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hi all can anybody plz tell me what is the diferebnce between turnover and attrition? it will be gr8
From India, Mumbai
Hi Ishita
I think that both of them are same.....
Employee Attrition rate is same as Employee Turnover Rate... That is the ratio of the number of workers that had to be replaced in a given time period to the average number of workers in the company
From India, Ahmadabad
i want the introduction meaning definition for attriiton and also for the labour&employeerelations

I have written a short guide to the various definitions of employee turnover, employee attrition etc and how to calculate employee turnover.
You can download the guide using this link:
From United Kingdom, London
hi ishita'
According to me
turnover is the number of workers hired by an establishment to replace those who have left in a given period of time. so u can say its just an abrupt change or reversal in workforce.
attrition is the a reduction in the number of employees through retirement, resignation or death".
"the rate of shrinkage in size or number"
these are the text difference between d two.

Attrition is the gradual reduction in the workforce through resignation, retirement and death.
Turnover is a change in the workforce due to quits, discharge and layoff.
The difference being that in one case the workforce is reduced while in the other it is, in the least, maintained or expanded.
From United States,
Hi Pavan
Employee Relations Covers communications, employee participation in management decisions, conflict and grievance resolution, trade unions and collective bargaining.
Each of this needs to be studied in detail to understand the Labour Employee Relations
From India, Ahmadabad
hi by what i understand, attrition rate is the no of ppl leaving the company turnover rate is the def ajmal gave if im wrong pls do notify!
From India, Madras
Attrition is reduction in force by means of resignations, retirements and death.
Turnover is defined as a change in the workforce due to accessions, quits, discharges, and layoffs.
The difference being that attrition is a function of a declining workforce, whereas turnover is the function of a stable or expanding workforce.
The general measure of turnover is a percentage, derived from the number of separations divided by the total number of workers on the payroll.
Ex.: 10,000 employees left a workforce of 5,000
10,000/5000 = 10/5 = 2/1 = 200%
From United States,
Hi Col,
Cn't open the following link
You can download the guide using this link:
any help.
From India, Gurgaon
I tried it and it worked ok. Simply click on the link then select open when the download box appears. (if that doesn’t work I’m not sure what you could try) Col
From United Kingdom, London
I think both of them are same
attrition is a typical number of departures in 6 months or 1 year but the meaning of the turnover is different than the attriiton but attrition means
wearing out but it relates to employees or the leaving procedure were as turnover means profit or rotation of the annual income when ever the topic is related to some reason it must be mentioned as employee turnover then only
it is equal to the attrition

right definition of arrition is employees going away from hte company.
turnover means here employer can also remove some employees from the job due to some factors here employees leaving the company due to management will also come but in attrition ir is not .i now think irs clear
From India, Hyderabad
Hi Jo
This was a wonderful article on calculating the attrition/turnover rate.
I have a small query since i am new to General HR.
When you said voluntary turnover = total turnover -(retirements+dismissals + redundancies)
What do you mean by redundancy here? pls clarify.
Thanks a ton!!!
From India, Bangalore

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