Dear Vipin, Be a MAN. The decision once taken - taken. Explore new horizon, if you want take some of your lovable team mates. If you stay back you will lose your "respect" Thanks Sarfaraz
14th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Vipin,

Hi. and Goodmorning.....

I have gone through the text you have posted and noticed that this has happend all of a sudden. As you have mentioned that one of your directors who scolded you and asked you to leave the job, is a patient of High BP. So what I feel that these type of people are short tempered and they can make such comment, but very soon when their BP goes down they realised their mistakes and always try to say sorry for the same, which has also happended to you. Your direcotor also wants you to stay in the comapny and also requested to withdraw your resignation because he knows your position and importance in the company and he also realsied his mistake.

Secondly u may have better job opportunities else where in other companies with good remuneration or package also, but the creditibility that u have earned from your experience in this company will take another years to gain...............,

So, before u take any decision, I would suggest you to take a deep breath, take ur own consent over the issue and then decide...


14th September 2009 From India, Calcutta
Dear Vipin, You have taken a decision, and it is better to stick on to your decision rather than continue with the same organization with a compromise.
14th September 2009 From India, Madras
Dear Vipin, You have a better chance to join new organization with good offer. Rest you compare both organization than only join new one. THanks Praveen Thakur
14th September 2009 From India, Udaipur
dear vipin,
as per me you hv to take back the resignation and continue to work there. always think positive. if you are thinking nagative then u shld not be an hr manager. in the office our HR department is always 90%. as per us we are doing 100% for our company but there should be 10% reserve for negative word of mouth.

14th September 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Friend,
Better you go ahead with your decision of quitting. The reason is simple. For whatever reason you compromise and continue, you should understand that you will no loger continue to carry the same value or impression with your people. This surely will have an impact on value or importance you have been enjoying all these days in your present job.
Once you agree and compromise after negotiation, remember that you are leaving an impression with your people that you are on among all with no self respect or speciality.
This is only my opinion (that too because you said you have got 2 good opportunities in hand) . Now decide yourself. However, hope you will take right decision. But one thing - take a decision such that you will never regret later in your life.
14th September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Vipin,

My two bits on the issue raised by you.

a) The management wants you back - Please remember, no management is conducive to the behaviour shown by your boss. This is just to ensure that they made an effort to get you back on board.

b) You already have a new assignment that is better than your current one.

My experience tells me, time is the biggest healer of all. Your emotions will not disappear in a day and this applies to the members of the management team. Your final responsibility is to yourself and then to your organization.

Take the leap and close this as a chapter. The final outcome.... you will go as a stronger person and the management now will get a better picture of the situation. Your leaving will also ensure that your team is treated better and with more respect.

You have made your mark here and have a new opportunity. Move on in life and let someone from your team take on your role and grow in life.

And last of all... do not close doors with the management. Be clear in your discussions. Let them know the reason for your departure... the start was emotional (you are still a human being) and today the reason is a better opportunity.

A colleague asked in this forum... how do you know your new boss will not shout at you ? The answer was included in the question.... the boss is new ie. a different person, a different company and different working ethics.

Have a great day and enjoy your new profile !
14th September 2009 From Germany, Duisburg
Mr Vipin, I believe you should move on. Your company has realized their mistake not because it's not good to get angry but because you are commercially important to them. It's a commercial world, and there's no guarantee they will stand by you during some tough time. Better move on. It's a good indication and good time for you, and of course people need to be taught a lesson for their own good.
14th September 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear Mr. vipin,
In my opinion you should move ahead with your new offer.
You have worked for your present organisation with sincerity and with full efficiency, inspite of your MD in tension/pressure of work he should consider your timely availablity in every meeting and your efficiency and not by shouting for one time late arrival.
Even thou you stay back thinking about your responsibility and good staff, will you be able to regarding the respect you LOST. After this episode, you can work for another 1-2 years with same organisation and not your life long till you retirement.
Your staff members should appreciate your decision of resignation after your MD behaviour.
Rest you are better decision maker.
14th September 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear Vipin
My suggestion is you should forget this incident for a while and then decide what would your decision be if u had not put your resignation due to sudden provocation. I mean apart from MD's behavious what other things are bothering you like profile, co's brand, co's financial position, product/service, professionalism and at last salary and position then you compare all these factors with the prospection employer's then make a decision.
My personal suggestion, if u had put your paper and his attitude is like that you should not be emotional and go ahead with the offer but always make a comparative analysis before going finally.
Thnx and Regards
Pradeep Verma
14th September 2009 From India, Haryana
I feel u shud continue wid this job for some time and then u cn leave it becoz like they r requesting u so much and still if u leave then u wil have bad relations with the company.
14th September 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear vipin, I think you should go for new opportunity coming your way. Perhaps nor you neither your current employer be able to enjoy the cordial relations prior this incident. So, better move ahead.
14th September 2009 From India, Delhi

If you are some one who is looking at growing professionaly, this would be the right time to move on considering that you have already communicated to ur MD about your desire to move on and that you have some job offers in hand. However, analyse the job offer carefully in terms of your role and responsibilities, not to forget authority along with it. If you choose not to accept these offers because of the profile, I suggest that you keep the job hunt on. The reason why I'm saying this is b'coz after all that has happened, I doubt if you would be able to work with the same passion and commitment at your current workplace unless you get a mind blowing counter offer (and I'm not talking only in terms of the pay package).

Thinking about the future of your current organisation shows your personal values and I think this will take you a long way in future. But as many have already quoted - "Love your job, not your organisation as you never know when your when the organisation will stop loving you".

Wish you luck and request you to share your final decision with the group.

14th September 2009 From India, Mumbai
this is the right moment for a better hike . So dont go by heart rather than go by head.If u stay in this organisation then make sure with a hike pay
14th September 2009 From India, Calcutta
hi vipin
apportunity nver comes so i want to suggest u to please join new one because your md shout on u at the front of your team member it means there is no difference between senior and junior or old and new so please leave this old co and join better one
14th September 2009 From India, New Delhi
I would support the feedback you have from Mr Vipin and Mr Simhan.
If you are unhappy with the company i.e. culture, work environment, package and these cannot be corrected through a constructive dialog, then you should look for an organisation which satisfies your needs. Pls do not make a decision based on an emotional state of mind.
14th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Maybe your problem is solved now but others like you...
Like Sharif here commented there is no point in letting emotions rule you.
And the most important point to be noted -
If you have a better offer with a good designation, don't hestitate. It's might be a new challenge. If the company has targets and the team needs you, that's a lame excuse. Bcoz the same team will not stay back for you if they get a better offer themself. But is the revise your salary or position or something, u can stay back.
At the end of the day, you don't work to make the company profitably but you work for yourself & your growth - financially & career wise. Think about it !!
14th September 2009 From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Dear Vipin,
This is a clear example on how being "REACTIVE" can ruin not just your day ...but even your career. I agree it was really unprofessional of your director to react in the way he did. But it was also reactive on your part to tender your resignation.
It is difficult to remedy this situation and I am sure the director will definately not publicly apologise for his outburst if thats what you are looking for (Very few people have the courage to admit their mistakes).
Ideally I would leave and take this as bad decision and pleadge not to be reactive again in my life...with my subordinates as well as my seniors.
14th September 2009 From Nigeria, Lagos
Dear All, I think we all had given enough suggestions/opinions Vipin kindly let us knw ur decision.......if u hav already taken!!!! priyaa bhat
14th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
14th September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi excellent - i vote 4 u - having given papers pl dont give up - Be Bold and have confidence - U will defly succeed in all your future endeavours - hema
14th September 2009 From India, Madras
hi Vipin,
I feel that u must leave the organisation where u dont find any respect for yourself and the only thing they want to retain you is because the current business oportunity they are having due to you. sooner or later they will treat you as steff and before that u leave in a good organisation with better pakage.
14th September 2009 From India, Guwahati
I m usha nikam working with a private limited company from last 9 months. i hav very good relationship with my bosses and other staff. but there are some employes in my department they always misguide me and i take a wrong decesion under their influence.
And now my department head send me a notice asking the explanation.
But the other pepole who misguide me they dnt force me to tkae the decesions but i cant prove myself in front of the management that i do these things under infulence.
now my head putting a noticed about the explanation and my resignation.
Kindly advised me what to do.
14th September 2009 From India, Mumbai
I my opinion you should leave your current office, & join another company's
higher offer of bigger group.
1. Compromising now is not a good thought for you (respect yourself)
Self-respect mandatory for sound mind & soul.
2.Choose higher package for encourge your ablity/task.
3. Life needs changes - however when you stick on something, changes done thru third person/party.
4. lots of other reason to quit this job, you know better also.
14th September 2009 From Singapore
Dear Vipin
By what you have said, your boss has realised that you are a contributor and so are your colleagues. In a career in Private sector you need to understand the temperement of the boss and understand. Every one must be knowing you are on time 15 mts earlier ; may be on that day your boss as you say has High BP, must have become hot ! later as he has talked to you , leave it at that . No ego hassle. this should be first conciliatory approach having due regard to your work acknowledgement .

now option 2- weigh the pros and cons . as one of our group people suggested, having submitted resignation stick to it. but before doing that think twice. you need to generate confidence in new company new boss etc. on the one hand this could be a blessing in disguise yet you do not know where you are walking in . if your boss in your present company has been shouting quite often to you or colleagues , the option 2 is good. Thank the boss and walk into new assignment gracefully. don't carrry grudges !!
wishing all the best and post with the development

14th September 2009 From India, Tiruchirappalli
Dear Vipin,
well right now you are in a win win position, in both the cases you would remain as a winner, if you quite the MD will be learning a lession out of it or if you stay back then also your team will know since you are talented they needed you.
now desicission will be completely yours since what will you chose today will make your future tomorrow, so be carefull in your choice.
quiting the job is not a big factor but to stay back and make them feel what mistake they have done by such act is important as per me.
All the best for your decissions.
Tk Cr
Piyali Chakraborty
14th September 2009 From India, Durgapur
Runnning after bigger package could be the biggest istake of your life.

Job is not just money. Emotions are equally important. Wrong! Some times, emotions, growth and other factors are more important. If other things goes well, money will follow here too!

Your Director shouted on you. that was wrong! It cd b BP or whatever. But then, he called yoou back.. he is requesting you... others are requesting you.. that means it was in a spur of moment he did some thin g and realised that it was wrong. Being a senior he is not directly apologizing, but calling you for tallk is good enough.

In a rational way, you can tell him that you need to be respected. Hw will listen if youo say politely.

Please continie with the same package. This is not the right time to talk of package. Give your 100%. Later some time, at cool, talk about increament. It will be done. If not, then you may consider any other offer available, if any. If not, just continue.

Job hopping gives you short term benefits. Assimilation gives long term. Have patience.

Hey God, give me patience, but right now, I can't wait for it!

and for future, learn Emotional Intelligence. Don't get upset for non worthy reasons. This was not.

Now stop thinkiing and go back to job.
14th September 2009 From India, Mumbai
Good suggestions. How running after bigger package is a mistake of life?
Unless you aim something big, you can never achieve it.
I understand that his resignation is not the outcome of that particular incident alone. Perhaps he was carrying the weight of many such incidents in the past.

14th September 2009 From India, Madras
Dear Mr Vipin

You must stay back since your boss who shouted at you on very next day has requested you to stay with them. Being a responsible person, he might have under an impression that you should be in the meeting hall before they starts deliberations on various business issues or interaction with clients etc.

You are saying that you are dealing with some clients and your leading a team of 6 members who are reporting to you. Imagine how important your presence is in such a meeting. Though, your reason to be late might be quite genuinine, but your boss would not have been in a position to understand the same by that time due to BP or some thing else.

Further, you are informing one of your other director is not accepted your resignation. Please keep it in your mind that they want to keep you with them since they have recognised your capability and importance.

I sincerely advise you to stay back for some time i.e at least 4-6 months and wait their further course of action in near future. If their treatment towards you is good, you can continue in the same organisation or else left as and when you get a good offer. This type of bosses you can find any place where ever you go and at the same time we should also have some patiency since we have our family members whom we have to take a care.



14th September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Vipin,

Its a decision you have to take as you have to live with it. I understand your MD was unreasonable. It is a fact that even if you come for a meeting 99 times punctually and not the 100th, it will be the 100th remembered. Your MD realised his mistake too and you have proved your point to the entire team, seniors included. The way i see it

1. If the job description and pay package are better of the new offers, then move ahead, provided thats the criteria for moving.

2. Its not easy to accept change, so moving is difficult. If your pride was hurt and is the cause of moving, then it has been soothened by everyone in your organisation. It does seem that you are well liked here and enjoy a lot of good will. There are lots of offers in the industry but that doesnt mean that everyone hops around. Your MD has swallowed his pride and that makes him less of an ogre. Better salaries are available, but that doesnt mean it brings a good working environment with it too.

Depending on your priorities, your resume, you job hopping or lack of it history, commuting time etc, take your call.

All the best


ps- do let us know what you decide.
14th September 2009 From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear Usha
You haven't given details about the event and what was the wrong decision taken by you under other's influence. It was necessary to know how serious was the offence/misconduct, to result in an explanation and resignation.
Without these data, what I can still advise you is, always be truthful - truth is a great weapon.
In your explanation, please accept our immaturity and lack of experience. Also, explain that you had taken the wrong decision under the influence (and mis-guidance) of your seniors/peers. But, you had acted in good faith, based on their (wrong) opinions. Do tender an unconditional apology for the mistake and assure that it will not be repeated in future.
I am sure, if your organization is good and headed by good people, they will forgive and forget your error in decision-making.
Else, in any case they had asked for your resignation - it is always good to leave such organization.

14th September 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear In case there is guarantee for your self respect by every one involved you should stay back. VS RAJAN ASSOCIATES CHENNAI
15th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Vipin, If i am asking such kind of question to you what is your reply. alway keep patience. don’t take immediate steps. also let me know the out come of your office drama. regards/tm
15th September 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
Go Ahead Man,
You have a better offer and your Manager is a hot head. Just leave. I don't believe you should take a step back after putting down your papers. You have resigned. So let it be like that. Move on with dignity and knowledge that you were loved and respected by your team. And that your work was appreciated.
Good luck
15th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Vipin,
There has been a spillage of bad blood with your superior. I feel that you are in a stronger position now than before since your worth is felt by the present company and they are therefore trying to retain you. But if one Director accepts your resignation and another does not I feel that your effectiveness is going to suffer in the future due to the tug of war between your superiors.
All the Best
15th September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi. See u have to think about many things when u quit an organisation & the most important would be whether teh new organisations environm,ent would be good n also see that ur personal life does not get affected. But always what matters is " LOVE UR JOB NOT THE COMPANY" . If u have nmore challenging responsibilities with giid facilities n a high package in teh new companythen there is no harm. But see whether u can adapt to it n decide. Final decision is always urs. All The Best
15th September 2009 From India, Raipur
Hi Vipin,
just understand one thing, never take a decision out of emotion or in anger. Apply this in all your situation personal as well as professional. Sit for sometime and think me you yourself will be able to get an answer for the same. You also need to understand the reason for why your Manager might have got angry on you. Atleast he had the courtesy to come back and speka to you. Think over it and take a wise decison.
Take Care
15th September 2009 From India, Mumbai
"MOVE ON" is the mantra..
Such a thing may be repaeted anytime in the future and you maybe forced to think, think and re-think the decision...the ball is in your court..
you may quit and join the company with a better package...
Yes, you may ask for a hike, if u get it equal or almost equivalent to the 2 new offers, good!
else, quit and join the new organisation...
You may never know, ur Boss can repeat this and you may be forced to leave at such a time wherein you might not have such offers that you have at the moment...
Truly, the buck stops here!!
15th September 2009 From India, Delhi
Hi Vipin,
can u remember "love ur job nvr love ur company".i wud suggest u the same. the offer which u r getting is bigger firm with the higher package...
emotions can nt take u very far in professional life.... move on with the new job
15th September 2009 From India, Haldia
Dear Vipin,
According to my opinion, you must resign from there. At least management should know that good and efficient employees are rare and asset for any company. You canít treat them with arrogance. Your management will get lesson from this and may be this will never repeat with any other "vipin" in your company. Donít bother about team because if u are good and industrious by nature them u will get good and efficient team member automatically. Just keep faith in you and god.
Good Luck
Please let us know about your decision
Abhishek Saini
15th September 2009 From India, Jamnagar
hii Vipin,
First of all let me introduce myself right now i am merely an MBA(First year) student.This is the first time i am posting any rep here, if i say nythin wrong then i apologise for it in advance. Sir, you decided to put down the papers just becoz your boss shouted at you, before your arrival what discussion was goin on there you were unaware of it, so it can be possible that your boss was already in anger and then suddenly u entered. After that widout even having a word wid your boss u gave your resignation i.e u took that decision emotionaly and not mentaly and decisions taken in emotions always prove to b wrong but the second thing is as u are done wid your resignation so stick to that decision and for future remember this incident always.
I again apologise if i said nythin wrong:)
15th September 2009 From India, Indore
Dear Vipin, Do not let people treat you shabbily. Then they will get used to repeating the same.
15th September 2009 From India, Pune
Hello Vipin,

Please consider this as a suggestion and not advise..

1. Any organization you join, it takes atleast 3-6 months to understand the new organizations values, vision and mission. Hence joining a new one is like a new born baby in his/her initial days.
2. Please keep in mind that you have already proven your talent in the present company and they respect you.
3. Always keep in mind that there will challenges in future also even in the new organization or the one you are presently in.
4. You have to check the pay the new company is offereng you with comparison to the roles and responsibilities
5. If you are moving to a very BIG Organization, then you might need to look into the freedom you may get to work because most of the so called BIG companies have a set form of working rules and never entertain anything out of the box ideas.
6. Love an Organzation, but never get married to it.

"Conflicts or difference of opinion will be there everywhere, but managing the conflicts and differences effectively is what a good Manager does always to over come these"

Once again, please consider this as a suggestion and not an advise..

Pls take a wise decision. Life has to move on and the ball has to keep rolling.


15th September 2009 From India, Madras
Hi Vipin,

I think you should move on. I'd experience the same situation in the month of march 2009,my Ex- boss is habitual to shout on staff and treat every one very badly, when he did the same with me I'd immediately sent my resignation to boss and cc to his wife ( 2 director of the company) for 2 days, they didn't reply & I was thinking I'm on notice period , but other staff members are trying to convince me for stay as they respect me as a good professional and individual , then after 2 days boss's wife called me and start like that " I know you are hurt by him (boss) he is like that only , so sorry for his harsh words, stay with company we'll not accepting your resignation, don't be childish .... blah blah blah............. it won't be happen again , that time he was in real pressure of client ....... etc etc............ and I was also thinking not to go as I was really attached with my company and staff .... so I withdraw my resignation [:)] ......... and after that situation became even worse they thought that due to rescission no one have any other offer/s and they can behave as they want......... they start shouting on each & every employee of the company .......... every morning and I used to curse myself, and he is start using taunting me which is very cheap ,............. and in the month of May 2009 I felt that I can’t handle this garbage ......... and I resigned and joined another good company with much higher salary . In your case when your MD is behaving so roughly, your chances to grow in this company are very low.......... He’ll use you and after that may be he'll kick out you.............. It’s better to leave this company & join new one.

Best of Luck,

16th September 2009 From India, Lucknow
Dear All,
Many thanks for your suggestions which helped me a lot.I was in a sudden shock after this bcs this is the first incident in my career.
I will take a better decision for the same and i ll keep u posted.
Thanks and regards,
16th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
As your management has understood their mistakes. And you are having two offers in your hand. You are in comfort. Both situation are in your favour. Don't worry, take appropriate decision. And go ahead. if you ask for my personal decision i will suggest to accept new offers.
16th September 2009 From India, Pune
HI Vipin,
Don't look back and join another group. This time your current company need you, thats why they haven't accept your resignation but you should think about your future.
If you take your resignation back, that will show your weak personality.
16th September 2009 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Vipin Your are right on your position & never take decision so urgent So plz. consider this matter with hearth & soul............not flow in emotions . Wish you best of luck.
16th September 2009 From India, Gurgaon
Kick his ass.. .. let the company go in loss....
these bloody MDs, CEOS etc think they are GOD...
go ahead take the better offer....
u decide.. self respect or that MDs EGO or Company @ loss
29th September 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Usha,
Come-on and be a person of decision in Life. If you have taken a choice of being influnced, you will have to bear the consequence.
Please do not try and do the mistake of proving that you have done things with others influnce, infront of your manager; as this will prove that you are not a mature staff and can be driven by any ones whimmes.
Grow-up and own the responsibilty. If you now feel that it was a wrong decision, speak to the boss immediately and let him know that you are sorry for the same and would like to make ammendments to the same as you were driven by outside suggestions and now you have realised that this was a mistake.
All the best,

30th September 2009 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

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