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hi all,

My HR forcing us to follow dress code on every monday.

for Male - trouser and shirt with Tie
for female - Trouser and shirt or saree

I dont want to comment on our male colleagues. but I am not at all comfortable wearing both, as first is against for my parents and second one is very difficult to manage whole day and i leave after 10pm and my office to home is isolated place.

I have suggested to implement shalwar also, since this is also relates to our culture, as HR was talking about following our culture.

I believe in following our culture and respect it, but i work for 12 hrs daily, managing saree for long hrs is terrible, i know its for one day in week, why to take pain and it is matter of safety also.

I have faced problem once and HR knows about it.

i again requested them during HR meet, and expressed concern about safety for female, but it dint work.

Is any there law which help us, second point is that i want to written and signed request to managment, but only i always raise my voice, whereas my female colleagues cribe behind, all because they are afraid it will effect their appraisal, with out their support, if i want to do something is not possible.

Is our laws strong to look into our matter and my company is MNC.

I am not against HR, i want them to change their perception by understanding our problem and i was in HR for 6 yrs and moved into different dept.

please share your thoughts.


From India, Mumbai
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Pallavi, There is no rule as I understand. But Salvar is acceptable everywhere including schools & colleges. I do not know why your Co. is rigid.
From India, Lucknow

there is no law as such.employee should follow the decision of management.if you have any problem you can discuss with them
and you can put your problem to them.ultimately decision of management has to be followed,
j s malik

From India, Delhi
Ash Mathew

Dear Pallavi,

I completely understand your situation, but lets focus on facts for now.

First - ts a matter of convenience for you. You state that you cant wear trouser and shirt - becasue its against your parents interest. You dont want to wear a saree because you are not comfortable. WHy would you think that the management would want to ease the rules they prefer to follow to chose for one's convenience.

I am person who stands against female insecurity, but a few questions to you ma'am:

a) your parents have an issue with you wearing trousers, but are completely alright with you reaching home after 10:00 PM?

b) What makes you think that a saree is more dangerous to consider?

c) What makes you feel that wearing salwar protects you from any danger at all?

Think in all the angles. We cannot chose to be in pur comfort zone for ever. Its after all once a week. Either you convince your parents or try saree for a change. No one feels comfortable in the first instance. Practise makes it better.

When company choses to follow a policy and when majority of them are able to manage it (infact everyone except you), why would they think of just easing it only for you?

Being in HR for 6 yrs, you must have very well known that if the Management choses to have such policies as a matter of their once a week dress code, then they expect everyone to follow it. Had they asked you to wear something that is bad and not at all expected of our culture, I would have stood your side. But not when they ask you to chose saree,..

I used to have a friend of mine who made such a mess out of a day when we were all asked to wear saree. She was irritated, and she tried showing the discomfort on her face.. no one even bothered her. The HOD and the college principal later called her and explained that being draped in a Saree is really a beautiful thing. It is uncomfortable only if you think so.

End of the day if you feel really bad - I think you need to go and explain your HR and receive some direct counseling. Take care!

From India, Madras

Hi Friend,

I think u have not read whole thing, I said clearly that all females are not comfortable, only thing is that only i am raising voice.

Second I am not here to proove whether really worked in HR or not, but yes, we should follow management and managment also should understand the problem of employees.

Rules or dress code for our convenient and also to maintain discipline, but in the name of discipline, we cant include illogical rules.

I think everybody will agree, that salwar covers ur body unlike saree, so definietly their is possibility of more risk attached to saree compared to salwar.

HR or Mangement for the employees, rules are meant for convenient for employees, not thrown with force.

In the fear of getting bad feedback my management is scared to take employeer satisfaction survey?, they have not conducted till date in the last 2 yrs. why no reasons told.

I also want to say my job demands me to work till 10:00pm, yes my parents have concern over it, as every parent will.

Eerybody is forced to stretch for more hrs, do we able to change that????

Either u have to quit or adjust , wt anybody do if their work demands to work for more than 9hrs?????

As every company these days demanding more hrs work from employees, we cant quit every job, considering the current market conditions.

Since i am career oriented person, need to maintain the stablility in a company for long, which is must for my growth, and cant leave job for Dress code

Lets us understand from Human touch point of view, on the name Dress code u cant implement anything.

and back to dress code why male colleagues were not told to follow culture then?

I am from HR backgorund , but never ignored employees concern, because every employee is important and employee contributes to the sucess of the company and employees here are to work.

What is purpose of a rule ???????????, which will disturb the employee from working freely, infact if you look it is extra burden on employees in terms of cost. when it was implementated, we had to rush for shopping.

If we take example of big and sucessful companies, they never had Dress code.

Anyways thank you one and all for your response and lets stop this topic here only.


From India, Mumbai
The actual fear is in mind rather than anything else, especially being in HR, one must know what P & P means (policies and procedures). A saree draped girl/or one in western attire would look more professional/business-like in her approach and adds maturity too.
On the other hand, the salwar is worn on an everyday basis, and cannot possibly be segregated for formal wear.
There are formal wears for every occasion, and why even our saree has been from an age-old custom and works back a few thousands of years. The salwar came into existence especially in chennai for the last one decade or so. So I trust u would look wonderful and find ways to adjust in this for a day. Just imagine, even the newly wed brides have to wear it for the whole day along with jewelry, so if this is cumbersome in mind, then cumbersome in action too

From India, Madras

Trully said everything is how u look the things at, surprisingly some of HR cant understand employees issues, HR means working closing with employees.
HR is bridge between management and employees, so cant always support management and talk about policies and procedures.
I never said i am against dress code, but i did say we are not comfortable with attire under name of dress code.
suggesting for salwar as dress code along with rest existing attire, so that choice will be left to the employees to pick the one they are comfortable.
it needs lot of understanding and experience as how to deal with employees from HR point of view and to tell you the truth, even our HR team is not comfortable to sarees, but scared to tell their boss, and thats the bitter truth.
I hope my friend now u will understand it.

From India, Mumbai

Too much heat around. Wish the AC was cooler.
The first thing i would suggest is relax. Dont get annoyed when i say that i go with the guys / gals who have posted their responses over here. If its a policy....everyone has to follow it and it cant be changed at the wish and reason of one employee...No two ways about it.
BUT, if i go by what you say - "all female employes are uncomfortable" then i would suggest you get a consensus with all of them (atleast 60-70%) and propose a change to the management. And if you dont succed at this all means you will have to follow the saree ritual (its nice / beautiful actually).
All the best.

From United Kingdom, London

Hi trinity,
Thanks for ur reply, thats wt i am telling that i am also in favour of policy , but provided policy is for betterment and comfort of employees, ofcourse there may be cases where one or two employees may not agree, that can be sorted by speaking to them, but if major employees are not happy, then it is concern, it is currently happening in my company.
As I already told earlier, nobody is willing to support, so i am afraid ur suggestion will not work, but thanks to u for understanding me. I too agree that wearing saree, one looks nice and beautiful, but it is beautiful and comfortable to self when it is choice, not completion.
I have posted in citehr, just to know if any law exist or not, no intention to debate on whether to follow policy or not.
My perception was misinterpretated.
take care

From India, Mumbai

Hi Pallavi,
Dont take it serious its my opinion only. First thing our culture and our tradition is saree but you are not comfortable with saree ok then u said shelwar is more secruity than saree. sorry pallavi i wont accept this. first u just understand that. I agree with your point all are not comfortable with saree ok but it for only one day know try to convience yourself not mangement. I have one doubt what problem u will face while u wearing saree rather than shelwar. My personal view is that shelwar also create some insecurity do you know that am not able to brief about this here. so think a twice adjust with your managment. But my preference is for employee welfare and benefit only i dont know about your hr person. If i said any against you i apology for that. find out the right solution for this.

From India
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