I agreed but how can interviewer beleive that after joining here he/she will not change their job after getting better opportunity within less than 2 months
From India, New Delhi
It is more about building credibility. If you had a good track reecord - Meaning 3 to 5 + years of experience in your previous company, you can say that I was looking for a change because of better career oppportunity. Also, relocation , Family reason ect are good reason if you have only less than 2 years experience. Also I like the answer - Personel and professional growth.
Manoj Elanjickal

From India
Just mention For Better Prospects and More responsibility later if they ask to ellaborate then you can justify the above reasons logically
From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Saritha,
As mentioned by others above, please justify with your career opportunities and your interest in HR area (precisely), don't show your frustation level with work environment and etc.
good luck

From India, Mumbai
Dear Sarita,

This is the indispensable question that an interviewer asks you to initiate the formal interview. This is something that must be done before the interview starts. The first answer that most of the candidates give is the ‘salary’ or the ‘benefits’ but the interviewer is least interested in this reply. You should have something reasonable to talk about. Again, the correct answer needs your research on the company and the job responsibilities of the advertised position.

You might say: You are interested in the position as it has a definite correlation with your practical knowledge and experience, you are particularly impressed with company’s strong commitment to innovation and growth as well as its plans to expand, You can also add that you feel that this type of environment would challenge you to do your best work. But if you are new starter, don’t try to over-smart. Be humble and say that you are considering your career options at this point and the advertised opportunity has a definite appeal for you, both on a personal and career basis.

Remember, salary & benefits are the main constrains that made you interested in the job but you should not talk about salary or the benefits directly. Convey your message between the lines so that the interviewer focuses on your eagerness towards learning & growth instead of monitoring benefits. Like you can say that you are looking for a career opportunity that is both intellectually and financially rewarding BUT remember you are supposed to justify your career opportunities and your interest in HR not the frustration or the problems you are facing in your position. Don't show your frustration level with work, team member or anything like that, else it give employer an extra edge and you may not get what exactly you want.

Hope you will find the above information useful. Do contact me in case you desire further information. I can be reached at

Fond regards,
Malik, Noman H.

From Pakistan, Karachi
Dear MS Thakur,
were you aware before joining the company about long hour travelling from your house to office or office to house.
If you were aware about the fact which you are giving right now then it seems a excuse only.
Make your statement very clear for change your current job

From India, Chandigarh
The fact that transportation is a problem for you might pose a problem for bot the agent and new employer as there is no guarantee that the premises of you new employer might move to a new location. Rather user personal/professional growth and indicate that you would prefer a location closer to your home.
From New Zealand, Wellington
i m aware of daily up down but at that time i felt i can do it and i dun have any other option rather to join this firm. i felt it will be easy but nw i m finding it too difficult and in winter i have no way else i have to quite my job
than now suggest me

From India, Panipat
I have done a project in a leading cellular company where i have contacted arround 150 ex employees of that company and thoroughly discussed the reasons of their leaving. Followiing are the top 5 reasons:
1. Not comfortable with the working style of immediate boss.
2. Got higher package and profile
3. Wanted to study further
4. Proximity from home
5. Most unusual (for me atleast):- Already worked in the company for more than 5 years so "just for change"

From India, Ahmadabad
Being a girl u can give reason about transportation. but u should explain it from beginning..... u wasted lots of time of others
From India, Ahmadabad

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