If u have not crossed two years of experience in the present company, I would request you to re consider seeing the doors of the existing company.
Salary should never be a point at the time emotional situations.
Try to think vice versa and you will learn a lot.
With Kind regards,

From India, Madras
If u have not crossed two years of experience in the present company, I would request you to re consider seeing the doors of the existing company.
Salary should never be a point at the time of emotional situations.
Try to think vice versa and you will learn a lot.
With Kind regards,

From India, Madras
Dear Vipin,
I would suggest, if the offer in your hand is so good, then you should leave your present organisation immediately, immeterial how effective team you have or how the managegement reflects the emotions on you.
But it should in a fair way, the management should not feel that by that hot incident you have left. it should be a win-win situation to both. The may realise their mistakes after your departure and would not commit the same in future.
Best of luck....

From India, Bhubaneswar
Respectfully, I disagree with your thoughts. A boss has to "act" like a boss? Otherwise nobody would take his/her seriously? I mean, really?? That boss must have some serious complexes if he/she so thinks. Please keep in mind, if I am the boss, whether you take me seriously now or not, come end of the year, your performance evaluations will be on my desk! I still get to evaluate your performance, whether you take me seriously or not as your boss. This is a very well-known fact to everyone in the company.

There is a certain amount of human decency and professional decorum that needs to be maintained by everyone at a workplace (not just managers). “I was tense regarding a situation”, “My wife did not give me breakfast this morning”, “My kid had a bad grade at school yesterday”, “My neighbor stole my news paper this morning”, “I had a flat tire on my way to work”, “My blood pressure is very high today, so I need an outlet”, and any number of such reasons are inexcusable excuses for an inexcusable behavior.

“Boss came down to reconciliation”? What does that supposed to mean anyways? “Boss came down” implies that bosses are up there, and their teams are down below at a different level as low level human beings. With all due respect to you, Sree, that’s not the case. I am working for the progress of the same company as my team is and my bosses are. And there is no ego issue here! We all work “as employees” for our customers. A team environment is fostered not with such discriminations as “employees” and “employer” between a manager and an individual contributor reporting to the manager. Everyone reports to someone else higher up in the chain of command, unless you are the owner of the company. And if you are, then you report to everyone who is your customer!

Life happens, to every one of us! A guy (Vipin in this case) who has never been late to work, comes a few minutes late because of some unforeseen incident on route to work (traffic jam) and “the boss” is publicly furious? I have managed 100s of team members, and I still do. When someone shows up late to my meetings, I don’t even pause. The meeting continues just as they were there all the time. If the meeting needed some inputs from the late comer, or the late comer had an action item during his/her absence, I just bring him/her up to speed in two minutes (or after the meeting) and we continue. Life happens – I have no clue why he or she is late. If this is a repeat behavior on regular basis, then I have a private conversation with the person in question and we both work together one-on-one to correct behavior. If still not corrected, then we have a tri-party performance improvement discussion (along with HR). Regardless, a public outbursts (or even private for that matter) towards fellow employees whether they are lower to us in the company org chart or higher, is inexcusable behavior. Any such repeated outbursts are a harassment law suit in the making!
Please keep these thoughts in mind. Thanks for reading.

Best Regards,
--Som G

From United States, Woodinville
One should not have taken a decision in an emotional moment. But then you were shouted at and humilitaed (I call it that).
Anyway, my take is that once you have resigned, you do not take it back.
How do you know your boss will not repeat the same thing again??? Then you may not have offers to back you up.
take care and all the best
Ajay Chaudhari

From India, New Delhi
you mst consider the shift if it doesnt look lik a job hop on ur CV. Otherwise if the offers are better and you are getting them in a market which is hardly offering anything, you mst take it. Dont get emotional about it, as the offers may also not come repeatedly
From India, Pune
Do , what your mind says...If you are ready to work there again you need to forget this incident and work there...otherwise it will remain in your mind....and may be you can use this as an opportunity...aand try to grab that opportunity and join somewhere else(Which you have in hand)

Dear Vipin,
I think you may leave the company as some of our frnds suggested.If you ask a better package now they will thank that you will try to get the benefit of the opportunity, and if you stay here again same thing will happen in future. You have done your duty to the company. So no need to worry.You don't want to worry about the company.Love your job not the company.You will get better job where you can perform better than this job.
Thanks All the best.
Finance professional from sri lanka

From Fiji
Dear Vipin
You should not stay back. If you back the incident will not be omitted from the mind of the director. You are now important for the organization so he wants to back you. In future he will try to side you. Most of the employers do they same. When you are important they have good hands to shake with you.
You have a good team but the career is yourself. Never compromise because it will teach the directors at least. Leave a example for the directors which will make your team to be behaved good.
Best wishes.

From Bangladesh
Dear Vipin,
The decision of the Director to ask you to resign and your immediate reaction of resigning are emotional. However by accepting your resignation, the Director has gone further which cannot be emotional. He should have waited or thought about it before accepting the resignation, there was no reason for immediate acceptance. He should have checked your track before taking such decisions. One day late should not have created such a major issue. I feel for a professional this is not the right place and since you have other offers, use your judgement and accept the offer from a well known good company and move. People will realise though your team may get a set back immdiate, but for long term it wil be beneficial.

From Singapore, Singapore

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