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Apart from the Human Resource department, the industrial and organizational psychology department is also responsible for handling the hiring practices, training programmes and feedback systems. They help guide the HR department to understand the behaviour and attitudes of its employees.

The psychologists try to gauge the problems that the employees face and find ways to improve their performance. The organizational psychologists apply the principals of psychology to Human Resource. The blend of the two can be beneficial for the company and its employees.

The psychologist deals with the human aspects of the workplace and aim at improving people's efficiency, and hence organizational effectiveness, through their knowledge about human functioning.

The major difference between organizational psychologist and HR consultant is that all the work of the Industrial-Organisational psychologist has to be backed up by scientific evidence and statistics. In contrast, HRM is essentially a business study which emphasizes more on the practical side, with less focus on the scientific side.

The jobs of these two professionals are inter-related. The psychologist relies on the HR consultant for important data as well as to know their views. And on the other hand these consultants rely on the psychologists because they have the expertise in assessing human characteristics.

They can design the ideal candidate profile by learning the characteristic required to fulfill the post. Also they can design the tools to improvise the execution processes.

They know how people get well versed with their profession and train them accordingly. They have a mastery in problem solving and try to eliminate the problem from its root. Their technique is based on extensive research material.

Organizational psychology and HRM is more of a collaborative department than competing departments. They work hand-in-hand to create an organizational success.

-Arti Bakshi

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This explaination is really beneficial
And todaythe importance of Organization Psychologist are being acknowledge in the indian induatries as well
its a good thing to learn many new ideas from many contributors
i love citehr
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