you for providing me the company names.....and yes i got ur point of trusting my instincts and my ability :-)
I need a few more advice from u.....Will the companies treat me as a fresher or as an experienced person joining their firm ?
Wat salary should i quote as fresher or higher than my last job?
I hope u understand my point as i just want to gather all the possible information b4 starting.....
I may need ur help lil later as and when we arrive in pune.....
29th September 2009 From United Kingdom, London
Hello Ukmitra,
I really appreciate ur valuabel advice .....
I will try my level best to do these courses in HR from UK as long as m in UK.
Ur advice of joining as HR Excecutive really boosted my confidence....Thanx...
I hope for the best....
29th September 2009 From United Kingdom, London
Hi Neha,
I agree with one of the member's suggestion in your case.
As you are completely new to HR, its better for you to opt to join a recruitment firm as a recruiter and learn practically the recruitment life cycle. Meanwhile you will bag good rapo with HR people of your clients. This will definitely help you to grow faster in HR.
And also there are wide openings as trainer in MNCs. So, you can also plan for the position as a trainer. This needs a good communication skills and subject knowledge. You yourself can prepare a presentation on some topic, and exhibit in the interview, which itself leads you to success. You can also apply as faculty in colleges, which is more suitable for female, as there would be only 2-3 hours classes per day with more holidays and attractive pay package.
Hope you think twice and take wise decision. All the very best.
30th September 2009 From India, Vijayawada
Yes, Mohit,
Have attached a file which I got from an Institute who specialise on SAP HR. Hope this will help you to decide on the module to master. there are many institute in India catering to this area. Search on the web.

30th September 2009 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Attached Files
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Oh My Uma,


Yyou have all the certificate which this world wants to employee anyone with HR. I guess whats lacking you is the "feeling that you are already a PRO in HR".

Suggest you type the following in large fonts and paste the same everywhere in the home.

"I am an engineering graduate. "I am MBA with HR. "I am a PRO Human resources. "I am already an HR personnnel and "I will get a JOb as DIRECTOR OF HR today". You need nothing but convenience yourself that you already are a HR personnel.

What are you waiting for...just go and apply at all the jobs you see with in job portal and placement agencies. Infact, furst check if you can get an internal promotion in Bank itself where you are working. Don't give up it your exhaut in the Bank. If not your Bank, try others. Bank is the first Industry you should target, since you know the nitty-gritty.

You will have many opening in Banks as HR operation, HR Relations, welfare officer etc etc. Check all the banks website and the jobs they had in past and they have now in Human resources, which will give you an idea on which profile suits you best.

I am really surprised, an Eng Graduate in Banking in Salute to you...with all respect. I am sure you have sacrified few things for reasons.

All the very best and God bless.



30th September 2009 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Hello Neha,
You shall show them that you have been working as a free lancer in a short frame, because if you say that you have been working as a free lancer for a longer time. The expectation on you will be big.
The normal salary would be more than 240000/annual. Again if they ask you about your expectations, just mention "Company Standards". That would give a good term. You still have a chance to negotiate after they come out with figures. It shouldn't be as if they decline you because of your salary expectations.
Any time you shall ping me for any help, which I believe I shall deliver. Then in the mean while. Make lots of notes on the structures and all relevant things about HR. The need to make a note is of that you will get that into your mind faster and deeper :)
Any thing in regards you may give me a personal message, because I may fail to see this thread which was given to me by you ;)
Take care. All the very Best....
1st October 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hello Mahesh,
Thank u for ur help .....i m really greatful to u....
yup i may need u more help a lil later as still study my 1st semester subjects and hv yet to gv exams for them as my course just started in August....
I really appreciate ur efforts to respond to most of the threads in the best possible way
2nd October 2009 From United Kingdom, London
Dear Neha,

For the last 2 months I went through a lots of interviews, and the problem I faced in the beginning is that, I read a lots of books on recruitment ,the entire cycle, but frankly reading is not enough or in the simple words first you decide in which domain you want to recruit people like IT,Non It or BPO.
In interview people only interested to know how well you are in a particular domain, you can choose any but as you said you are going to settle in Poona you can try your hand in BPO it is easy to recruit people in BPO the only thing to have to judge is their communication skills after words you can try it or non it.
In most of the recruitment firm salary is not up to what you are expecting or drawing earlier because they work on incentive based.
And its depends on how many position you are closing in a month, don't worry it is not difficult.
After working in a recruitment firm for a couple of month you can join a company as a recruitment manager.
Simply understand if you have to recruit a knits merchandiser what all you well see in his resume,the first thing is you should know what is knits, So knowledge in a perticular field is important.:icon1:
3rd October 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Kiran,
You are absolutely rite. IF a person is working as a recruiter he/she should know about the fundamentals of the company nature of business. Same person should have knowledge of particular industry as well as the process. So the people who was in the industry for few years into any job responsibility they will be having good knowledge of the same industry. So they can get into Recruitment easily then they can switch over to some other higher position as HR Generalist, Recruitment Manager etc...
IF any person has good knowledge of the industry and knowledge of the normal issues in the industry with MBA will sure get good opportunity but thing is we should wait for rite time.
5th October 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi Neha,
Welcome to HRM! I think that should be a start for a positive talk.
HR field has capability to cover people from any field.
With such a good experience, you can definitely get entry at medium (Executive) or lower (Jr. Executive) level HR grade.
It will be helpful for your profile if you can compare difference between various HR policies followed in India and abroad. That will help you to take some initiatives when you will face interview; also you can implement those things here.
Along with education, you can do job of Recruiter. It might for consultancy or something. There are so many people who are working as Free Lance Recruiters.
There are many more avenues if you try to find out.
Don't worry.
All the best.
5th October 2009 From India, Pune
hi neha,
if you are thorough in the subject and confident, there should be no problem in getting a job. takes time though.
keep looking at the job portals. simultaneously you can post in this site with your latest CV and also look for openings coming up. assuming you settle down in dec/january, you can give yourself a 3 month limit and should be able to get through.
if you see across the site, people looking for HR personnel and at the other end, HR guys saying that they require job.
all the best to you both
5th October 2009 From India, Madras
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