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how many total leaves employee can get in a year like CL, PL, SL etc Rujvi Mehta Sr Executive - HR
From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Rujvi,

I got this from this Cite. I think it will be use full for you.

Leave Policy

Policy Statement & Objective:

This Policy encourages its employees to take break from work as this provides for a healthy and efficient staff. The leave policy sets out the various types of leaves that an employee is eligible for and outlines the procedure for taking leave.

1. Leave Eligibility
2. Casual Leave
3. Sick Leave
4. Maternity Leave
5. Modalities
6. Leave during notice period
Leave Eligibility
Employees on permanent rolls of the company are eligible to avail leave as per policy. Leave is credited to your individual account, on 1st of January each year. Leave eligibility for the year is calculated on a pro-rata basis, from the date of joining.
Casual Leave
• An employee is eligible for 10 working days per calendar year or the pro rata equivalent from the date of joining during the first year of service.
• An employee should inform his/ her immediate superior in advance.
• Casual leaves needs to be intimated and approved at least 2 days prior.
• Unused CL at the end of the year would lapse and cannot be accumulated.
Medical Leave
• An employee is eligible for 12 working days per calendar year or the pro rata equivalent from the date of joining during the first year of service.
• Original medical certificate should be provided along with leave application for medical leaves.

Maternity Leave
Women employees are eligible for Maternity leave upon completion of a minimum of 80 days of service at the Organization, as defined in The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. This facility will be available for the birth of the first two children only.
Maternity leave would be granted for a maximum of 90 days including all the weekly offs and holidays falling in between.
Maternity leaves for Females would be as per government regulations and as per management decision.
Leave during notice period
During the notice period an employee is expected to spend adequate time to hand over responsibilities to another assigned employee. Any leave taken without prior permission will be treated as LWP.
Leave during probation period
During the Probation period an employee is expected to spend adequate time to learn responsibilities. Any leave taken during probation period will be treated as LWP.
Leave benefits:

Only employees who would have a balance of more than 15days at the end of their 1yr contract will be compensated with paid vacation for the equal number of available days.

Employees are entitled to take 2 leaves per month including casual leave and medical leave.

None of the leaves are carry forward and management decisions are final.

The company can change the leave policies as per requirement from time to time.


Maya Yadav
(HR Executive)
From India, New Delhi
Dear Rujvi Mehta,
Sr Executive - HR
An employee can get as many as leaves under different heads as you wish or deem fit but at the same time you are required to grant minimum statutory leaves as per different leave related enactments as applicable to your establishment.

(Labour Law & Legal Consultants)

From India, Delhi
As per statutoryn provision how many leaves an employee can get??? of all types — CL,PL,SL etc. Regards, Ravinder Singh
From India, Rohtak
Dear Ravinder Singh,
First examine which of the Acts relating to leaves are applicable to your unit out of Punjab Industrial Establishment (National & Festival Holidays & Casual & Sick Leaves ) Act, 1965, Punjab Shops & Commercial Establishment Act, 1958 and factories Act, 1948 & then finalize these leaves as mentioned by you.

(Labour Law & Legal Consultants)

From India, Delhi
Dear Rujvi Mehta
Your quary regarding CL,PL,Sl, etc
Leave are of Different type.
NFH (National Festival Holiday)
CL (Casual Leave)
SL (Sick Leave)
All three type of leave comes under Industrial Establishment ( National Festival Holidays & Casual Leave & Sick Leave )Act 1965 and define for every state so check this Act other wise you met with Labour Department for clear-
EL (Earn Leave)
Earn levae define through The Factory Act, 1948, Section 79,Eligibility for EL is 240 days minimum working in prev. year. one day for working of 20 day in case of Adult workers and one day for working of 15 day for child workers
Total Days in a year =365 Days
Total absent in a Year = Sundays+NFH+CL+SL
Total Present = Total Days in a Year-Total Absent
Total EL= Total Present/20 (For Adult)
Total EL= Total Present/15 (For Child)
Maternity Leave not Exceding 12 Week in a year.
From India, Haryana
Dear Rujvi Mehta,
Sr Executive - HR
An employee as per rule take 8(CL)/8(SL) and the number of (PL) is calculated by covering 20 days of present,we can say that 1 PL is given on 20 working days.
From India, Delhi
Dear VIVEK, Which of the Act or Rules one is entitled to have 8 days CL & 8 days SL ? Regards, R.N.Khola (Labour Law & Legal Consultants) 09810405361
From India, Delhi
Hi all,
Can any one tell me:
In Factory: workers are entitle to PL -1 leaves after 20working days i.e 15 PL in year
Are they also eligible for CL also?
Leave policy for employees, where I have kept PL = 15, CL = 12 (1 leave / month)
Employee can accumulate Sick leave under their PL.
Public holidays 10
Provision of Maternity & Paternity leave.
Are workers also eligible for the same leave policy as that of employees?
Please suggest me.
Thanks & Regards
From India, Delhi
Dear Priyanka,

For eligibility & grant of Earned Leaves to workers you are to adhere to chapter VIII of the Factories Act, 1948 which relates to leave with wages. They are also entitled to get seven Casual Leaves as per The Punjab Industrial Establishment (National & Festival and Casual & Sick Leaves) Act, 1965 as applicable to Delhi.

There is also a provision in this Act for 14 days Sick Leave at half pay in a year. However the workers entitled to sickness benefit under the Employees State Insurance act, 1948 are not entitled for sick leave. Since most of the factories are covered under Employees State insurance Act, 1948, the sick leave provisions are generally not applicable on workers employed in factories. It has also been clarified in Section 14 of this Act, that nothing contained in this Act, shall affect any right or privileges, which any worker is entitled to receive under any other law, contract, custom or usage, if such rights or privileges are more favorable to him than those to which he would be entitled under this Act.

You are to go through the definition of the worker in both the Acts i.e. Factories A ct & The Punjab NFH Act, 1965 & extend the minimum required leaves to them in accordance these Acts. After this for remaining staff & officers of your factory who are not covered under the definition of the worker, you may make Rules for grant & procedure of these leaves.
Comments submitted as requested.



(Labour Law & Legal Consultants)

From India, Delhi
Dear Rujvi, Pls find attached herewith a file for ur query. I hope it will make solve ur query. THnx & Rgds Bhagwan Tolani Sr. HR. CM Group
From India, Mumbai

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As per act 7SL,7CL is given to employee in a year but it depends upon the HR Policy of company different companies given 8(CL) & 8(SL) to its employees in a year,according to its company policy.
From India, Delhi
This is just for your information only that according to section 4 of Punjab NFH Act, 1965 as applicable to the State of Haryana we are to allow to the workers 7 casual & 14 sick Leaves in each calendar year.People of their own started giving 7 days sick leaves.

(Labour Law & Legal Consultants)

From India, Delhi
Dear Mr. Khola, There is any difference in Leave Policy between Company falls in Factory Act & Company falls in Shops & Establishment. Rgds Santosh
From India, New Delhi
Dear Santosh,

Yes. The leave policy will be certainly effected by the coverage of unit i.e. Factories Act, 1948 or the State Shops Act & if both of the Acts are not applicable then also this policy may be different. It is not obligatory for us to frame leave policy under any of the Acts but to streamline & to regulate the functioning of the unit we give our attention to this aspect. When we only grant statutory minimum leaves according the applicable laws of the unit then there is no need of preparing this policy as everything is prescribed in the law.

While preparing leave policy for any unit one should keep in mind the laws relating to grant of different types of leaves. Which is our appropriate Govt. i.e. Central or State? Which of the Central or State laws are applicable? Leave Rules/ policy of the concerned unit should not be contrary to the applicable laws. If we have certified Standing Orders then these should also be kept in mind.
Clarification provided as requested.



(Labour Law & Legal Consultants)

From India, Delhi
Dear Sir,
Thanks. Would you tell me if an employee takes leave on saturday as well as on monday then sunday will be counted as working day or not. Pls explain all conditions.
I shall be very thankful to you.
With regards :
From India, New Delhi
Dear Sir,
I want to know the procedure of C-Off for staff. In our company C-Off policy is also applicable to Managers and above.
As I mean Managers are part of Management. Please guide me properly with rules
Sanjay Tiwari
From India, Gandhinagar
Is there an exception to these laws? For Eg., mine is a small company with less than 50 employees, we don’t get sick leaves and casual leaves.
From India, Delhi
dear sir please give me a Air Travels PVT LTD Company Employees Leave Details And All Employees Leave Record Format. And rules with Regds, Nba travels
From India, Jalalpur
i have joined a company which is newly registered and they have appointed HR but it will take 2 weeks to join. I just want to know as per Indian Govt. Law if someone took leave he/she for 1 or 2 days, so the company is eligible to cut the salary of the employee beacuse comany didn`t decide how many CL, PL, etc there is no company policy, no leave structure, etc
Thanks and Regards
From India, Bangalore
From India, Delhi
Dear Mr.R.N.Khola,
Is there any provision under the ACT (Factory Act/ Punjab Industrial establishment NF,CL & SL leave act 1965 for carried forward of sick leave. as under the second act there is no provision.
Tirlok Dhir
From India, Gurgaon

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