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Hello !!! All Seniors in HR !!!

I've seen many of my friends who've opted for HR specialisation in MBA or have pursued MPM course, face a great amount of difficulty in getting a "right job" early in their career.

1) As a fresher the immediate opening available is in Consultancies.
2) Even when I see the job portals, it's really tough to find a vacancy for "Generalist" profile.
3) Hardly 2 to 5% of students are placed in companies ( all type of firms- small,medium, large,MNC etc - except consutlancies)
4) So after spending few years in "recruitemnet" they are stamped/ labelled as recruitment executives & not enteratined for " Generalist profiles"

My queries:-

1) For such students/freshers/ executives - what is the way to enter in Generalist profile?
2) How do companies fill HR generalist profiles/ positions?
3) Can HR community help these candidates?
4) How should they plan career to be successful in HR?

I wish all the best to my friends, students/ freshers in HR & hope the resulting discussion will help them in bulding a solid career.

Expecting inputs,

i had the same queries too....i can answer the 2nd question that co. fill their generalist vacancies thru IJP i e internal job postings.there is one more reason that such vacancies are very few like 2 3 in number so the senior mgmt refers to someone they know..
Hi Amit,
Good post....
1) For such students/freshers/ executives - what is the way to enter in Generalist profile?
As u said, it is difficult to get in to generalist profile. I wud say, fresher can join consultany and start with recruitment. Down the time u can take up the additional responsibilties like Payroll, Benefits & training in consultancy itself. Such tat, one can get the knowledge in generalist role and which vl help in entering Generalist profile.
2) How do companies fill HR generalist profiles/ positions?
Companies look for minimum 2 years exp in generalist profile / depends on the company.
3) Can HR community help these candidates?
Good question. Eager to see the realism.
4) How should they plan career to be successful in HR?
See the answer of question no. 1.
hey chum can u tell me some good consultancies to start career with.I have ssen that the good consultancies work for placing others.
Hi Preet, Following are few reputed consultancies. 1. Ma Foi 2. Alp Management Consultancy 3. Adecco 4. Cerebrus - All HR Services 5. People one
Hi Manohar, HR Dept’s old name is Personnel dept and the name Personnel Dept is obsolete. But, people still use, especially in Manufacturing sector.
Hi, freinds I am also pursuing MBA from Sikkim Manipal University and I am confused to select the specialization subject in third sem, plz all of you suggest me what I can do
because I am working in taxation department but my background is not commerce
1) For such students/freshers/ executives - what is the way to enter in Generalist profile?

To get a core HR Generalist profile, you will have to make your searches right. Don't limit yourself to the location. Be willing to move out and explore new cities. Broaden your horizon in making searches. Be open to accept the work in a small organization. You can't right-away work in Airtel. Also, don't just confine yourself to work in one particular Industry, i.e., try your chance in new companies (for that, make google searches). Choice of Industries is numerous. BPOs, LPOs, Telecom, manufacturing, etc.

2) How do companies fill HR generalist profiles/ positions?

The bigger organizations fill the HR vacancies through references or word of mouth. You need to develop your networking skills.

However, sometimes the vacancies may be displayed in papers. Keep eyes open and make it a habit to check Times Ascent or any other Employment newspaper.

3) Can HR community help these candidates?

Yes. The HR Communities also serve as a pool of candidates posting their CVs. But they will call you only if your CV speaks for itself.

4) How should they plan career to be successful in HR?

Career Planning is not only for the HRs. Its for everybody doing a job. But to make career in HR, one needs much more diligence in eyeing the opportunities coming their way.

To get your career on the right track in HR, you don't begin work after the completion of your studies. If you are doing an M.B.A. or any course in HR, take all the assignments seriously. Your Internship can make a difference. Work so well that you leave an impression on the Employer (who you work for during the Internship) and the teachers (whom you submit the Project). Don't copy-paste the Project work. Do the things yourself. Select the HR topics that are very rare or in-vogue. Your teachers will guide you if you go wrong. Be up-to-date with the latest in HR through such HR communities or you may also read the HR magazines like Human Capital.

Now coming to the real world after the completion of your studies, post your CV on the job-portals (Naukri/ Monster, etc.), contact the people you know. Keep your Networking strong, check the employment papers.

I am sure you will succeed. One last thing: Don't keep your expectations too high. If you are getting a good HR profile in a small organization or a bigger, you may have to come down in your salary expectations. If the work is good, be willing to compromise initially. The future will show good results.

All the Best!
hey chum!!!11thanku for telling me about some consultanciesbut i have seen most of the times that the career section on these websites have no openings for HR. in that case how shall i go about it.Shall i search their aaddress and go to submitt my resume inm hand??
Hi Preeti, You are very right, step in direct to the venue and keep follwing up. I was doin, n it worked for me.....sure, u vl get a hold soon.....go hunt n keep rockin.......
The Personnel Department is lower grade HR work, i.e. Attendance register maintainance, wages, and leave records maintainance. In a manufacturing unit, one working for Personnel Department may also have to work for health and safety measures of the labor class workers. Housekeeping would include as well.
HR Department is all different. Performance Appraisal, Recruitments, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, etc.
I am sorry..Maybe my vocabulary went wrong. But the difference between the terms is right.
Good question. The same thing has happened with me. Though I was interested in generalist HR profile, I started working as a recruiter in a consulting firm. Looking for a good generalist profile anywhere across India.
Hello Friends:
As an HR person (call it Personnel, Admin. or any other name...but not low or high grade) in a manufacturing industry, this is my perspective HR students are not too keen on manufacturing, as
a) They are more attracted to the glamour of IT/Software.
b) They have this mis-conception that "Personnel" work is low grade.
c) Pay scales in manufacturing may not be that much attractive.
d) Working environment may seem to be basic in a manufacturing industry, as compared to say Hotel or a Hospital.
Most HR candidates I meet from IT or non-manufacturing sector, however, definitely lack the overall experience and depth of HR field. Which is why, irrespective of their experience, they can be offered entry level jobs in a manufacturing industry. ....And the story continues......
Hi all,
I've been member of this site for last 2 yrs and this is my 2nd reply in the thread. This tread particularly induces me to reply because I"m working as a GENERALIST HR. Truly speaking in today's scenario the HR functions are transferred to line managers hence ... most of the HR functions are not in hands of the HR department itself, more over since HR is the support function of the organization and most of the functions are automated the Generalist role slowly moves to the END..... and most of the Generalist are doing only POST OFFICE JOB inside the organization. The aspirants should set their mind to go as a Generalist with minimum pay and slow growth in the industry or Continue as a recruiter and earns good money(Ultimate Factor for any JOB).... but if their is a good guidance and network HR cannot be compared with any functions in the organization.
-Rgds/ Karthikeyan.

Umang, I agree with you.

Best approach to go for HR generalist role is to start working in a small firm where the single HR person is responsible for all HR functions. That way your HR Generalist profile will definitely have good growth.

If any of you remember theory then you must have read, it was personnel management(IR) which evolved in to corporate HR and which is now more seen as Strategic HR (HR ego is hurt to be seen as support function:-D) so as professionals it is good not to get involved in the usage and appropriateness of the words.

All my friends have said correctly inaddition, my personal opinion is IR and HR both require a certain type of mindset. Both have their importance in their own industries, IR is very important in manufacturing and a person must see at least one negotiation of management with union to see the real beauty of IR !!!

Strategic HR is more polished,more apt for knowledge workers who need to be handled with tact, where you may need to show people that you have gone out of your way,bent the company policies just for 'YOU - (nerd) '.

It has its own glamour... rightly said.

But in this world all types of people are there ,people who work for glamour,outwitting in hardcore union negotiations,working for money or sheer satisfaction of the work done !!!!

Nothing superior or inferior...

Cheers (to HR for coming all the way...)

Hi Amit
Excellent Post..I think 80% of the people entering HR will have same doubts..Kudos to you for putting up everything very clearly. Even I have exactly the same doubts coz I also started as Recruitment Executive only and am not able to move to HR Generalist that easily. The problem with Recruitment Executive is they get typecasted that ways and companies do not offer Generalist profile to them. Thats sad actually. I hope companies understand that we want to and ready to learn other domains of HR given a chance. All the best to everyone
hi preeti,
I am happy to see the best consultant data posted by you but its only the name can you have their addresses or phone nos.
Maj H S Sandhu
IIM Lucknow(Noida Campus)
Hi Preeti I am sorry the message was for CHUM and it has been errorneously send to you. But if you can help i will be delighted. Regards Maj H S Sandhu
Hi Friends, Do you all feel opmistic about the salary offered by consultancies for the fresher MBA?????
To , All Seniors in HR !!!
Thanks for your pragmatic posts especially Mr. Umang & Chum.
The objective behind this post is sincere desire to help these candidates.
The question stil reamin unanwered : Can HR community help such candidates & more importantly how?
I think most of the generalist profiles are filled up through campus recruitments in large co/MNCs and the rest are replacement positions which require 3+ years of experience.
Even small organizations provide great opportunity and would definately prefer freshers. In fact small organization would give you good opportunity to learn and implement. As there are no systems in place you will be the sole person responsible for developing system and implementing them, as compared to an MNC where you just become the custodian of the processes in place.
You should not constrain yourself to location or industry. Sometimes you might get good opportunity in a small cities as well. In fact most of the big manufacturing setups are in small towns and cities. You cannot expect to be in one of the top MNC at the beginning of your career unless you have passed out from India's top B - Schools.
Once you gain experience and expertise no - one's going to ask you which institute you've come from. Then you are hired on the basis of your expertise.

All The Best!!!!!!!!!

A very good an comprehensive reply by uwadhwa. I really appreciate your help towards freshers/ people in doubt.
Indeed, I truly support your advice.
I, in my own career, followed a similar path.
Though, I would like to add that word of mouth is a possibility when you work in the same organisation or have friends/people you know, working in that orgn.
If you are an outsider, and that too a complete outsider i.e. no links in the organisation, a CONSULTANT can help you.
You may talk/call/mail consultants and get to know about job openings as well as the kind of salary structure being offered.
Also, as mentioned already, job portals are a good means of knowing a lot about the same.
Newspapers also help, however, if you have links or can make links, you may get to know about the best of jobs in the top notch organisations.
Avani Bhatnagar.
Training Manager.
Dear All,

I have answered all the queries in so detail because I am the one like Amit.

I passed out in August 2008 and have started working in July 2009. Believe me, its my first job and I am designated as an HR Manager. Though such long gap is because of my marriage happening in-between the period, my actual job-search was not more than 1.5 months.

Ours is a new organization, an LPO. Before this, I hadn't ever heard the term. But my HR degree and the achievements during the course helped me come this far. I have formulated the HR policies and the procedures and all the HR Forms for the Company. I am the sole responsible for all the Recruitments, Trainings, Performance Appraisals, etc. It feels soo good!!

I haven't got it all by just blaming recession and those who reach the top through references. I have strived hard to get this. I have had to reject the job offers of 'Relationship Manager' in a Ltd. Company that offered me more money, just to work in a core HR field. I am paid less (not too less for a fresher) but my job-satisfaction is at par. I have devoted my time in the search of 'right job' for me.

Employment Newspapers or the job-portals don't guarantee you to get a job in one day. You have to keep looking and keep the patience. Better than sitting idle, one may work for a Consultancy, but then coming to the Corporate world will only get tougher!!

I would also like to talk on the difference between Personnel and HR work. While Personnel Department works administrative tasks in a traditional way, HR functions are working in a modern style, like integrating HRIS in the system.

I hope this helps.

And please note that my name is Mrs. Umang Wadhwa Osahan.

Thank you!
I agree with what Mr. Wadhawa said.
I started my career in HR with a consultancy , worked there for 3 months only & got an apportunity of HR generalist job. I accepted that job though they were offering very less salary as that was an initial stage of my career. I hope future will show me good results.
Thanks for this good advice Mrs. Umang Osahan. I really needed that could u please tell me what topic should i choose for project in hr and please tell me the format of synopses. regards richa
This thread has been really useful to me..i am in a similar situation like most ppl here..i just finished my MBA in 2009..since there were no opportunities avalaible i took up a job in a consultancy but after a couple of months i started feeling restless with the profile and the work culture of that place! i quit!
And now ive joined a start up company where im the only HR!!.. we are into medical tourism..we are looking at expanding in the next few rite now my role is limited to recruitment, induction,preparation of HR policies and proformas of all the the documents required like offer letter, confirmation letter, reimbursement voucher, salary slips, etc.
Since i don really have prior experience, i don know wat else i can do out here to improve the systems. I am working on preparing a flow chart of the entire process that goes on in the company with the CEO. i want to do more but don wat!!!
Please Help!
Jamila Patel
Hi Ms. Umang and Avani,
I have a small problem out here. I have passed out my MBA in 2009 with a dual specialization in HR and Marketing. Due to lack of any good opportunity in HR I had accepted a job offer in a start up as marketing & business development officer. I am good at marketing but my heart lies with HR. Though life in Marketing is challenging with lot of authority and one can go very creative but still i wanna shift to HR. What will an HR recruiter get an impression from my background? And what are my possibilities of getting into HR generalist position?
Please advise
Very well said Mrs. Umay Wadhwa. Really i agree with you becoz what i think any kind of work if done properly then it's results is automatically speaks by itself i.e. SUCCESS. No matter work is big or small but the way of doing the work it matters.
hi amit ! u really asked a good quuestion. as i m a law graduate an pursuing MBA with specialization in HR and have the same queries. thanks n regards
Hi Richa,

I am sorry for the delayed response.

If you are at the stage where you must choose your HR Project Topic, my advise to you (or anyone) would be to select the topic such that its rare and (atleast) not covered in the previous year in your Institute. Subjects like Performance Appraisal, Recruitments, Training, are very common. Try to think out of the box. The topics in HR are all the same, but what and how you choose to present it in the form of Project will determine your level of innovation. If the subject is innovative, you score half the marks.

One other thing that shall help you far is that you choose a topic that's taken from the real world, instead of the theoritical topic.

I may help you by listing a few topics. But the list is not exhaustive. You must do your own research on the topics. The ones that interest you. A few are listed below:

1. A study on retentional practices in order to control severe attrition rate in small software companies?

2. Role of HRM Department in ERP (SAP/People soft)

3. Human Resource Department as a strategic asset in corporate planning and development.

Please try to search for more topics. read books. You will get ideas.

I hope this helps!

All the Best.
Dear All, Can we as a HR community do something for such candidates ? Expecting your inputs, Amit
I can understand the frustration and the loss of patience you must have had while accepting the offer. We need to accept the hard fact that market hardly offers HR vacancies. Leave aside the 'recession', HR vacancies are always less. Then, there are no less no. of people doing HR specialization. Out of which, some grab the posts via their good networking skills, or their references. Only a few of us get placed in the potential of HR via past service/ academeic record. Those left, would opt for working with HR Consultancies. However big these consultancies are, the salaries offered are too less or the targets are so high, that you end up taking stress. Its similar to doing a Marketing job.

The options are not limited. We must broaden our horizons. There are desk jobs to do Relationship Markrting. Then Public Relations. Everybody needs money. I would say it will be a waste of time and (parents) money to sit idle. If there is dearth of jobs in the market, opt for any job you get. Its a wise decision. Then, direct your career in the right way. Think what all options are now available to you. You always start at a lower Grade. Perform so well so that you walk the ladder to get the highest Grade. I am sure you will find your way.

As for you, once you have an experience of Marketing in the Resume, it will be very difficult to build your career in HR now. But don't give up hopes. Keep trying. You will definitely find one such job that will satisfy you. But that takes time. So the key is to keep patience :)
I would also like to address that why are we all stressing on becoming an HR Generalist. In an organization, there are so many roles of an HR. In one HR Department, there could be specialists doing T&D, some doing only Recruitments, or some doing other HR activities. To get placed in a good organisation, taking any one specialised role is worth it. While if you working for a small organization (new setup), only then you may have a chance to work as an HR Generalist. We can't ignore the pool of talent and experience that we have. Look out for the options available to you, and choose the Best.
Mrs Umang, It would be gr8 if u could help me also...coz i dont want to end up wasting my time as well as the company’s money! Regards, Jamila Patel.
Hi Amit, As u asked..."CAN WE DO SMTHG"... well, we can...but what im not very clear about it
Hi Amit,
I have repeatedly seen this one question you have been asking, well as HR community what you can expect realistically ?
Some tips which may go to help people to some extent is:
1 - join some HR network and make your presence felt,either through public relations or organising events,being a helping hand,that way some seniors may notice your multitasking talent,which is important for a HR generalist profile
2 - While recruiting try to build up good relation with client company HR and put across a word that looking forward to join as HR Generalist, well,HR positions are always scarce because with 100 people you wish to have 1 HR person,so you can understand the situation.
3 - Join as admin/operations exec,that profile will help switching to HR internally easily.
Thats all coming to my mind as of now,may be start a new thread with just this question.
the best way for freshers are to start work as a "Trainee"., if u work as a trainee and can show youself ,the company will appoint you................. Good Luck
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