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Hi Vipin,

I know that i am too late to reply. But i have just seen your post.

Its true that people take decisions in emotions, when they have been hurt by the superiors, inspite of their harwork, honesty and discipline which is already been proved. The people who suggests us not to take emotional decisions would also do the same mistake one time or the other, due to the situations.

In your case, you have to take decisions, based on your sincere answers for the below questions., the questions you have to ask for yourselves -

1) Did I take the decision only due to dislike of Boss behavior in that moment or due to any other reasons. If so analyse the reasons.

2) Is your job, CTC, work environment satisfactory in your current position?

3) Are you looking for a change, before this incident itself, for a better opportunity., If so, then why thinking back again?

4) Can you adjust to the environment in your new job, even if you do not like some points after joining / changing?

You will get the answer for your questions, by answering yourselves for the above questions. ALL THE VERY BEST..


From India, Vijayawada
Hello Vipin,
See, Same incident happened with me. My problem was slitely different. But my boss is similar to your boss in nature.
When I decided to resign my job, he immediately accepted and my HOD rejected it and provide another arrangement regarding the matter.
So I thought on the positive side, if org values our work and ready to accept us again, then we should not stress them and I compromised with them.
So, I advice you, not to resign a job, continue with the same.
See, Package should not be highlighted in a life. as because if you are attracted by higher package it will create negative impact in the market.
Always be with those people who need you.
Its but natural, that we human being are emotional so always get excited and take immediate decision-whatever comes in our mind.
Dont think by mind, but think by heart.
Good Luck...
Have a Nice Day....!!!!!!!!!

From India, Surat
Dear Vipin,
I agree to a great extent with what Sharif says.
1. If the resignation was given and accepted in an emotional situation, then you need to rethink. It also appears that both you and your director are regretting the outburst.
2. Do a 'cold' analysis: Weigh the pros and cons of joining a new outfit as compared to the present one. If salary is an issue - but otherwise you are happy in the present organisation - then you can negotiate the same with your present directors. As our friends here has aptly put it : the known devil is better than .....Decide after taking into account all aspects.
Wish you best of luck
H Prasad
Sr Trainer & Consultant

From India, Delhi
Dear Mr. Vipin as per me, Mr. Shareef is saying absolutely right. Now its up to you whether you want to do. Whatever will be your decision please share with us and the reason for same. Regards Raj
From India, Ghaziabad
Hi Vipin,
Please go and ask for salary hike as the penalty of the behaviour of the MD who scold you. :) and please continue the same company as you are responsible for many targets and you have a good team members who understand their leader.
Make your decision as your final one....!!
Thank you.

From India
Dear Palakkal,
I guess you should continue the are good and honest employee. All such and capable people will always find a better place to work as all employers also want a good and honest staff.....ensure that this resignation letter is not filed in your pesonal file and is striked off the records. ukmitra

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
These are common issues in private companies. A boss has to act like a boss many times, otherwise it is quite possible that the employees do not become serious. To be in time for meeting is a must. When meeting is scheduled you should have started early from home. Boss must be in tension due to many reasons, as he is a human being too. It is essential to understand boss or subordinates or colleagues, even if they fail to do so, and respect their feelings. Admit mistakes, and try to be a better employee. Since your boss has come down to reconciliation with you, it is over. You may say sorry for being late, and offer to be more sincere, and it could win his heart. But if there are other constantly perturbing issues you can use this as an opportunity to change. But it is always better to leave an organisation with a pleasant face, and keep the relationships and that matters in the long run and leaving an organisation in grudge is not good for your own mind.. See if things can be settled amicably without over-reacting
From India, Chengannur
A couple of things here for you to contemplate.
  1. A good manager NEVER loses his temper with his team; Never reprimands a team member publicly. If by some chance, this does happen, a good manager will offer a public apology.
  2. My health conditions or my personal problems are NOT an excuse for my bad behavior. Being a manager (and being in a leadership position), I must at all times project model behavior for my team. If I cannot, I don't belong in my position.
  3. There is always a first for everything. If you choose to stay back, are you sure that the same incident will not repeat again? And if it does (and you decide to quit in a fit of emotion), will you have two job offers with better packages from better companies at that time to secure your next move? If not, what will you do? Will you stay back despite the incident? Or quit despite not having a job offer?
It appears to me that you are being ruled by your emotions. First, you resigned because your boss yelled at you and you felt terribly insulted. Then, you were overwhelmed by the requests to stay back and your boss calling you and asking you to stay (saying everything to boost or stroke your ego, but falling short of a formal apology). The people around you told you how important you are and now you want to stay.

Pardon me for my candor. Both of these are emotional and not objective. Think the situation through. Remove from your equation the facts that you are very important to the company, that many people asked you to stay, one of the directors did not accept your resignation, the director who accepted later requested you to stay back etc. Think about the situation, its impacts on you and your credibility with your teams, and the future (what if it happens again? what then?). Be very objective in your decision making, supported by past, unaffected by present, and focused on future. I am pretty sure you will make the right choice, regardless of what it is. And once you make your decision with an objective thinking, you will be able to live with it.

All the best.

--Som G

From United States, Woodinville
U should continue with your old team . Why ? If u love your work at that place before that incident u should carry because new job may give you goot figures but work satisfication and your team may you will not get or will take more time to develop team .
From India, Surat
Dear Mr. Vipin,
I hava jsut gone through your posting and would like to say that "Never love your company / boss but always love your job or what you do". Moreover, you might have throughly evaluated the outcome of your action before putting resignation paper, due to abnormal behaviour of your boss & now whatever happened is happened, so I feel you should not revert your decision and there should be no regret.
Afterall everybody is professional, if you take back your resignation it is a buy back time for for your boss to create / find a backup for you and slowly he will replace you without your notice, which will suffocate you and left alone. He will sideline you and forget things becasue he will have to concentrate on something else.
Hence, move forward and write your future because change is constant.
All the best, Vipin

From India, Ahmadabad

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