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Here is a sample interview of a successful candidate of TCS.




This article is for all those who are interested in TCS campus placement(i bet if you follow what all he(my friend) has mentioned then it will be a cat walk...)

Preparation for test:


Word power made easy,30 days to a more powerful vocabulary (Norman Lewis), GRE barons


Arihant's quantitative aptitude test 4 CAT.

Last year Papers downloaded from Net

Critical Reasoning:

Last year's papers and most importantly GRE barons 12th edition,

R S Aggarwal reasoning.

My Interviews:

I had have to give four interviews first Technical,second HR and third again Technical and there was also a fourth interview,I will tell you later about this.

First interview(Technical round):

Q:: Tell me about yourself.

A:: I am Azam Ghani doing B.Tech. from JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA and so on..

Q::As you have done seminar on GSM what do you know about GSM?

A::GSM stands for global system for mobile communication and having BTS,BSC,MSC etc. etc.

Q::I bought something on 10% gain and sold it at 10% loss.If there is any gain or loss to me ?

A::I could not understand this question,I simply told them.

Q::Area of circle is incremented by 20% then it is decremented by 20%. What will be the final increment or decrement in the final area of circle?

A::let area initially be A then incremented area will be 120A/100 now if it is decremented by 20% than area will be (80/100)(120A/100).Thus the final decrement will be 4%.

Q:: What is your rating in c/c++ out of 10 ?

A:: I said around 5 he said ok !

Q::WAP to print






A:: I used two loops after certain amendments i cope up with the problem.

Q:: what will be the output of following program



int j;

int n=20;




A:: i replied infinite loop then ...

Q:: Change one character in the above problem so that the loop run only for 20 times

A:: i said change '--' into '++' he said i said you have to change only one charcter then i provided the following solution

for( i=0;-ihe said ok this problem has four possible solutions then i analysed it again and said that i am not able to get more he said ok!

Q:: What are your favourite subjects?

A:: Microprocessor he said every body is saying üp who taught you üp is i replied politely Prof. M. R. Khan Sir

Q::Which was the first üp and who made that üp?

A::4004 and intel produced this chip.

Q::Which is the latest üp and what are its qualities?

A::Intel Dual core üp and its speed is very high.

Q:: As your hobby is mimicry can you mimic Bhaskar Sahab?

A:: I mimicked Bhaskar sir then he asked can you mimic me i then mimicked him also.

Q::Any question from our side ?

A:: I asked when i will come to know that i have been selected? he said you can wait outside we will put a list outside.

Again he asked any question?? This time i asked whether your company provide any fund for the charitable society. He said,yes then i asked when i will come to you,will you provide me also?he asked which organization do you belong to i replied TA'AWWUN TRUST.

He said ok Thank you AZAM!!

Second interview(HR round):

Q::Introduce yourself.

A::I am Azam blah blah....

Q::I see your hobby is playing football,badminton mimicry;which character would you to mimic ?


Q::Which football playing country do like most?


Q::Why not Argentina?

A::Well,Sir; Actually when we watch the match of Brazil,we get a vicarious feeling that we are playing.

Q::What are your strenghts?

A::I am assidous and reliable as i don't miss the deadlines.

I can do work in clique as well as alone.

Q::One solid strength?

A::I am reliable.

Q::What are your weaknesses?

A::I am not vindictive,whatever the people do for me i bear that stoically.Once I requested my friend to provide his Pendrive as I have to do some work. He denied me.And then I bought mine and whenever he asked me for pendrive I never denied him.

Q::Why should we select you in TCS?

A:: Sir, I do relate the theoretical knowledge with practical for example as I have done seminar on GSM and i gave a look on my mobile first and looked for the IMEI no. and found that it is 358354/00/263669/3 , so this is simple example of my ability.

Q::Why do u want to join TCS?Give only 1 solid reason.

A::Job security.

Q::other than job security?

A::i come to know that ur company works for the upliftment of the community and leveraged the standard of living of many people , so i can get a chance to serve the community also when i m in TCS.

Q::Do u read magazines?

A:: yes, i read CSR.

Q::so u want to become an IAS officer?

A::(i said with a smile) no sir, i read CSR for the amelioration of my english and GK only.

Q::How wud u scale urself technically on a scale of 5?

A::around 3

Q::It means u r an average student?

A::Yes i am.

Now they switched to tech stuff

Q::what r objects?

Q::what is polymorphism?

Q::what is inheritance.

Q::what were u doing 4 the whole day?

A::Sir, i was waiting for my turn.

Q::What is the difference b/w btech comp science and btech IT?

A::i cudnt answer this ques. and gave vague answers.

Q::If not selected in TCS then in which company wud u like to go?

A::sir i've not decided yet.when ill not get selected then i'll think over it.

Q::Name 5 IT companies.

A:: i said "TCS,which is India's no 1 software company and Wipro".and then i kept silent.i knew more names bt i didnt speak them out.

Then he said thank u ,Azam Ghani u can leave.

Third interview(Technical round):

I knocked the door formally and then entered the room.

He looked at my CV and marksheet etc.

Now he simply asked..

Q::what are your favourite subjects?


Q::What is the structure of up?

A::I started saying..




Control Unit


Instruction Decoder

Serial I/O.

Q:: What about bits?

A::8085 has 16 bit address bus and 8 bit data bus.

Q::Do you know any üp other than 8085?

A::Yes, A bit about 8086.

Q::What is the diffrence between 8085 and 8086?

A::I said (the obvious answer which you are also thinking.)that 8086 is of 16 bit üp and 8085 is of 8 bit.

He again asked..

Q::What about address bus ?

I said ..

A::In 8085 its of 16 bit but in 8086 its of 20 bits.

Q::What is the diffrence between 8086 and 8088?

A::Both are 16 bit üp, use the same 20 bit address bus but 8086 has 16 bit data bus and 8088 has 8 bit data bus.

Now turned towards C&C++ . . . .

Q::Which type of programmes you have done in C and C++?

A::Sir, I have done simple programmes like factorial, fibonacci etc.

Q::Suppose we are having some numbers in a array and we have to sort in ascending order.Do you know what the ascending order is ?? I replied Yes.

First let you explain how you will do it

A::Sir, I will do it with bubble sort .He said explain.

I said that first of all we'll check whether the first no is greater than second and so on. But i struck somewhere then i said i'll explain it with the help of program .I wrote the code as follows.

int temp;

int a[20];

for(int j=0 ;n>j;j++)

for(int i=0 ;n-j>i;i++)


{ temp=a[i];





Now He said ok.

Q:: any question?

A::When I'll come to know that I have been selected?He replied Very Soon.

Then he said OK you may leave now.

I said Thankyou!

Fourth interview:

"The TCS Man" Shook the hand said "enjoy AZAM GHANI you have been selected.

Interview was over then.

Peculiarities of my selection:

1. I was told an hour before the formal announcement of results that you have been selected.

2.Company took 4 interview of mine on the other hand others were giving only 2.

I hope this experience will help all the aspirants preparing for TCS !!!

This it to all the members and the administrators of CiteHR ....
Mails such as the one which Shailaja has posted ................This is going to lead into another CHETANA / FRESHERS WORLD / similar website which is dumped into the site for thousands of freshers who are waiting for such juicy recipes ....
it is strongly suggested that such contributions should not be encouraged, Yes if there is a learning or any message on the skills or such it is welcome but such dumps should be discouraged !
This is a professional forum where there is a learning happening in form of sharing and this is uncalled for, i am sure there will be a dump from experience from Infosys / Wipro / Satyam / Accenture so on and forth and will end up mucking the site ..............

Dear SKP
Please dont define learning in one's own terms and definitions. let everyone contribute what they feel worth for others. And as long as it does not hurt anyone's feelings or against any commercial rules, let it be there. What is the problem??

Dear SKP,
When you undergo training for the first couple of years you receive a lot of information from your seniors.
I wonder about the quality of training you would have received if you had seniors who would have liked to keep all the information to themselves. (Since you are still under training)
This community has been built over a period of three years. It has grown by sharing of information that has been passed on either first hand second hand or even third hand. It is not fair if you want to monopolize the flow of information in to your advantage.
However if you feel that you should deprive the community of such information, you can place your request. If members feel that this community should not be there for sharing knowledge and experiences (either first hand or second hand), the entire objective of knowledge sharing is lost.

Dear Sunil & Shyamali,

With due respects, i am sure you both have your points, but what i tried to convey is that if Shyamali had a learning out of the posting and had shared the learnings it would have been worthwhile.

I am not sure if you have visited any of the websites like the freshers world / chetana ... and likes of that sort there are numerous postings which can be found along with how to prepare to face a interview at which company .................... suggest you visit the sites and then you will have a feel of what i am trying to tell.

If that is the case why again post such transcripts of an interview and how is that going to help us as HR professionals ????? for example can one of you draw out your learning and post with your comments which is more like it with dos and donts !

By the mail i wasn't trying to "deprive the community " nor " trying to define any parameters " for learning.

A thought towards not cluttering this site with such postings.

Further it is my viewpoint and you have yours and this was just to clarify the same.

Thansks and wish you both have a great week ahead !


Dear SKP,
Every interview experience is different, and sharing makes it worthwhile for everyone. I don't know why you are defining it as "clutter". If it does seem like clutter to you then how come you have not stopped visiting such websites? Is it fair that you acquire something and stop the rest of the people from acquiring the same? It seems like a little selfish to me.
There are a lot of non HR Professionals who also need to learn from others experience, and that is why the content has been put up.

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