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Thread Started by #buzz.lightyear.nova

Hi ppl,
I v taken up a project with a bank.I need to formulate certain low cost , high engagement strategies for arnd 5000 employees over there.Please let me know of certain low cost n feasible strategies practiced in your organisation to keep emplyees engaged in this recession.
Awaitin ur reply
5th August 2009 From India, Mumbai
guys.....plzz help me out.....also lemme know if there r any openings as a freelance recruiter
5th August 2009 From India, Mumbai
sir....u too can help out with sum low cost , high engagement stragies dat can b adopted in these turbulent times
6th August 2009 From India, Mumbai
An area that affects employee engagement is communications. If you company does not have any communication channel between management and staff, you can implement one. If you company already has communication in place, see how you can improve on it.
During recession, when staff are concern over both the company and their own future, regular, clear and consistent communications can help manage employee expectations and alleviate employee anxieties.
Since communication can be done using internal resource, it is also a low cost!
Autumn Jane
6th August 2009 From Singapore, Singapore
Hi, Call sanjay jindal - 09810033601 Free lance required for jindal international...New Delhi Regards, Lakhani
6th August 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hi Buzz,
Review their job profiles and understand why their morale is low.
Your aim should be such to identify the factors that makes feel passionate about their job.
One can find out about the real reasons by conducting employee satisfaction survey which ought to be the first step before making strategies. As Autumn Jane rightly said communication is the best way to handle the employee’s issues.
6th August 2009 From India, Pune
thnx a lot for ur suggestions dis weekend i need 2 submit my proposal 2 d bank regarding low cost , high enegement sstrategies dat can b adpoted by them for arnd 5000 employees n after dat.....m actualy supposed 2 wrk on d implementation.....keepin low cost factor in plz tel me feasilbe solutions with aCTUAL IMPLEMENTATION.
7th August 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dont be shit scared. Befor you launch yourself in the zone of engagement startegies, you need to understand the field. If i were you, i would suggest the below:
1. Need of a ESAT / Engagement Survey for the current workforce and the market (specify the areas, you would stress on): This will help you in understanding the pulse of the employees as well as the market.
2. Based on the analysis of point 1, you can rack your brains in here for industry specific responses or you could interview some kewl guys from your industry who are deep in engagement.
What you are trying to do right now is going out in wild. Try to get feel of the terrain before you can make a difference.
If you still need to work something out without doing the above.... google it :)
Any which ways...if you can send me the report that would be great.
Trinity - Morpheus

7th August 2009 From United Kingdom, London

Here are some inputs from my end...

Hope your Project has following Objectives:-

1) To engage employees in the organizational initiatives
2) To create a Hi impact in the minds of the people
3) To realize the importants given to the employees
4) To show the care on employees Health and Safety
5) To retain the Talents and make the organization more competitive

I would suggest the following Programs:-

a) Higher Education Stalls - make some arrangements with leading institutes and set up the class rooms in the office and let the institute(s) run the program in the said class room for the exclusive benefit of your employees. Definitely for the self-improvement employees would come forward and take part in the classes on their own cost. They need not run after office hours to somewhere for the classes, services are available at their doorstep, organization(s) will recognize on successful completion of the courses, periodical feedback can be obtained from the Faculties to measure the effectiveness and Institutes would definitely provide good curriculum for them with discounted price.

b) Communication Shop - since it is a Bank and majority of their employees need to be in touch with customers on a daily basis, it is very much impertaive for them to improve the communications. Set-up a similiar to Toastmasters club which will definitely shape the communications and leadership qualities of your people.

c) Work Life Balance - form a team of employees who can volunteer to organize for periodical Guest Lectures on Health, Safety, Higher Education, Family welfare, Investments etc. Hospitals - used to extend the support to Corporates to give Guest Lectures at free of cost on the topics like Stress Management, Eye Screening, Heart ailments, common ENT problems, Gynacological issues, Ortho problems etc. Safety - Officers from Fire / Police dept can share some tips.

d) Children of your employees can participate in the painting competitions and best paintings can be displayed in the front office of the Bank which will beautify the atmosphere and attract the customers. Respective Employee will definitely feel happy

e) Women's forum can be set up to work for their leadership development, how to face the issues at work place etc

f) Organize for an exclusive Book fair in the Bank's premises after office hours for the benefit of employees' family. Can negotiate with the vendors to donate some books out of their profit thru such fairs for Library of the bank.

g) Suggestion Box - to set up a team who would touch with all the employees to take the suggestions in person and work for betterment

Hope these points would be of use for your Project.

All the Best.
7th August 2009 From India, Madras
you probably need to look at doing a career pathing/ career tracks exercise for the employees. If it is sales driven organisation you may devise sales incentives or variable pay plans.. hope this helps... let me know if u need more insight..
7th August 2009 From China
Suggest You Provide Some More Info :
- Are all these employees based at one location or at multiple locations.
- Are these employees from a common vertical of the organisation or are these from variour departments.
- Is the idea behind doing this is just to keep them enganged or are you looking at doing something which is of mutual benefit to the employer and the employee.
7th August 2009 From India
Whilst the conduct of employee engagement survey is always technically possible, a number of salient issues need to be considered before undertaking such a commission:
• Raised Expectations
The topmost concern is that the very conduct of such a study will raise expectations amongst staff that “something will be done”. If the eventual outcome falls short of these expectations, then there may be a backlash from staff.
• Focus of tool
A climate study is a very blunt tool unless properly constructed. A tool that tries to cover too many areas will not provide sufficient insight to developing a course of action to address the issues raised by the survey.
• Management Resolve to Address Issues Raised
This is the most critical issue. Management MUST be willing to constructively address problems highlighted in the study.
Autumn Jane
7th August 2009 From Singapore, Singapore
hi.....thnx for ur replies......dis project is for a renowned bnk with arnd 7,700 employees but they are at different locatins and departments as wel.The most important thing 2 consider here is d cost involved.It has 2 b strictly low cost , high engagement practices because later I hav 2 wrk on d actual implementation as wel......plzz help
7th August 2009 From India, Mumbai
I am rather surprised to find that you are giving information about your need in dribs and drabs. I also wondered how the number of staff employed has gone up by nearly 40% within a short time span from "..arnd 5000 employees over there..." in your first message to 7,700 in this message.
May we know whether you are expecting us to tell you the cost of implementing different actiivties?
Have a nice day

7th August 2009 From United Kingdom
nopes....m sory.... it is 7700 includin diff loca ns n 5000 at dat 1 loca n.....d strategy is 2 b formulated for all d 7700 ppl in diff departments n most importantly keepin low cost in mind.
7th August 2009 From India, Mumbai
hi buzz!
i feel u shud mk every employee first have faith in the organization they r working in. Have lectures and explain to them the goals of the organisation. Take ideas from them as to how u all can achieve it. Individually ask them how wud they like to add value to the organization. Plan short term achievable goals for each department. Organize for some fruitful returns / rewards for can be by way or merit certificates, some earning points for their appraisal, best employee forum, bonus points for earning a day off, etc. U can incorporate an in-house newsletter, covering various activities, growth results, etc in it. Also u can arrange educational lectures for them on various topics of their concern. Health and education is one of the important factors u can work on. I am sure people r concerned abt their jobs and career in the organisation, so maybe u can implement in-house training sessions. Assign interested employees different topics and let him hold trainings...if u dont want to hire external agencies considering the cost factor. We look outside for trainers but u never know u may find the right people in the company itself who can help u with the tasks. Devlelop few competitions for the employees children...its makes parents proud. Develop policies for the special days of the employees such as their anniversay, birthdays...fot this u can have free movie tickets or personal greetings signed by the CMD or CEO, which will make them feel important. I hope u find my ideas good enough...All the best!
7th August 2009 From India, Mumbai
I have gone through the postings so far. The information furnished by you have been in bits and pieces.

Are you looking for a ready-made solution spoon-fed to you ?

Is it feasible considering the scope of work involved ??

What kind of project it is ???

A summer project for MBA student ????

Or, you are a fresher/new joiner who has been thrust upon this task to keep him engaged temporarily ????

Or are you a consultant ?????

In which case how on earth did you land up with this project ??????

Did the bank not evaluate your competency ???????

Was there a fair bidding process involved ????????

Did the process comprise of two parts - techno-economics or competency and price bid ?????????

The scope of the work is so large that unless someone is really competent and has a track-record of having done so, I am afraid that it can not be covered by such kind of scattered one-way half-duplex postings in this forum.

If you don't have the know-how; you can always acquire know-how. You can contact me.


7th August 2009 From India, Delhi
Hi seniors,

I m an MBA student n hav taken up dis project voluntarly.I was assigned dis project by a senior frm my coll who is also d associate vp-hr in d reputed bank.I believe she is considerin sum more ppl for this task n wil choose d best.There is no stipend for this one.

In dis first week , I m supposed 2 formulate certain low cost , high engagement strategies for dis recession n then later wrk on d actual implementation in d nxt 7 weeks.

So finally with sum research frm d net n with d help of industry experts as I hav been told 2 do, I hav been able to formulate a few strategies which I m attachin.This one shud b aplicable for any no. of employees , dats wat has been told 2 me.The bank has arnd 7700 employees in all in various departments and locations.So plz temme :

1. If I shud cut down on literature

2. If certain points hav been repeated

3. If sum mor low cost strategies can b implemented

4. If actual implementation is poss

I hav tried 2 include as many high engagement strategies as poss , but sum of them might involve cost , so need 2 edit those bcoz low cost , high engagement is d most imp thing here....jus giv sum suggestions.I stil need 2 format d doc n mail it acros 2 her by monday jus mailin here for ur suggestions bfor I finaly format n mail it 2 her.....This is all d info I hav ...I hav also found a gallup engagement survey frm d net.....dats all.....Plz advise.
8th August 2009 From India, Mumbai

Attached Files
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File Type: doc LOW COST , HIGH ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES.doc (88.0 KB, 155 views)

I am extermely sorry to state that I was not able to decipher your "mobile texting" language. It took so many messages to extract information about who you are, why you have undertaken the project, etc.
Have a nice day
8th August 2009 From United Kingdom
I have managed to decipher your sms-texting language (kindly use proper language in future, as this is a professional forum and members are very particular about decorum).
I have gone through (though not v. critically) your entire draft submission; and although I am not sure how much of it has been 'borrowed' by way of "cut-paste" from the net; but I find your efforts, quite genuine and the quality of material v. good in comparison to the trash-being-passed-off-as-project-report, that I have gone through in the past.
Instead of discussing your draft, I shall just just edit (mainly delete partially) it along with suggestion wherever possible. Give me some time.
Meanwhile, carry on with your research and your own evaluation; you are on the right track. Btw which B-school are you from ?
Keep working.

9th August 2009 From India, Delhi
Hello sir,

Thanks for your guidance. I m from K J SOMAIYA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES AND RESEARCH, MUMBAI.Being a student, I have this habit of using SMS language but will definitely avoid using the same here henceforth.I guess I have attached an exhaustive list of measures that can be taken but need to present only those that can be implemented at low cost because in the next 7 weeks I have to work on the actual implementation.Since I have never worked in HR,please help me customize it according to the needs of the bank.I guess conducting an employee engagement /satisfaction survey would be the first step to find out the reasons for dissatisfaction amongst employees and also to find out how engaged they are.In my previous mail , I have mentioned the 4 areas where I guess improvement is needed, but if there is any other stuff to be added /deleted , please let me know.I have prepare it to the best of my abiltity and mail it to her by tomorrow morning.So , please let me know the changes soon.

Thanks a lot once again for your suppport,sir.
9th August 2009 From India, Mumbai
Thanks for posting more details about yourself in "Proper English". Much appreciated.
I have taken a quick look at your Word file. Like Raj has pointed out it is more of cut-and- paste effort without a proper structure. Also, it's too long. Kindly take a look at the following sites
<link no longer exists - removed>
Leadership Development - Results focused Leadership thinking and practice from around the Globe
Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement RBS A video at Royal Bank of /Scotland
You need to answer 3 questions (What, Why and How) clearly, yet concisely.
Have a nice day
9th August 2009 From United Kingdom
they can use Esop(Employees stock option programe) there companies gives a share to the employees insted of monetory benifits so that company can get profit and employees also get profit for long time, there is one more thing this is actual fact which as happened in purvankara projects they reduced the 50% of the actual salary which employees are getting.
10th August 2009 From India, Bangalore
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