What is this vital Right Motivation ?

The Noble Eightfold Way, leading to Nibbana, is simply this:

Right View

Right Motivation

Right Speech

Right Action

Right Livelihood

Right Effort

Right Awareness

Right Concentration

But what is Right Motivation ?

The Motivation for Withdrawal:

Being motivated by a general absence of greed, craving, & desire!Being motivated to generous giving by relinquishing possessiveness.Being motivated to detach from the five sense-desires of urge for alluring and tempting sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches...

Being motivated to cut attachment to the five clusters of Clinging

to forms, feelings, perceptions, constructions and consciousness...

Such radical renunciation is Right Motivation!

The Motivation for Non-Ill-Will:

Being motivated by universal friendliness, infinite goodwill, care,

non-anger, hatelessness & a sympathy wishing and working for all

sentient being's happiness, content, comfort, benefit & welfare...

Such gentle kindness is Right Motivation!

The Motivation for Harmlessness:

Being motivated by absolute non-violence, absence of cruelty, & by

compassionate pity, thereby offering all sentient beings guaranteed

safety & protection from any evil, painful, bad or wrong treatment...

Such giving of fearlessness is Right Motivation!

The opposites of these advantageous intentions is Wrong Motivation...


Nithya :)

30th November 2006 From India, Madras

Hai Nithya. iam vijay kumar, Motivation can be defines as cause to an action, The thought which come out of our heart are real motivations.
31st January 2007 From India, Hyderabad
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