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Thread Started by #palakkal

Hi All,

I am working as a manger for one developing consulting.Here I am running a team effectively and doing business developement.Now i am dealing with around twenty clients which i brought and there are 6 employees directly reporting to me and i am reporting to the managing director.

Last week I have given my resignation.The reason as follows.
Every monday we have a meeting.I used to be in my office 15 mins prior to office timings.But unfortunately due to sudden heavy traffic i became late and the meeting was started.When I tried to enter my director started shouting at me like any thing(he have high BP).I felt very bad as he asked me to leave the organisation if i dont want to continue.Suddenly i came out and i took the decision to resign.He accepted it and i am in notice now.
But next to next day he called me and tried convince me to stayback.And all of my employees here really requested me to stayback by arranging a meeting and with lots of sentiments.My personal feel is,if iam leaving this company at this time it will effect companys current productivity very badly.
I really dont know what to do now because everybody at every time requesting me.Now i am not interacting with the team officially as iam in notice.
And we have another director,he has not accepted my resignatin yet.
Nw i have two other offer with a better package.
Can anybody give better suggestions?
Should I leave or want to continue with the same package.
The offer which i got is comparatively a bigger group.

12th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr.Vipin
A very good day.....!
Its a general concept that, never give space for emotions in your proffession and also never take a decision when you are emotional,never give promise when you are in happy mood.As a good manager and also as a good team leader you should not be reactive rather than proactive.
1st you hav 2 decide for what reason you want 2 leave the company,since he shouted @ u or because of your low package.
If package is the problem you are supposed to resign rather than consulting with your head.You can first request for the salary hike and if you are satisfied then you can leave.
If the reason for your resignation is beacuse of hot meet with you head,then you hav to think a lot....
My kind advice is to get compramised with your MD and go a head....
12th September 2009 From Bahrain
Now you are in a position to negotiate a better package with your employer. If you are happy working for the firm then continue; if not take your chance with the other companies. Sometimes, it is better to continue with "The devil that you know" rather than go chasing "The angel that you don't", as the saying goes.
Best wishes
A retired academic in UK
12th September 2009 From United Kingdom
Dear Vipin
By now you would have taken a decision.
May I know what was your decision/ the final outcome?
Most of the employees face similar situation. You may be able to advise others.
With best wishes
12th September 2009 From India, Thiruvananthapuram
Dear All,
I an interested to continue in the same position,where i have huge responsibilities to drive the business.But due to that incident suddenly i got a shock which i never experienced in my career.And also it was infront of my team members,that made me little frustrated.
Now everybody is coming to me for a stay back.Within a day i tried for anothe job and i got offer from comparatively an advanced company.
now decision is up to me.
1.Should I continue here with my lovable team
Can i go ahead with the other offer .
But in fact i am looking for a corporate environment where I was previously and not now.The new offer is also from a similar industry.
12th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Vipin,
I have red the tihings happends unfortunatly, i would suggest to contiune the job if u have good reputation in that company provided u satisfied with ur salary package. if not pick the new offer if the offer is good.
T. Vignesh
12th September 2009 From India, Pune
Dear Vipin,
I am of the opinion, that you have put your papers and the same was accepted by your director who shouted at you. Further you have also 2 offers which are much bigger firms and you will be in a comfort zone. Therefore it is better to leave the organisation on completion rathen then compromising with the present employer. After all nothing is permanent and the change is the only permanent. take things as it comes and I am sure fly high in your new assignment also, This will also send the message that you walk the talk. Your currrent employer also will not behave such a with any one in future.Atleast this will be the help your present colleagues.
wish you all the best
B ravichandiran:lol:
12th September 2009 From India, Madras
Dear Mr.Vipin,
as per my concern, you stay with the same concern, because the management has understand their mistakes, in feature autimatically you will be getting better position in the same concern. you have a good team, so you can continue and enjoy the work and develop your concern, because so many works are depending you.
have a greatful day.
12th September 2009 From India, Madras
I think you should quit and join in a new organisation. Because,
whatsoever may be the reason pointed to convince you to stay back,
the relationship is strained one. If they get a person better than you in
future, you will be sidelined and at that time, we cannot be sure
of the offers which you are having at present.
so accept the new offer if found suitable in all respects. Also please
take this incident as a lesson to ensure that there is no place for
emotion in your future endevours.
All the best
12th September 2009 From India, Madras
Dear VIpin
Take a wise decission.You are leading a team and you have targets to it is a small Issue you please sit with your manager and discuss about the issue.definitely it will be solved.please don't take decission in emotion.
All the Best
12th September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Vipin, Gud Evening...
Being in such a responsible position dealing with clients and leading a group of people, you should have thought for a while before putting your papers.
If you need increment you can leave now as you have better offers in hand. But if you are thinking another way, then i would suggest you to remain in the company as even your head is requesting you to revoke back your resignation. If your looking for increment in the same company, then this is not the correct time to ask as it may send wrong signals on your attitude. Even its apt to stay there keeping in view the company growth prospects and ethics.
Don take decisions when you are in anger or being emotional. Thats where you need to show Emotional Intelligence.
All the best.
Praveen STK
12th September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Vipin - I sincerely feel you should move. Your ill-mannered Director will not get a lesson if you will stay back. Moreover, the moment he will get new person you will be a waste for him... or he will get another chance to shout at you.
Life is too short to be emotional in jobs, buddy.
Love your job not the company!
12th September 2009 From India, Delhi
Hi Vipin
If you have got options with good companies, better career growth and package then I suggest that you should move on. Good opportunities rarely come by. I have seen that once you resign from an organisation and later on decide to stay back, things are not the same. If any such incident is repeated in future you might not have a good opportunity to fall back on.
Dont worry organisation can and will take care of itself, its really gud that you feel like this about your current organisation, it shows your loyalty but sadly when the time comes your organisation might not feel the same way.
Rest, you have to take the decision. All the best
12th September 2009 From India, Delhi
[QUOTE=rajyalakshmi_ram;869244]Dear Mr. VIpin
You should first see where your interest lies...probably if u r getting a better pay package u vl b more tempted 2 take it which is a normal human tendency...u need 2 see whether d work wich u wer doin here ws more competitive dn wat u r getting nw.....n whthr u can add dis xperience 2 ur resume....a short stint wont do....if u r nt happy dn leave d co. n start d bst.:)
12th September 2009 From India, Pune
Dear Vipin
You have not disclosed how long you have been in this organization, and information about the kind of organization you are in.
Since you have always been extra-punctual except for that crucial day, and yet either this fact is not known to your Director or he has chosen to ignore it. In both the cases, it does not speak well about your current position in the organization.
To prevent such recurrence in future, and the fact that you have got a better opportunity; although you had taken a hasty decision under emotional influence; since the outcome is good, I would suggest, you should grab the opportunity with both hands.
13th September 2009 From India, Delhi
I agree with Ramnag66. Having taken the plunge for whatever reasons, it is best to follow through.Let this be a learning for the future. Regards Rationalraj
13th September 2009 From India, Bellary
dear vipin,
move on !
it seems that you have already made a decision citing higher pay, corporate setup. have the decency though of telling your present boss that you are moving not because of the bust up because of higher pay and position in another organisation and have no ill-will against him and you are also available for any assistance required. don't take anyone from your present organisation.
the final decision is yours anyway.
13th September 2009 From India, Madras
As long as you are happy about your job and your colleagues and management team there is a reason to stay back. If you really got hurt and felt uncomfortable with any of your higher management people, you should think twice and u should take care of yourself not about the organisation, don't worry organisation will do well if you leave this position and it doesn't make much difference to company. Opportunities will not knock the door everyday or everytime. If I would be in your position i would have moved on...
13th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Vipin,
What is main Cause that u want to resign.
Q.1- Is it your boss atitude ?
A.1- than are u sure that boss in new company will not scold u
Q.2- Is it due to low salary or huge banner name of other company ?
A.2- If i will there i surely resign for better prospect of carreer.
Pls let me know your final decision
13th September 2009 From India, Lucknow
Dear Vipin,
It is your life and you have to take a decision to stay back or to leave. We may not know the exact situation, other than what you narrated.
Your getting two offers that too better packages in better organisations in a shortest possible time is a clear indication of your calibre and experience. You are a much wanted product!
If you feel that the new job is going to give a bigger challenge and growth, you need not stay back. But if you are afraid of leaving the present job worring job security or sentiments then stay back.
The performance of team and behaviour of boss are to a great extent depending upon your style of handling them. If you are confident enough to do better, go ahead with the new package. Wish you all the best.
If your present employer wanted to retain you ask for better package in position and compensation.
13th September 2009 From India, Madras
Hi Vipin,

I know that i am too late to reply. But i have just seen your post.

Its true that people take decisions in emotions, when they have been hurt by the superiors, inspite of their harwork, honesty and discipline which is already been proved. The people who suggests us not to take emotional decisions would also do the same mistake one time or the other, due to the situations.

In your case, you have to take decisions, based on your sincere answers for the below questions., the questions you have to ask for yourselves -

1) Did I take the decision only due to dislike of Boss behavior in that moment or due to any other reasons. If so analyse the reasons.

2) Is your job, CTC, work environment satisfactory in your current position?

3) Are you looking for a change, before this incident itself, for a better opportunity., If so, then why thinking back again?

4) Can you adjust to the environment in your new job, even if you do not like some points after joining / changing?

You will get the answer for your questions, by answering yourselves for the above questions. ALL THE VERY BEST..

13th September 2009 From India, Vijayawada
Hello Vipin,
See, Same incident happened with me. My problem was slitely different. But my boss is similar to your boss in nature.
When I decided to resign my job, he immediately accepted and my HOD rejected it and provide another arrangement regarding the matter.
So I thought on the positive side, if org values our work and ready to accept us again, then we should not stress them and I compromised with them.
So, I advice you, not to resign a job, continue with the same.
See, Package should not be highlighted in a life. as because if you are attracted by higher package it will create negative impact in the market.
Always be with those people who need you.
Its but natural, that we human being are emotional so always get excited and take immediate decision-whatever comes in our mind.
Dont think by mind, but think by heart.
Good Luck...
Have a Nice Day....!!!!!!!!!
13th September 2009 From India, Surat
Dear Vipin,
I agree to a great extent with what Sharif says.
1. If the resignation was given and accepted in an emotional situation, then you need to rethink. It also appears that both you and your director are regretting the outburst.
2. Do a 'cold' analysis: Weigh the pros and cons of joining a new outfit as compared to the present one. If salary is an issue - but otherwise you are happy in the present organisation - then you can negotiate the same with your present directors. As our friends here has aptly put it : the known devil is better than .....Decide after taking into account all aspects.
Wish you best of luck
H Prasad
Sr Trainer & Consultant
13th September 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear Mr. Vipin as per me, Mr. Shareef is saying absolutely right. Now its up to you whether you want to do. Whatever will be your decision please share with us and the reason for same. Regards Raj
13th September 2009 From India, Ghaziabad
Hi Vipin,
Please go and ask for salary hike as the penalty of the behaviour of the MD who scold you. :) and please continue the same company as you are responsible for many targets and you have a good team members who understand their leader.
Make your decision as your final one....!!
Thank you.
13th September 2009 From India
Dear Palakkal,
I guess you should continue the are good and honest employee. All such and capable people will always find a better place to work as all employers also want a good and honest staff.....ensure that this resignation letter is not filed in your pesonal file and is striked off the records. ukmitra

13th September 2009 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
These are common issues in private companies. A boss has to act like a boss many times, otherwise it is quite possible that the employees do not become serious. To be in time for meeting is a must. When meeting is scheduled you should have started early from home. Boss must be in tension due to many reasons, as he is a human being too. It is essential to understand boss or subordinates or colleagues, even if they fail to do so, and respect their feelings. Admit mistakes, and try to be a better employee. Since your boss has come down to reconciliation with you, it is over. You may say sorry for being late, and offer to be more sincere, and it could win his heart. But if there are other constantly perturbing issues you can use this as an opportunity to change. But it is always better to leave an organisation with a pleasant face, and keep the relationships and that matters in the long run and leaving an organisation in grudge is not good for your own mind.. See if things can be settled amicably without over-reacting
13th September 2009 From India, Chengannur
A couple of things here for you to contemplate.
  1. A good manager NEVER loses his temper with his team; Never reprimands a team member publicly. If by some chance, this does happen, a good manager will offer a public apology.
  2. My health conditions or my personal problems are NOT an excuse for my bad behavior. Being a manager (and being in a leadership position), I must at all times project model behavior for my team. If I cannot, I don't belong in my position.
  3. There is always a first for everything. If you choose to stay back, are you sure that the same incident will not repeat again? And if it does (and you decide to quit in a fit of emotion), will you have two job offers with better packages from better companies at that time to secure your next move? If not, what will you do? Will you stay back despite the incident? Or quit despite not having a job offer?
It appears to me that you are being ruled by your emotions. First, you resigned because your boss yelled at you and you felt terribly insulted. Then, you were overwhelmed by the requests to stay back and your boss calling you and asking you to stay (saying everything to boost or stroke your ego, but falling short of a formal apology). The people around you told you how important you are and now you want to stay.

Pardon me for my candor. Both of these are emotional and not objective. Think the situation through. Remove from your equation the facts that you are very important to the company, that many people asked you to stay, one of the directors did not accept your resignation, the director who accepted later requested you to stay back etc. Think about the situation, its impacts on you and your credibility with your teams, and the future (what if it happens again? what then?). Be very objective in your decision making, supported by past, unaffected by present, and focused on future. I am pretty sure you will make the right choice, regardless of what it is. And once you make your decision with an objective thinking, you will be able to live with it.

All the best.

--Som G

13th September 2009 From United States, Woodinville
U should continue with your old team . Why ? If u love your work at that place before that incident u should carry because new job may give you goot figures but work satisfication and your team may you will not get or will take more time to develop team .
13th September 2009 From India, Surat
Dear Mr. Vipin,
I hava jsut gone through your posting and would like to say that "Never love your company / boss but always love your job or what you do". Moreover, you might have throughly evaluated the outcome of your action before putting resignation paper, due to abnormal behaviour of your boss & now whatever happened is happened, so I feel you should not revert your decision and there should be no regret.
Afterall everybody is professional, if you take back your resignation it is a buy back time for for your boss to create / find a backup for you and slowly he will replace you without your notice, which will suffocate you and left alone. He will sideline you and forget things becasue he will have to concentrate on something else.
Hence, move forward and write your future because change is constant.
All the best, Vipin
13th September 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
If u have not crossed two years of experience in the present company, I would request you to re consider seeing the doors of the existing company.
Salary should never be a point at the time emotional situations.
Try to think vice versa and you will learn a lot.
With Kind regards,

13th September 2009 From India, Madras
If u have not crossed two years of experience in the present company, I would request you to re consider seeing the doors of the existing company.
Salary should never be a point at the time of emotional situations.
Try to think vice versa and you will learn a lot.
With Kind regards,

13th September 2009 From India, Madras
Dear Vipin,
I would suggest, if the offer in your hand is so good, then you should leave your present organisation immediately, immeterial how effective team you have or how the managegement reflects the emotions on you.
But it should in a fair way, the management should not feel that by that hot incident you have left. it should be a win-win situation to both. The may realise their mistakes after your departure and would not commit the same in future.
Best of luck....
13th September 2009 From India, Bhubaneswar
Respectfully, I disagree with your thoughts. A boss has to "act" like a boss? Otherwise nobody would take his/her seriously? I mean, really?? That boss must have some serious complexes if he/she so thinks. Please keep in mind, if I am the boss, whether you take me seriously now or not, come end of the year, your performance evaluations will be on my desk! I still get to evaluate your performance, whether you take me seriously or not as your boss. This is a very well-known fact to everyone in the company.

There is a certain amount of human decency and professional decorum that needs to be maintained by everyone at a workplace (not just managers). “I was tense regarding a situation”, “My wife did not give me breakfast this morning”, “My kid had a bad grade at school yesterday”, “My neighbor stole my news paper this morning”, “I had a flat tire on my way to work”, “My blood pressure is very high today, so I need an outlet”, and any number of such reasons are inexcusable excuses for an inexcusable behavior.

“Boss came down to reconciliation”? What does that supposed to mean anyways? “Boss came down” implies that bosses are up there, and their teams are down below at a different level as low level human beings. With all due respect to you, Sree, that’s not the case. I am working for the progress of the same company as my team is and my bosses are. And there is no ego issue here! We all work “as employees” for our customers. A team environment is fostered not with such discriminations as “employees” and “employer” between a manager and an individual contributor reporting to the manager. Everyone reports to someone else higher up in the chain of command, unless you are the owner of the company. And if you are, then you report to everyone who is your customer!

Life happens, to every one of us! A guy (Vipin in this case) who has never been late to work, comes a few minutes late because of some unforeseen incident on route to work (traffic jam) and “the boss” is publicly furious? I have managed 100s of team members, and I still do. When someone shows up late to my meetings, I don’t even pause. The meeting continues just as they were there all the time. If the meeting needed some inputs from the late comer, or the late comer had an action item during his/her absence, I just bring him/her up to speed in two minutes (or after the meeting) and we continue. Life happens – I have no clue why he or she is late. If this is a repeat behavior on regular basis, then I have a private conversation with the person in question and we both work together one-on-one to correct behavior. If still not corrected, then we have a tri-party performance improvement discussion (along with HR). Regardless, a public outbursts (or even private for that matter) towards fellow employees whether they are lower to us in the company org chart or higher, is inexcusable behavior. Any such repeated outbursts are a harassment law suit in the making!
Please keep these thoughts in mind. Thanks for reading.

Best Regards,
--Som G

13th September 2009 From United States, Woodinville
One should not have taken a decision in an emotional moment. But then you were shouted at and humilitaed (I call it that).
Anyway, my take is that once you have resigned, you do not take it back.
How do you know your boss will not repeat the same thing again??? Then you may not have offers to back you up.
take care and all the best
Ajay Chaudhari
13th September 2009 From India, New Delhi
you mst consider the shift if it doesnt look lik a job hop on ur CV. Otherwise if the offers are better and you are getting them in a market which is hardly offering anything, you mst take it. Dont get emotional about it, as the offers may also not come repeatedly
13th September 2009 From India, Pune
Do , what your mind says...If you are ready to work there again you need to forget this incident and work there...otherwise it will remain in your mind....and may be you can use this as an opportunity...aand try to grab that opportunity and join somewhere else(Which you have in hand)
14th September 2009
Dear Vipin,
I think you may leave the company as some of our frnds suggested.If you ask a better package now they will thank that you will try to get the benefit of the opportunity, and if you stay here again same thing will happen in future. You have done your duty to the company. So no need to worry.You don't want to worry about the company.Love your job not the company.You will get better job where you can perform better than this job.
Thanks All the best.
Finance professional from sri lanka
14th September 2009 From Fiji
Dear Vipin
You should not stay back. If you back the incident will not be omitted from the mind of the director. You are now important for the organization so he wants to back you. In future he will try to side you. Most of the employers do they same. When you are important they have good hands to shake with you.
You have a good team but the career is yourself. Never compromise because it will teach the directors at least. Leave a example for the directors which will make your team to be behaved good.
Best wishes.
14th September 2009 From Bangladesh
Dear Vipin,
The decision of the Director to ask you to resign and your immediate reaction of resigning are emotional. However by accepting your resignation, the Director has gone further which cannot be emotional. He should have waited or thought about it before accepting the resignation, there was no reason for immediate acceptance. He should have checked your track before taking such decisions. One day late should not have created such a major issue. I feel for a professional this is not the right place and since you have other offers, use your judgement and accept the offer from a well known good company and move. People will realise though your team may get a set back immdiate, but for long term it wil be beneficial.
14th September 2009 From Singapore, Singapore
Dear Vipin,
I think you should resign, since it is not advisable to stay with a company that doesnot value human relations. Now your boss apoligizes, What if he repeats the same in future.
Take a plunge & move-on...
Best wishes
14th September 2009
Dear Vipin,
See, things like this happen very frequently. As per me, before giving resignation, you should have thought thousand times. In professional life, you should restrict your decisions due to emotions. I agree with what Mr. George has said.
Now when you have submitted your resignation and also after being accepted by your director, there is no point in staying back. And you say that you have good offer, why don't you try that out.
I have an experience of around 15 years in same large organisation. I feel if you want to grow, you should not stay in organisation for more than four years. You would get more experience, more people to deal with etc.etc. don't change any organisation within two years.
Take the decision. best of luck.
14th September 2009 From India, New Delhi
Dear Vipin,
Good Morning & Greetings for the day.
Whts there to think so much when you have two offers in hand. Just imagine a situation, that you face similar incident in future after staying back and with no better offers in hand.
Considering a better career growth, larger team and a better package, i think you should go ahead with a change. Once you decide to leave just leave and dont lose your reputation by bargaining.
If you employer had tried to convince you at the very moment you gave the resignation,
you can think twice before leaving. Thats not the case now.
Emotions will not make you reach heights.
All the very best.
14th September 2009 From India, Thiruvananthapuram
the same thing has happend wid me ,bt I just walked out of office. And I never repent wtever decision I have taken in my life.
Where as in your case it seems you have love towards ur organisation and ofcourse your team and your work.You want to continue but confused that is the reason you are looking for a opinion but ultimately its your call.Just because someone shouted at you , neva leave the job only for tht reason coz , u might get same situations even in future in other companies. If someone shouts at me I just wait and justify myself I am sure you would have this an even your Boss realised later and it seems you hav gud ppl around you , even your Boss who has shouted at u seems to be gud coz nxt day he called you right, which none of the Boss will do (Ego prbs) .... an it also shows your talent the company needs you ......nw you tell us wts right for you .........pls dnt b emotional be practical.
With Best Regards
Priyaa Bhat
14th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Vipin,
While we may all advise you, the final decision will be yours.
(a) Take a leave for a day or two, go to the new company and discuss your responsibitlites and career prospects with HR and your would be immediate senior. Analyse at home the pros & cons of the new position.
(b) Discuss with your present senior and HR, your prospects and growth career if you do decided to stay. Tell them that you have an offer in hand. Analyse this position also now.
If you are confident about yourself and package is more in new position, join it. You will have to prove yourself. In the present case, you have already proved yourself. You may grow faster.
Think, analyse and decide.
14th September 2009 From India, Calcutta
Dear Vipin
If your present employer (Apparently Directors) are aware of the offers, in this given situation, you should not continue in the present organisation. Better accept the offer and join elsewhere.
Barganining for hike in pay in this given situation may give you temporary advantage only; when the present employer is in dire need of your service. But you will always run the risk from the emplyoer; once they find a replacement.
14th September 2009 From United States, Morristown
I think you should do some evaluation before you take a decision…What are the advantages of leaving and disadvantages of continuing and vice versa. I think people in the corporate world need to understand the fact that shouting at someone wont solve the problem. Just because someone is at a particular level does not empower him to treat people like nuts….Had the boss been late can juniors shout at them..No they cant….respect is a mutual affairs…Directors have bigger responsibility to accept and have to have emotional intelligence ? If he doesn’t have that skills how has he become a Director is Doubtful ? To me it’s a blessing in Disguise…..Go ahead and accept the challenge. Love your Job and not the company as when your company might leave you is not known..Hope you read that article……but Again remember if you are worth you would be regarded and respected in any organisation you work for…..
14th September 2009 From United Kingdom
As per all of us you are "Good Manager" so stayback and calmly do your work which you were doing.
Your team member proud of you and they require to learn from you something. Donot try to become "HERO" but you are "Director". You can give birth to many "Hero's" so keep it up.
You are Master Mind do not think abour lower minded people.
Thanking you,
14th September 2009 From India, Pune
Since change is part of life, you must join the bigger group with good package. From change only there is career growth. All the best for your future Karan
14th September 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Vipin,
Believe in one thing. As long as you are profiltable to the organisation, they love you. Once they feel you are not so, they don't mind to take you out for a small mistake too.
Carefull in deciding the same. But as of matter of principle, I advise you not to rejoin once again.
even if you join, you will not be getting the same respect as you were getting earlier. It will be there in their back of the mind, that this person has left once and he will be a cat on the wall.
Prasanna Kumar.

14th September 2009 From India, Bangalore

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