Can anyone anser this pleaseWhat are soft skills ?Tell the answer in one or 2 sentences interview question! Now how is one supposed to answer this
From India, Madras
Hello ,
Soft skill are exactly people skills . It is all about attitude , interpersonal and behavioural skills . In a nutshell , softskills are about presenting yourself to others and being able to express aided with proper communication . Hope this helps!!

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Soft Skills are Essential Skills; Soft Skills Help Improve Your Emotional Intelligence;
Soft Skills Help You Succeed Regardless of Your Profession;
Get the practical skills you need from Team Excellence to morph from Good to Great!
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Hello ,
Softskills are all about people skills , interpersonal skills and behavioural skills . Also its about building a right attitude(formation of attitudes) , and being able to express yourself to others aided by proper communication . In a nutshell , these are the most essential skills that a mankind must have to survive this competitive world . Hope this helps!!

From India, Madras
Soft skills is when you open the car door for your wife / GF - Chivalry highest form of soft skill:-D
Pull out a chair for your wife/GF/ Mother/Sister - You are what every other girl in the sight will fall for :-P:):-D
Soft skill is when you have just one bite going to your mouth and suddenly stops half way makes a u turn and offers to the other person who is equally hungry but without a handful...:icon6::huh::confused:
small little things which shows your polished behaviour coupled with genuine concern and some times impressing others around... got it ?:)

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Best possible definition: SOFT skills are the skills, enable one to apply his/her HARD skills M P Nahar Empower aspirants in such a way that they carve out their own destiny
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While Hard skills are Passport for one's career, Soft Skills are the VISA. Hard skills take you to the country whereas Visa is needed to enter it. While hard skills are mere uniforms to wear for a particular time, soft skills are the very dress needed at all times. Hard skills are needed for living and soft skills are needed for life. Courtesy, basic Ettiquets, Interpersonal Relationship, Time Management, Body Language Skills, Positive Attitude, Leadership Qualities, Communication Skills are the few soft skills to mention in particular. These are required for our very life let alone the career.
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SOFT SKILLS the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people.[1] Soft skills complement hard skills (part of a person's IQ), which are the technical requirements of a job and many other activities.
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Hello here my PPT Srinivasan J Team Lead FIC Bangalore
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Soft skills are life skills enabling one to use his/her hard skills, career skills to achieve success. They comprise of communication skills ,interpersonal skills, getting along with others, team work, leadership qualities,time n stress management and many more.
From India, Pune

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