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Thread Started by #seema_cc

Dear ladies...
I address this to the ladies, because its a serious concern here in the organization. This is a hotel, we have locker rooms for changing and wash rooms. Here the ladies do not know how to upkeep the place. They paint the walls with kajal, liners and lips stick. The washrooms are really really bad!!They do not know how to dispose off things... Me as a trainer and the executive housekeeper have educated them on the issues, but then after a couple of days its back to square one. Putting them on papers and sticking is of no use, because we find them to write filth on the sheets pasted.
Kindly give me your ideas to stop this nonsense.
Thanks & Regards
8th July 2009 From India, Bangalore
A simple answer give them free tissue paper (a lot of it) to rub out the excess makeup.. so that they dont put it on to walls, lockers etc.. Regards, Ken
8th July 2009 From India, Mumbai
SEEMA CC if they are not following the rules, tell them , if you are not following the rules . if we come to know through the person did, will be punishapble. you put in the notice board,
9th July 2009 From India, Tiruchchirappalli
Just send a mail to them that all the discipline action will be shown in your performance appraisal.
9th July 2009 From India, Coimbatore
Make them monitors on a rotation basis. One each day.....
Monitors must either control the filth, or clean it themselves at the end of the day... Or somthing like that...
The key is to make them accountable...
9th July 2009 From India, Mumbai
Like it happens in Malls,
They used to put a cleaner or attendent in the changing rooms, or in locker rooms,
who can put an eye on such uncivic people. Or out of 8 hrs work, ask the lady workers if any, to devote some time in the locker rooms.
Job rotation or additional responsibility ... u know.
The moment anybody tries to spoil the cleanliness, they point out the offender.
Even a simple eyecontact can do the work.
Fine them, point out them before other people in locker rooms.
They'll never repeat the thing again.
9th July 2009 From India, New Delhi
I think you send them mail on regular basis and paste some posters on same wall which show does and
don'ttttttttttt. and observe it on regular basic and if you find somebody doing this mischeif tell them politely not to do this and instruct one house keeper to see the thing and stop them .
9th July 2009 From India, Bhopal
Dear Seema,

Plz read the moral of the below story, I am sure this will help you alot:

“A school head was alerted by the caretaker to a persistent problem in the girls lavatories: some of the girl students were leaving lipstick kisses on the mirrors. The caretaker had left notices on the toilet walls asking for the practice to cease, but to no avail; every evening the caretaker would wipe away the kisses, and the next day lots more kisses would be planted on the mirror. It had become a bit of a game. The head teacher usually took a creative approach to problem solving, and so the next day she asked a few girl representatives from each class to meet with her in the lavatory.

"Thank you for coming," said the head, "You will see there are several lipstick kisses in the mirrors in this washroom.."

Some of the girls grinned at each other.

"As you will understand, modern lipstick is cleverly designed to stay on the lips, and so the lipstick is not easy at all to clean from the mirrors. We have therefore had to develop a special cleaning regime, and my hope is that when you see the effort involved you will help spread the word that we'd all be better off if those responsible for the kisses use tissue paper instead of the mirrors in future.."

At this point the caretaker stepped forward with a sponge squeegee, which he took into one of the toilet cubicles, dipped into the toilet bowl, and then used to clean one of the lipstick-covered mirrors.

The caretaker smiled. The girls departed. And there were no more lipstick kisses on the mirrors.”

Best Regards,

9th July 2009 From India, New Delhi
Call for an urgent meeting and tell them--for proper cleansing of all the cosmetic stuffs paited on the wall each one of them will be charged Rs 100 and that will be deducted from their salary...and check the reaction.
9th July 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hi Seema,
You are lucky you dont have people who never even flush! Inspite of being called and asked to go back and flush.
One single thing you can use as a tool is "scare them"
a) Tell them that you have cams outside the rest room, that would observe the people who use the REST ROOM (not inside, but outside..)
b) End of the day if the housekeeping informs that there has been additional art work - then you will be calling all the ladies who used the rest room that day and they will have to CLEAN it by themselves. (esp ladies who carried their bag with them - u know, they take their make up kit along in their bag)
If they have their mouths wide open - just casually tell them "Oh this was the reaction when I saw your art work, and I am tired of doing that "OH MY GOD!!" thing for a while - and for a change - lets have the culprit do it ;-) "
It would work ....Hope so.. maybe..might be.
Also the lines by ARTI is definitely worth a try.
9th July 2009 From India, Madras
Implement 5's'(Housekeeping) and take photographs when found ugly (poke) and also take photographs after kept cleaned(yoke) and display in the company notice board.
Form a team from the users side and they will monitor.Reward suitably for good maintenance.
9th July 2009 From India, Madras
Hi Seema,
I had somewhat similar problem in my office. Some of the male staff never used to flush. We used to call an informal meeting and warn all the males, stick notice papers in gents toilet, etc..its of no use. Then finally, i went and wrote a line in the notice board which was in our main floor" Shame on you guys! the gents toilet is stinking!..why dont you use the flush, afterall its free"
After that i had never come across such a complaint.
You can also try using something similiar!
9th July 2009 From India, Kochi
they do it becoz they derive pleasure in breaking the rules.its human tendency..bestwould be a get a cctv installed there.:icon10:
9th July 2009 From India, Delhi
Tell them politely that this kind of things will not be tolerated and a close observation is made and who is caught , will be liable for disciplinary action including termination of services . Sometime we need to be very strict , then only things will move in direction.
B.Dakshina murty
9th July 2009 From India, Hyderabad
you should mentioned in if any one of them are cought doing that they will have to clean the entire painting thats done on the wall. i am sure it will work it did work in our company. if even one person is cought doing that it will set a good eg for the others
9th July 2009 From Singapore
talk with them positivaly not to do this...if they understand then its ok otherwise u should take action to break the rules or may be deduct some charges from their salary....
9th July 2009 From India, Pune
Hi Seema,
The problem that you have mentioned even after training the female employees they are behaving like this is strange! Well you can issue a circular to all the female workers so that its in writing that the company can take a disciplinary action .
9th July 2009 From India, New Delhi
call a meeting with them ask what they think will be the best way to keep their place clean, it might help them to feel part and parcel of the decision made
9th July 2009 From Tanzania
I emphathize with you an your organization. Sometimes internal trianings don't help as it comes from colleagues.That's when you need to look at training providers. I work for a multinational Training academy in Mumbai and we regularly conduct such programs.Please get in touch with me if you think of training your staff on corporate etiquette.
9th July 2009 From India, Thana
This a bit different suggestion. We have tried it in our society. We did a bit of Gandhigiri.
Many people in the society were spitting on the stairs.
So what we did is we wrote some notes on the stairs saying "Please don't keep the stairs clean, spit everywhere you can. Make them dirty. Clean stairs are not looking good."
After some days we found that the percentage of spitting got less & after some days stopped. I do agree its not a conventional way but it worked in my case.
Try the same way if you can its different called Gandhigiri. The notice should be big & bold. I hope it will work because it makes the reader realize his mistake.
9th July 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hi You put notice there of all rules & Regulations so that they can read it once and will follow the same.
9th July 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Seema,
Everyone has given fantabulous suggestions and recommendation and i would like to add on to Ash's suggesstion that instead of only saying you can transplant dummy camera's outside the washroom or near washbasin so, that everyone will be under the impression of getting noticed.
These dummy camera's can be arranged only by spending Rs. 300 to 400.
9th July 2009 From India, Delhi
DEAR ALLLL I am impressed with the kind of responses put down!!! Thank u ladies and gentlemen.... Will soon update on ur valuable suggestion and its results after implementation. Thank You Seema
9th July 2009 From India, Bangalore
Take a small hurdle, divide the ladies in gropu and ask them to nominate group leads. Make this group leads responsible for weekly Cleanliness. Every week each respective team will be responsible for keeping the wash room clean. All the teams will get the chance to do that. you can also tell them that on weekly basis you will be nominate the best team who did the maximum effort. A group activity will basically help the organisation look much cleaner.
I tried this method and it worked on one of my previous organisation.
If this doesn't work tell them the management is sooner going to put a camera/ video survillence near the wash-basin. Give this message to all just to bring the fire!
9th July 2009 From India, Mumbai
shika singh's advice is the best .... just make one as monitor and keep changing them on rotation basis.. the monitor has to report the one doing the mischevious or else he is punishable.this will work perfectly.. try out
9th July 2009 From India, Bangalore
I think you should educate them. If possible put the camera not erectly on the changing room but on the other area from where we can see who is responsible for that. apart from it cant do anything
9th July 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hang a wall piece with a QUOTE
" Keeping enviornment clean is our duty, and to keep yourself clean is your own duty: " please don litter....
HEHE...make some embarrassment statments
On mirror... put a smiley...please don stick your make up stuffs on mirror , if i look unclean so wud u b....
9th July 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
Well Asha we do have such people here and I hope u understand they do not dispose thier sanitary waste properly, it is teh housekeeping who ends up doing the dirty work and pick the dirt!!!! :-x
9th July 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Aparna
Thank you for the kind of concern shown in this forum, but over here i was not looking for a training from an external... I wanted suggestions!!
If u see here people have contributed not for monitory gain!!! What I was looking for is just a suggestion a simple suggestion. Its a small fire which can be put off by stamping your foot on it, i don't have to call the fire brigade :)
If you have any suggestion for free of cost, please mention in this forum.
Thank you

9th July 2009 From India, Bangalore
Put up some thoughts chart, letting them know, they’ll get the place in the same they leave. hence if left clean, it’ll be else vice cersa.
9th July 2009 From India, Madras
Dear Seema,
I think the idea given by Arti is really a gud one and feasible too or else u can put in a camera and can dispaly the filthy activity of the person to every1 in the organisation so that humiliation can check them 4m repeating this again.
9th July 2009 From India, Gurgaon
I guess the best thing to do is to assign someone who will monitor their locker room. And whoever is caught violating the rules you imposed about cleanliness should be penalized. Let them clean the locker rooms and removed all the stains. That will definitely teach them some lesson and maybe let them value your work as housekeeper. tc
10th July 2009 From Philippines, Manila
you should make them all informed that there would be addition of rs 1000 in salary of the person one who will tell me the responsible person's name. In this way just try to create Conflict and observe the results.
I hope I might help you upto:icon1: some extent.
10th July 2009 From India, Bhopal
hi my name is capt.chakravarty.s i am a new member curently i am into training fr fresh mba student as well as Be. tech iwant to conduct training releated confidence building comunication ledership wining attitude.goal setining.
i shall be thankfull if any can help to start up.
10th July 2009 From India, Mumbai
My advice is to put a closed circuit camera in the toilet. The monitor should be with a female employee of the admin / facility sitting in a secluded area. The coverage of the camera should be the area that is being spoilt by the employees, so that the individual privacy is maintained. I am sure that this will resolve the issue.
--Lav Nigam--
10th July 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Seema,
First of all, I really appreciate that you have replied for almost all the responses / suggestions.
Secondly, you send out a circular to the female employees (who uses the wash room / locker room), that if you find any dirty / filthy in that place, some amount (you decide on that after talking to the concerned person) will be deducted from the salary, irrespective of who ever has done that.
10th July 2009 From India
We find the same thing in our institutions also.
Though there are enough staff appointed to see that the place remains clean, we find not only the things mentioned by u but also other things like choclate wrappers, hair fallen down, and so on.
It is really difficult to educate such people. It's a shame that a mother who teaches to keep the house clean and shouts and slaps her child or quarrels with the family members to keep the house clean is sooooo dirty and unwilling to change at the workplace.
But to stop the practice, the best thing that works is to lock the washrooms and to ask them to collect the keys from one appointed person, who keeps a list of all using the washrooms. And if in case any undiness is found all those whose names are entered by that appointed person be charged a fine. This really works if followed for a month or fortnight.
10th July 2009 From India, Pune
Dear Lav Nigam
I like the idea, but the majority in the industry are men and its very dangerous to put cams, there are lot of chances that people will misuse it.... Instead like some one said dummy cams can be fit in!!

10th July 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi Namrata,
not sure if $$ will solve it in a long run, but yes, u can use it as temporary-measure. but not until they make some petition to stop you from collecting money. the real countermeasure will have to come with proper study. have you run a random interview session with them to find the rootcause? it may take you time, but maybe you can develop a better solution.
just for sharing, during my schooldays, <in girls school>, we are accountable to keep clean of our 1 unit of own designated toilet. that's one way of educating people to be sensitive to cleanliness..normally, it's the way we've been brought up make we act certain ways.
wish you luck in improving the cleanliness!
10th July 2009 From United States, Fremont
Dear Arti,
Really an excellent creative thinking.
But the present problem seems to be slightly different. The solution also needs slight modofication.Like, may be bonus for personnel who catch the miscreants and also strong punishment for the personnel caught.
10th July 2009 From India, Bhubaneswar
Hi Seema

Greetings for the day!

A lot of suggestions have already come your way ,I would just like to add my bit to it.

Firstly I would like to express my thoughts on the situation.I feel that personal health and hygiene is something which is very difficult to teach ,specially to grown up adults.I think trying to monitor the situation on a regualar basis will be a tedious job and the moment you stop monitoring things will go back to square one.

I agree with few of the members who have suggested to deduct a certain amount from the salary as a penalty. I would suggest that you send a mail to the female employees giving a break up of the cost involved in painting the toilet walls or cleaning the floors or putting up a new mirror and then divide it among all the female employees .Let them know the share they have to pay in case there is any such instances in future. The figures on mail will give them a real picture and will help improve the situation .The implementation of such a thing may not be necessary just a warning might help.

I hope this makes sense to you
10th July 2009 From India, Pune
Yes, the intention is that the female employees should have the fear that they are being watched. Even if you put up dummy camera, it will definitely work. Unfortunately in our country, the one thing that definitely works is "fear".
--Lav Nigam--
10th July 2009 From India, Hyderabad
why fitting it IN???
Fit the Dummy / real cam outside the washroom - so u can see who all is going inside.
End of day - if there are additional art work in the rest room - just tell them that everyperson who used the rest room that day will CLEAN the art work themselves. Buy some cleaning agent and keep it ready with u...tell them its for the one who is the most creative in the rest room.
And just put a Sign "We admire your creativity at work, but not in the rest room. Shame on you ladies who dont have manners!!"
10th July 2009 From India, Madras
It's difficult to impose and this may not be followed, but easy to make them FEEL and make them RESPONSIBLE.
This will help not only for this subject, but for most of the issues in life.

10th July 2009 From India, Bangalore
Such behaviour is uncalled for. You need to set up a meeting with all the ladies during their own break and detail on hygenic practices and explicilty reiterate personal discipline and accountability or else you can set up a workshop and get an outside service provider to come a present a ladies talk with them . If it does not work design a good-housekeeping policy get them inducted and let each and everyone sign acknowledgement and later starat applying disciplinary action s to those culprits
10th July 2009 From Germany
Putting camera or issuing warning etc won't help this days as it has become a habit people to do such things, which can also been seen on other public places also. The best way is to find the culprit either by putting the person who cleans the toilet at the place or camera whatever is possible and they(the culprit) should be penalised , show cause, administrative action or what ever punishment the management thinks fit (according to the gravity of the offence) given to the employee not following the basic social rules.
10th July 2009 From India, Delhi
Hey Seema CC, I think whatever you do to fix this problem you might not succeed; if not fully. The best solution to catch the culprits is to set up a CCTV camera.
10th July 2009 From India, Kochi
It makes one wonder what kind of women you have working for you> Put up a notice that reads:THESE MIRRORS ARE CLEANED DAILY WITH WATER FROM THE TOILETS.
10th July 2009 From South Africa, Pretoria
few solutions for this problem
1. You may consitute the team from the users and ask their opinion to solve the issues. Create the thought amoung the group and make them to understand that, their behaviour is not acceptable.
2. If not improving, You may charge some penalty which can be shared by users as upkeeping charge ( like painting and cleaning expenses).
10th July 2009 From India, Bangalore
Maybe this will be a bad idea or might be impractical, however if possible it will work cent per cent ie. 100%. Put a notice that there are hidden cameras for surveillance and Lady wardens are on watch. And if possible you may go on installing them as well.
Personally I would not recommend something that harsh, however if nothing else works this is a foolproof solution.
Cheers -:)
10th July 2009 From India, New Delhi

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